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PMG Chapter 11: Revenge

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Three days after returning, Lin Feng was sitting in his room meditating. He could sense the vital Qi of heaven and earth much more clearly. A thin mist had appeared in the air of his room emanating a faint multicolored glow.

Floating near Lin Feng’s body was the illusory dark spirit and it seemed to be absorbing the essence of the universe and combining itself with the universe’s power. If Lin Feng had been able to see his spirit then he would have noticed that his dark spirit had become more defined and was taking on the shape of a human figure.

At that moment, the vital Qi of heaven and earth surrounding Lin Feng suddenly penetrated and flooded his whole body rushing towards his dantian. His eyes opened completely shocked at what had occurred because an abnormal essence had penetrated into him and was circulating within his body. The vital Qi which had invaded his body had caused him to break through to the eighth Qi layer.

“I ate the three Profound Pills and finally reached the eighth Qi layer.” Lin Feng thought to himself with a smile. He was initially at the seventh Qi layer but was not close to reaching an advancement anytime soon. There was still a large distance to cover on the path of Cultivation to reach the eighth Qi layer. Three Profound Pills was the price for him to reach the next level, but it was worth it.

“Now if I battled with a Cultivator of the ninth Qi layer, I should be able to come up with a way to defeat them.” When he was still at the seventh Qi layer, his Nine Heavy Waves had the energy of 8500 jin and Roaring Thunder could reach a destructive energy of 9000 jin. However against Cultivators who had reached the ninth Qi layer he would have had no chance and could at most delay his own death. Now he could confidently engage in a battle with them knowing if he didn’t win he could at least escape to fight again another day.

With a deep breath and after patting down his robe, Lin Feng left his room. It was a beautiful autumn day and the sun was shining brightly above him. He had a pleasant feeling of warmness all around.

“Lowly trash, you finally made up your mind to die and crawled out from under your rock.”

Lin Feng’s good mood was ruined by the voice he heard.

“Lin Heng.” Lin Feng said while looking to his side. He saw Lin Heng ten meters away from him with arms folded, arrogantly showing Lin Feng his back without fear.

As a rule, Yun Hai sect’s disciples were not allowed to force their way into other disciples’ rooms. Many disciples preferred to cultivate in their room and being disturbed by others could have serious consequences on their cultivation. Therefore Lin Heng hadn’t dared break the sect’s rules to disturb Lin Feng in his room and he had been waiting outside for two days.

Turning around, Lin Heng stared coldly at Lin Feng. Lin Heng’s eyes revealed his murderous intentions. It had been three days since Lin Heng had received a letter from his parents in which they said that Lin Feng, the piece of trash had injured his little brother Lin Yun. They also said he had humiliated and insulted his father and little brother during the meeting of elders.  Lin Heng had been planning a way to once again trick Lin Feng.

“Piece of trash, I heard that nearly dying gave you a small boost in strength. With your little power would you dare come to the Stormy Gorge and help me settle my grudge by killing you?” said Lin Heng in a mocking tone.

Lin Fen’s face was calm but inside he had a cold smile on his face. Last time he had been tricked by Lin Heng into going to the Stormy Gorge, he had been beaten to the brink of death. He hadn’t killed him though because the Yun Hai sect had a rule which stipulated fellow disciples who entered the Life or Death arena were not allowed to directly kill each other. Many disciples would leave opponents with only an inch of life remaining. Many would die on their way to receive medical treatment and the lucky ones would not die but be maimed for life.

He had already killed the Lin Feng of this world using that method. At that time Lin Feng was nothing but trash who was only at the fifth Qi layer, compared to Lin Heng who had reached the eighth Qi layer, who would have cared even if he outright killed the trash?

The strong were the ones who dictated the rules here. The strong killed the weak, this was the law of this world. Any rule could be broken with enough strength, but the law of the world remained the same.

“My time for revenge has come so quickly, this must be fate” thought Lin Feng while smiling indifferently. Lin Heng had killed Lin Feng’s in the past. Lin Feng was going to avenge his previous self.

Lin Feng started walking towards the Life or Death arena.

“Trash, Coward, you don’t dare?” said Lin Heng sarcastically seeing that Lin Feng was ignoring him.

“Didn’t you say we’re going to the Stormy Gorge?” said Lin Feng apathetically leaving Lin Heng stupefied. A small and cruel smile appeared on Lin Heng’s mouth. A piece of trash was always just a piece of trash. He barely survived with his luck and is stupid enough to fight me again? This time he would not give Lin Feng even a small chance to survive. Even though he wasn’t going to kill Lin Feng in the Stormy Gorge, he would wait for him to come out injured and kill him in secret before he could receive medical treatment.

In order to go to the Stormy Gorge, one had to travel down numerous steep cliffs. At the entrance to Stormy Gorge were Iron chains hanging down the cliff face. If a Cultivator was not strong enough to jump down then he would use the chains to climb down.

Considering Lin Feng’s abilities he was able to jump down the cliff but he wasn’t going to show his skills because if Lin Heng saw, Lin Heng would notice how strong Lin Feng was and would run away like a scared dog. He did not want to miss this rare opportunity and grabbed the iron chains to climb down.

“Trash will always be trash. You still need help to enter the Stormy Gorge.” said Lin Heng with a mocking smile. Lin Heng looked down and jumped, soaring through the air like a roc. His movement skills made him so light that it seemed he could fly.  As he was about to land, with a flip he smashed his feet deep into the earth beneath and came to an immediate halt.

“Incredible, who was that?” said the people who had just seen Lin Heng land. They couldn’t help but gasp in admiration.

“I know him, it’s Lin Heng who has reached the eighth Qi layer. He’s extremely strong” said another disciple.

