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PMG Chapter 1092: Angry Pirates of the Huang Sea

PMG Chapter 1092: Angry Pirates of the Huang Sea
“You’re insane!” said Gu Qiu Yun. He was already pale but now he was even paler.
What was Lin Feng doing? Why did he take him into the Huang Sea? Did he want to kill Gu Qiu Yun and himself?
Why? He didn’t understand. Did Lin Feng want to kill him? Had he given him a demon seal stone because he wanted to kill him from the start? He didn’t understand. Besides, was Lin Feng so insane that he was ready to kill himself?
“Insane? When we were talking before, you were quite proud.” said Lin Feng using telepathy. Gu Qiu Yun was suddenly furious. It was him, the cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer.
Lin Feng had come to avenge Tang You You. He was also the one who had taken Huang Fu Long away. Now, he was using a technique to change his face, he had even changed his Qi.
“Splash!” they were both falling deeper and deeper in the water. Gu Qiu Yun was glaring at Lin Feng.
“Don’t think I’m going to kill myself just to kill you. The Huang Sea can’t kill me.” Lin Feng looked unaffected, he didn’t need to resist the energies to survive in that sea. How come the Huang Sea couldn’t kill him?
Gu Qiu Yun suddenly looked hopeless and desperate. He could he die that way? He was from a rich and powerful family, but his family wouldn’t even know who killed him. He was going to die because Tang You You, he regretted.
The desolate Qi was very powerful, so ordinary Zun cultivators couldn’t even survive in the Huang Sea. In a short time, Gu Qiu Yun’s body dissolved and disappeared. Lin Feng looked ice-cold as he said, “Did you think you’d get my demon seal stones that easily!” The stones didn’t dissolve in the sea so Lin Feng took them back from Gu Qiu Yun’s disintegrating body.
Nobody could sense Lin Feng’s Qi so nobody could know that he was still there, alive.
Yang Zi Lan didn’t understand. Why? What for? He didn’t understand, that guy named Feng, was he angry at the Yang Clan or at the pirates?
“Brother, what should we do now?” asked Yang Zi Ye. Her face was deathly pale. After what Lin Feng had shouted, many strong cultivators would be coming at them with incredible speed.
“We have to explain things clearly, we won’t lie. We don’t need to be scared because we didn’t kill them.” said Yang Zi Lan scratching his head. He was confused too.
“We can’t prove anything, we need to leave, young master.” said a Zun cultivator taking out a boat. Those boats were lifeboats like the ones Lin Feng had already stolen. They didn’t have many more left by now.
“Let’s go. We can’t explain anything to the pirates, they’ll definitely kill us!” said Xuan Yuan coldly. He jumped onto the boat immediately.
Explain? Explain what? If they said someone had killed him, where was that someone? Besides, how could they explain a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer had killed him? Who would kill themselves like that?
Besides, Lin Feng had previously brought up the tensions between the Yang Clan and the Island of the Nine Dragons, it would be difficult to explain anything now. Besides, there was still some spear Qi in the air and Lin Feng had shouted very loudly. The situation was complex.
“Bastard!” shouted Yang Zi Lan furiously. He was furious. He jumped onto the boat, not because he wanted to, but because he had no choice.
The boat left and turned into a beam of light.
As they left, many strong cultivators arrived, their faces turned deathly pale. Where were they? Had he really died?
“Who killed my grandson?”
“Who killed my son?” the strong cultivators were furious, their voices echoed hundreds of kilometers away. They knew that Gu Qiu Yun was dead because his talisman had broken.
He was dead. The Yang Clan had killed their grandson!
“How cruel!”
“He probably wanted that guy’s spear, therefore the Yang Clan killed him and threw the body in the sea so that we couldn’t find him.”
“The Yang Clan is so cruel!”
They had thrown the body into the sea and left with a lifeboat.
It had to be that way.
Many strong cultivators from the Island of the Nine Dragons chased the boat.
At the same time, many strong cultivators on the Island of the Nine Dragons took to their own boats. For many people, it was the first time they saw so many strong cultivators that furious. Almost all of them were Zun cultivators.
“Damn Yang Zi Lan, he actually killed Gu Qiu Yun on the Island of the Nine Dragons. What an animal!”
“He’s even more stupid than an animal. The Yang Clan is doomed now. The pirates will destroy the Yang Clan completely.”
“Of course. The pirates wanted to capture Yang Zi Ye last time, but it was because they wanted her to become Gu Qiu Yun’s wife. They wouldn’t have harmed her. They would have even protected her. Their methods are just a bit unconventional. That Yang Zi Lan is too stupid though, he killed Gu Qiu Yun and now he’s going to pay for it.”
They couldn’t understand how Yang Zi Lan felt. They couldn’t imagine that someone could have planned it out that way. If Lin Feng hadn’t died in the Huang Sea, he would have taken him out and killed him himself.
The crowd didn’t know that Lin Feng had thought out such a plan. Lin Feng used his shadow to emerge from the sea and then he changed his appearance again so that nobody could recognize him.
When he saw the pirates leaving on their boats, he felt happy and smiled coldly.
And the pirates had harmed his close friends, You You and the others. They had buried them in the Huang Sea, so Lin Feng could never forgive them.
“I hope you’ll have a great battle. The more tragic it is, the better!” whispered Lin Feng as if he had nothing to do with their war.
“Let’s go!” the pirates gathering together on boats.
Even though the pirates had taken many of their own boats to fight, they left some boats for the guests. Lin Feng was on one of them and they were heading for Ba Huang. Lin Feng had triggered a great war, how could he miss it?”

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