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PMG Chapter 1094: Ancient Dragon Skeleton

PMG Chapter 1094: Ancient Dragon Skeleton
They were still looking for the place. A black dot appeared in the distance. Huang Fu Long frowned.

“Lin Feng, look over there.” shouted Huang Fu Long. Lin Feng, who was lying down, suddenly raised his head and stood up. It seemed like they were approaching a hole. The Qi emerging from it seemed very ancient even.

“We arrived, finally.” said Huang Fu Long.

“Where is the place they buried you?” asked Lin Feng glancing around.

“There is a dusty island in the middle. We passed there first.” Huang Fu Long recognized the place. There were small islands surrounded by the Huang Sea.

Huang Fu Long brought Lin Feng to the dusty island. Gigantic waves were crashing onto it at moment. The desolate Qi was especially terrifying there. Huang Fu Long enveloped himself in golden energies, unlike Lin Feng who didn’t need to protect himself.

“It seems very calm here.” said Lin Feng. It smelt like death, though.

“It’s terrifying inside. Gu Qiu Yun, that bastard, knew it was terrifying here. The desolate Qi inside is so powerful. There were many desolate stones though. I was lucky to get stuck in those ruins. I hope You You and the others are…”

Huang Fu Long didn’t finish his sentence. He had been lucky to survive.

Lin Feng slowly walked forwards, turned and said to Huang Fu Long, “Huang Fu Long, you are connected to the boat again, if in one month, I haven’t come back, leave here.”

“Lin Feng, what are you doing?” shouted Huang Fu Long jumping forwards.

“Don’t worry, Huang Fu Long. I am not affected by desolate Qi. I’m going to have a look inside, that’s all.” said Lin Feng with a faint smile.

“No, impossible, it’s too dangerous in there.” said Huang Fu Long shaking his head. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would go inside. He wouldn’t have brought Lin Feng there if he had known that.

“Don’t worry. I’m strong.” said Lin Feng smiling. He jumped forwards and disappeared in the hole.

“Lin Feng!” shouted Huang Fu Long getting closer, but stopped because the desolate Qi was too powerful.

“You bastard!” shouted Huang Fu Long trampling on the ground. He wanted to follow Lin Feng, but he couldn’t. He would inevitably die in there.

The hole was very, very deep. Lin Feng continued going deeper down. 10,000 meters deep in the hole and Lin Feng still couldn’t see the end. How did the pirates of the Island of the Nine Dragons make it that deep to find desolate stones?

Lin Feng continued going down. Finally, he reached the bottom. It was calm in there, but the desolate Qi was terrifying, just as Huang Fu Long had said.

“So many desolate stones!” Lin Feng glanced around, there were gigantic stones, medium ones, small ones. Some stones were round, some stones looked like snakes, Lin Feng even saw a stone which looked like a dragon.

“I wonder what’s inside. I really wish I could break them.” thought Lin Feng. He glanced around looking for people, but there was nobody. He only saw stones shaped like humans.


A sound resonated which made Lin Feng shake. It seemed like the cave was going to collapse.

“What was that sound?” thought Lin Feng. What a terrifying sound! Especially given that it made the whole cave shake.

Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at the dragon-shaped stone. It seemed like the sound had come from that gigantic stone.

After the sound resonated, the atmosphere became calm again. However, the desolate Qi became even more intense.


A sound resonated again. The cave started shaking again. The desolate Qi continued crashing onto Lin Feng’s body. He could barely stand it.

“Dong!” a third sound resonated.

“Dong, dong, dong…” sounds continued resonating. It was becoming even more terrifying. The Qi was also becoming even more intense. It was as if a spirit was coming back to life.

Lin Feng’s blood started flowing faster too. Those energies were causing his blood to react.

“It’s making my dragon blood react?” thought Lin Feng. He slowly turned around and looked at the dragon-shaped stone again. It was as if an ancient spirit was sealed inside.

“Could an ancient dragon be sealed inside?” thought Lin Feng. His heart started racing. His blood started boiling.

“Bzzz!” Qi suddenly exploded as the stone started cracking. Then, it exploded and its content appeared before Lin Feng’s eyes.

It was a gigantic skeleton. It was perfectly conserved, especially the head. There were two antennas and between them, there was a gigantic scale. It seemed extremely old and yet the desolate Qi of the Huang Sea hadn’t destroyed it.

“An ancient and terrifying dragon!”

Lin Feng’s mouth twitched. That skeleton was priceless.

Lin Feng looked at the body, there was something round and red inside. It seemed like the sounds came from there. It looked like a beating heart.

“Its heart is still beating. That dragon is just like the Jade Emperor!”

Lin Feng had used the Jade Emperor’s heart to obtain his palace. That dragon was the same, its heart had survived for so long. He could sense its Qi. It almost seemed like the dragon wanted to come back to life.

“Back then, there were great wars in the Huang Sea, so great that even a dragon joined in and died here.” thought Lin Feng shivering. That dragon was much larger than the dragon inside the dragon cave the other day. It was probably an imperial beast or a Zun level beast. Lin Feng didn’t understand the different strength levels very well. Otherwise, he would have been able to determine its cultivation level.

The desolate Qi turned into a vortex. Lin Feng couldn’t bare it anymore. He was starting to suffocate.

“Bzzz, bzzz…” the dragon heart still seemed to be beating. At that moment, a dazzling light appeared. Lin Feng didn’t know what they were, but they contained an incredible Qi.

“Boom boom!” More Qi crashed onto Lin Feng’s body which made him feel dizzy.

“Boom!” Lin Feng was attacked by the Qi again and he was suddenly surrounded by even more dazzling lights. Then suddenly, he disappeared as if he had never been there!

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