Cultivators’ vision and sense of hearing would become extremely developed as they transformed with each new level. Those disciples could see Lin Heng even though they were a hundred meters above the gorge looking in.

They had finally arrived at the Life or Death arena. There was no grass or trees, only a sand covered landscape with large rocks piercing the surface of the sand like small mountains. Some Yun Hai sect’s disciples were passing by and couldn’t help but stop and watch when they saw Lin Heng and Lin Feng. They wanted to see a fight which could be the end of another cultivator.

“Hehe, I really wouldn’t have thought that a piece of trash like you would dare come. Last time you nearly died, but today I will make sure you return in a coffin.” said Lin Heng while laughing. His laugh was flippant and impudent. Lin Heng wanted to come to the Stormy Gorge and kill Lin Feng, but he never thought Lin Feng would agree a second time.

“You can always try if you have the ability” said Lin Feng who felt saying anymore would be wasted breath.

“A piece of trash like you dares say some insane things just because you defeated my little brother Lin Yun. I will show you today that a Cultivator who has reached the eighth Qi layer has a strength which makes him capable of anything. Lin Feng, you are the same piece of trash as before.”

Lin Heng was moving towards Lin Feng while shouting these words. He tried to give Lin Feng a simple punch to the face. One punch would be enough to finish this battle, the beating would come after.

Lin Feng lifted his hand to stop the punch with his palm.

Lin Heng couldn’t help but laugh coldly. That piece of trash had suddenly used the palm of his hand to stop his punch. Was that even possible?

“Let me break your hand!” A brilliant white light from Lin Heng’s hand and was pouring out of Lin Heng’s fist. He wanted to use his fist to crush Lin Feng’s palm beyond repair.

“Dream on!” said Lin Feng calmly. A shockingly powerful strength came out of his palm. At that moment Lin Heng had the impression he was standing before an ocean of boundless powerful waves. The waves were overwhelmingly oppressive and violent. Not only had Lin Heng lost all his strength and arrogance, but at the same time the waves were crashing down onto his arms. His right hand had already started to swell and turn purple from the pressure.

“How is that possible?” said Lin Heng confused. He had the feeling that his hand was being crushed by a powerful invisible force. His entire body was being crushed and the extreme power of the waves was still increasing. He needed to escape quickly.

“You think you can run with your tail between your legs?” Lin Feng’s face was ice-cold. The palm of his hand closely pressed against Lin Heng’s fist. He was following Lin Heng not allowing even the slightest increase in distance between them.


A loud spine chilling sound could be heard all around. Lin Heng felt an incomparable pain in his entire arm as if his bones were cracking and would explode at any moment. He wanted to pull his arm away but he couldn’t, he wanted to run away but he couldn’t, Lin Feng was overpowering him in both strength and speed. The gap between them was so great, this was simply a slaughter.

They were so close to each other that Lin Heng could see every detail of Lin Feng’s face clearly. Lin Feng eyes were cold and a wicked grin was painted across his face. Lin Heng suddenly felt his knees go weak with fear, was Lin Feng only toying with him?

When had that piece of trash surpassed him? Lin Heng just wanted to give up and run away.

“How should I finish  this?” said Lin Feng while laughing a bone chilling laugh. Lin Feng’s Nine Heavy Waves technique was crashing out violently, and Lin Heng was being crushed by the waves of which the power reached 9500 jin. It felt like his entire arm was being crushed by a giant python.


Blood sprayed out of his mouth as he hit the floor. A violent pain spread throughout his forearm and he could not bear such unimaginable pain. His bones had cracked and the muscles were torn beyond repair.

“You’re my uncle’s third son… you’re my cousin… but your side of the family and Lin Ba Dao act secretly together to carry out such despicable deeds. You know nothing of love and affection, insulting and humiliating me over and over again. You even came here to murder me a second time. You are pitiless and heartless so don’t blame me for being merciless and cruel.”

Lin Feng was looking at Lin Heng on the ground as he said these very cold words. If someone wanted take Lin Feng’s life, his philosophy would be “a tooth for a tooth” no matter who the person was.

“No. I am your cousin, please spare me.” Lin Heng could feel Lin Feng’s ruthlessness all over his body. At that moment he could clearly feel the killing intent directed towards him. Lin Heng was terrified.

“When you tried to kill me, did we stop being cousins? “. Lin Feng said sharply then bombarded Lin Heng’s dantian with the Nine Heavy Waves technique. Suddenly Lin Heng gave a blood-curdling screech as his face became pale.

“I have crippled your cultivation. Now you can live your life being called ‘trash’, like you always did to me.”

Lin Feng said coldly then turned around and left. Not far away some Cultivators who had reached the eighth Qi layer saw how ruthless Lin Feng had been in that battle. Lin Feng did not approach them, but they each hid away to avoid conflict. If they angered Lin Feng would he also cripple their cultivation? They did not wish to find out, as a life with crippled cultivation was a life filled with suffering and agony.

“Lin Feng you dared to cripple my cultivation. You will not get away with this” said Lin Heng maliciously while burning with rage. He was furious as he had become a piece of trash himself. He hated Lin Feng’s father from the bottom of his heart. He regretted the whole situation but he didn’t want to wait for his revenge. He would immediately seek help from his cousin, a girl called Lin Qian who had already reached the Ling Qi layer and her spirit had awoken. In the Hao Yue sect, she had already been recognized as a powerful disciple. Lin Qian knew that Lin Feng’s father had hurt her father Lin Ba Dao during their last meeting. Lin Qian had already prepared to come to the Yun Hai sect to kill Lin Feng herself.

What a pity that he had tried to kill Lin Feng himself. Lin Heng hated everything. He hated himself for having failed and he hated the future he would have with a crippled cultivation.

He would make sure Lin Feng suffered a fate much worse than his own.

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