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PMG Chapter 1098: Cursing Strength

PMG Chapter 1098: Cursing Strength
“It’s not the only one!” Lin Feng saw many other corpses but they were just skeletons. Two skeletons looked smaller than the rest, they were even twinkling.

“Women!” thought Lin Feng immediately.

“They were the emperor’s women. He had more than ten women, but had two favorite ones. One was his main wife and the second one was his favorite concubine.” said one of the ghosts.

“Hehe, I also had more than ten women, but now they must be dead already. Lin Feng, little boy, you have to become stronger and you’ll have more women too. They’ll be at your service day and night.” said Qiong Qi laughing. “Xue Ling Long isn’t bad, if you help her become a queen, you’ll be a king.”

Ling Long rolled his eyes. That bastard wasn’t respectful at all.

Besides, to have very powerful cultivators as concubines, Lin Feng had to be even stronger.

The corpses of the emperor’s two favorite women hadn’t decayed which meant they weren’t weak. They were at least Zun level cultivators.

“Lin Feng, take that bow, it’s not bad.” said Qiong Qi staring at a bow in the emperor’s hand. The bow had been there for a long time, even though it was covered in dust, it was still twinkling. When the emperor faced his enemy, he wanted to use his bow to protect himself, but didn’t have the time to use it and was killed. And the strong cultivator who killed him didn’t take the bow because it wasn’t powerful enough for him.

“An emperor’s weapon.” Lin Feng walked over and took it. He looked at the arrow in his hand too, it was broken but still twinkling. Lin Feng was wondering what material it had been fabricated with. The arrow was still very sharp.

“It’s ebony, very very difficult to break. Too bad they’re broken now. That bow was one of the emperor’s favorite holy weapons. There are some holy marks on it and it contains energies of the path. It’s not as powerful as back in the day, though.”

“Indeed, that bow was incredible, he could easily kill people with it.” said the two Zun cultivators nostalgically. But that was a weapon of highest quality. Apart from the holy marks, it also contained the energy of the path. Lin Feng started to imagine what it was like to be an emperor, killing people in one strike and so on.

“Those arrows are made of dragon tendons, they’re not broken. They can still be used. And even though the bow is broken, it is still powerful. At least, it’s enough for you little boy. Even if you don’t use it, you can sell it. Many emperors would be interested in buying it.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was amazed. Those arrows were made of high-quality animal matter. If he could repair the bow, he would be able to sell it at a sky high price.

“As expected, perfect corporeal body.” thought Lin Feng looking at the body. Even though he died hundreds of thousands of years before, he still looked like he had just been killed. He had black and messy hair, his facial expression was sharp, he had no external injuries. That emperor seemed like he refused to die.

“Take the body.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was speechless. Qiong Qi was like a pirate.

Lin Feng was about to take the corpse when suddenly, some Qi emerged from it. The corpse opened his eyes.

“Tap, tap, tap…” Lin Feng took a few steps back, his body was suddenly sore. Was the emperor still alive?

He looked at the body which calmed down again as if it had never moved.

“What’s going on?” thought Lin Feng surprised. What was going on? The corpse had opened his eyes, how scary.

“What’s wrong?” asked Qiong Qi.

“He opened his eyes and I sensed some energies.”

“Eh?” Qiong Qi grinded his teeth and said, “He died hundreds of years ago, he didn’t want to die, but now he’s only a corpse. He can’t condense Qi, so try again.”

Lin Feng was skeptical.

“What? You doubt what I tell you?” asked Qiong Qi furiously.

“I’ll try.” Lin Feng touched the body again as if he wanted to take it.

“Boom!” strength emerged again and hurt Lin Feng. He was propelled backwards.

“How come it’s so strong.” Lin Feng was speechless.

“He isn’t completely dead it seems.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng rolled his eyes. Why did he make him try again then?”

“I need to kill him properly.” said Qiong Qi. Why hadn’t he done it before?

Qiong Qi drew some holy marks on the body. Lin Feng looked around. There were some drawings left by the emperor and they all contained bow energy. Lin Feng sensed some strength inside them.

“What kind of strength is that?” Lin Feng was amazed. There was a huge word with strength inside. It almost seemed alive, as if it could destroy the Earth and sky.

“If I want to become an emperor, that’s the kind of thing I need to learn.” thought Lin Feng. Those words were like other worlds.

“What kind of strength is that?”

Lin Feng looked at a gigantic word, it seemed like it could kill him.

Strength emerged from several words and moved towards Lin Feng. It was the strength of a curse.

“I can’t let that strength get near me.” thought Lin Feng. He bit his lips and came back to his senses.

A sound spread in the air as Lin Feng fell down on his bottom. He was sweating heavily. He was still staring at those huge letters.

Those words could kill people.

“What’s wrong?” asked the ghosts to Lin Feng. They sounded curious. The emperor used to practice cultivation in that palace, so they had never been inside. They couldn’t understand the words on the walls, so what was wrong with Lin Feng?

“Those words contain curse strength.” said Lin Feng. The two ghosts were surprised.

“You saw them and you even understand it’s curse strength?!”

“Are you sure it’s curse strength?” the two ghosts seemed dumbstruck.

“What is your spirit?” asked the two ghosts staring at Lin Feng. How could a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer understand holy marks? Did he have an incredible spirit?

People who had eye spirits or who had incredible and famous spirits could understand things better than others, but that was something they had from birth. Such cultivators could become emperors easily.

“Spirit?” Lin Feng was surprised and whispered, “Nine headed dragon spirit.”

“Nine headed dragon spirit!” repeated the two ghosts. It could absorb strength, if it was strong enough, it could absorb other people’s spirits, that kind of spirit was incredible. There were still some spirits it couldn’t swallow though. Such spirits could only be transmitted via the traditional method.

Was Lin Feng’s special? He could see the energies of the path after all.

He could even see curse strength!

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