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PMG Chapter 1095: Small World

PMG Chapter 1095: Small World

“Eh?” Lin Feng realized he wasn’t in the Huang Sea anymore. He was now surrounded by ruins.

He glanced around and shivered. That place looked like a wrecked battle grounds.

What were those lights though? Why did he teleport when those lights touched him?

“Lights!” At that moment, he saw some lights emanating from the ruins.

Lin Feng started walking towards them, crossing broken stones and other materials with each step.

“Skeletons, so many skeletons!”

What kind of war took place here? There were so many skeletons and they hadn’t been corroded by the desolate Qi of the Huang Sea! Some skeletons still had flesh on them. Those people were at least Zun cultivators, Tian level cultivators’ bodies couldn’t remain for such a long time, especially in the Huang Sea.

“Those lights are dead spirits. Huang Fu Long had told him about those things which didn’t die.” Lin Feng’s mouth twitched.

“Owww…” a dead spirit light came towards Lin Feng. Its eyes looked gloomy and inauspicious.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng released some fire intent and attacked the spirit with a fireball. The spirit wailed in response.

Lin Feng’s fire contained some black fire which could corrode almost anything. The demon emperor had taught him how to use it. Lin Feng also relied on that strength to open the Jade Emperor’s physical body and transform his heart. The transformation process was something complex and mysterious. Lin Feng didn’t understand the transformation process that well, just a little, but he still managed to do it.

However, even with that strength, Lin Feng couldn’t destroy the spirit. Lin Feng felt annoyed. Even back then when Qiong Qi was a dead spirit, he wasn’t that strong. That dead spirit’s host was terrifyingly strong.

“Right! Qiong Qi!” Lin Feng took out his animal tower and made Qiong Qi come out.

Qiong Qi scratched his head and opened his eyes, “Little boy, where are you now? There are so many dead spirits.”

“It’s a cave under the Huang Sea. There must have been a great war here in the past. Those are the cultivators who died during the war I think.” Lin Feng finally managed to kill the dead spirit and said to Qiong Qi, “Emperor, I saw some lights when I arrived in a cave in the depths of the Huang Sea, they surrounded me and I ended up here, why?”

“You saw some lights?” Qiong Qi’s eyes were suddenly wide open. Lin Feng was surprised. What was going on?

“Little boy, you’re incredibly lucky to have found such a place, why didn’t you have me come out before!” said Qiong Qi staring at Lin Feng in a strange way. He knew why Lin Feng had ended up in that abandoned city after having touched those lights.

“Incredibly lucky?” Lin Feng looked skeptical. He said, “So what’s going on? Why did my friend tell me not to come down here?”

“Your friend is ignorant. It means he isn’t strong enough to come here anyways, so of course he thought it was dangerous. He doesn’t know that many people only dream of making it here.” said Qiong Qi. What kind of cultivator didn’t want to find that amazing place?

“Little boy, if other people knew about that place, they would go insane. Your friend is really not a great cultivator!” said Qiong Qi mockingly. Lin Feng was surprised. Qiong Qi knew a lot of things. Huang Fu Long came from Tian Chi in Gan Yu, but he hadn’t seen a lot in his life and thought that this place was dangerous.

“Hehehe, there’s the body of an emperor here too…” mumbled Qiong Qi. His eyes were twinkling, but he quickly calmed down. He suddenly looked at Lin Feng in a cruel way. Lin Feng had sealed his spirit in an animal.

“Emperor, stop fooling around. What is this place?” asked Lin Feng when he heard Qiong Qi mumbling. He was very curious.

“You know nothing.” said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng. Looking proud and arrogant, he said, “It’s a small world!”

“A small world?” Lin Feng was confused.

“Arf, I’m an Emperor, you’re always been with me and yet, you still understand so little.” Lin Feng sighed. He felt like punching Qiong Qi. What was that place? Couldn’t he tell him instead of bragging about it?

“You’ve been to the Yang Clan’s territory and to Tiantai and so on, and you still don’t know about these small worlds?” asked Qiong Qi aggressively.

“Yang Clan, Tiantai!” Lin Feng’s eyes started twinkling. He suddenly remembered Shen Gong. Those places appeared as if they didn’t exist. They appeared only under certain circumstances. Back in Tianjing City, he couldn’t see Tiantai, but he started seeing Tiantai after he climbed up the stairs. Were all those places small worlds?

“Emperors can create their own small worlds so people can’t see them from the outside. In the history of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there have been many emperors, and de facto, many small worlds. However, the Yang Clan never had an emperor which means they stole it, they invaded someone else’s small world.” explained Qiong Qi in a relaxed way. Lin Feng suddenly understood. He understood that Jade Emperor’s mysterious world was actually a small world.

“You came here through the lights. Those lights are the small world. A small world can be found in a drop of water, in a grain of sand, in a star, in a stream of water.. there are many different forms. You can’t even begin to imagine. You’re very lucky you ended up in an emperor’s small world, on top of that, he’s dead which means his things… hehehe!”

Qiong Qi felt excited as if he had found a treasure.

“Huang Fu Long said that something saved his life. It seems like he came to this small world too. Maybe he doesn’t understand what happened to him and assumed it was dangerous.” thought Lin Feng. There were many lights in the Huang Sea, and if they were all small worlds, it meant that they all represented an emperor. It seemed like many emperors died during that great war in the antiquity.

Lin Feng’s heart started racing. So many emperors had died during that great war so all those small worlds… Lin Feng started shivering.

Huang Fu Long had even been to a small world, so what about You You, Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang? Did they end up in other small worlds as well? Maybe they received the teachings of some great emperors. There was hope!

“Little boy, stop daydreaming. Even if nobody is alive in those small worlds, emperors died in them, so you need to take care of the dead spirits.” Qiong Qi made Lin Feng come back to his senses. Lin Feng realized he was getting a bit too enthusiastic. Those small worlds could be dangerous, otherwise, Huang Fu Long wouldn’t have been afraid.

“Damn.” swore Lin Feng. “You got the void fire and you’re even stronger than me. It’s easier for you to kill them, so why would I need to fight alone?”

“Little boy, since you talk that way, I won’t help you. We’ll see if you can come out alive, and those things, you can try and fight them yourself. I won’t help you.” said Qiong Qi walking away. Even more dead spirits were coming towards Lin Feng.

“What a trashy emperor!” Lin Feng was annoyed. Those dead spirits were difficult to deal with.

“Wooo!” a ghost came towards Lin Feng and tried to enter his third eye.

“No!” Lin Feng shook his hand, fire appeared as he attacked the dead spirit, but he hadn’t managed to block him. The spirit continued moving.

They were so strong and Qiong Qi was hiding behind him, how shameless. Why had he let Qiong Qi absorb the void fire if he wasn’t going to help him?

“Slash, slash…” lights moved towards Lin Feng’s third eye again. Those spirits wanted to take over his body.

“Die!” Dazzling flames appeared and turned into a sea of flames. All the dead spirits suddenly started burning, but they didn’t die. Instead, they continued moving towards Lin Feng!

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