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PMG Chapter 1100: Gigantic Holy Spell

PMG Chapter 1100: Gigantic Holy Spell

“You dared use the scepter against me, little boy!” said Qiong Qi looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng rolled his eyes. Lin Feng understood that without Qiong Qi, the two dead spirits would have killed him before now.

Lin Feng hadn’t refined the weapon yet, but it could still obey Lin Feng. He was getting ready to refine it now, though.

“What are you doing!” said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng. He was speechless. Lin Feng was surprisingly trying to refine the weapon in that place.

“You’re so ignorant. What a humiliation it is to be your friend. I solved the problem with the emperor, and found that his throne is also a precious item, there are things carved in it. You should sit on it to understand its strength. There’s the blue palace too.” said Qiong Qi sighing. “Didn’t you say there were other small worlds? Let’s go to the other small worlds!”


Qiong Qi had more energy than Lin Feng sometimes. He was just going to refine his weapon there, but Qiong Qi wanted to empty out all of the small worlds. Then Lin Feng would be able to do whatever he wanted with the weapons.

Of course, Lin Feng knew that Qiong Qi was right, they had to hurry. Lin Feng walked towards the emperor’s body.

“The emperor’s body is mine.” said Qiong Qi. “The throne is yours.”

“You bastard!” said Lin Feng. Did Qiong Qi want to use the emperor’s body for himself?

“I’ll lend it to you for now.” said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi looked at him, that little boy.

Lin Feng sat down on the throne and sensed an incredible energy. The Earth and sky started shaking, making Lin Feng feel a little queasy.

“Eh?” Lin Feng raised his head and mysterious marks started twinkling. They contained a spell.

“Wow!” Lin Feng was speechless. Qiong Qi was right. Everything was a treasure in that palace. There was a holy weapon of high quality, the scepter. There was the body of the emperor, the throne, so many treasures… And even the ceiling contained treasures.

Lin Feng stared at the ceiling as a gigantic hand suddenly moved towards him. At the same time, it turned into a sword whose energies were very oppressive. The sword then turned into a spear and then turned back into a divine hand again. The hand turned into five fingers which seemed as solid as mountains.

“Pfewww.” Lin Feng could barely breathe and he was sweating, his clothes were fluttering in the energies. The energies even seemed alive.

“What a powerful attack!” thought Lin Feng. The energies then condensed back into the ceiling. When the energies condensed, they turned into a gigantic word which had the strength of the firmament.

“Gigantic Holy Spell!”

Lin Feng was stunned, that attack reminded him of Yuan Fei’s Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell. Qiu Yue Xin had told him that the Great Ape Emperor had given him 81 Gigantic Destruction Rod Spells, and this Gigantic Holy Spell looked similar. It contained the same kind of energy and its name was similar.

“The Gigantic Holy Spell is from the antiquity. The Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell must have been created later and is probably based on the Gigantic Holy Spell. Maybe the Great Ape Emperor’s ancestor studied the Gigantic Holy Spell.” thought Lin Feng.

Of course, he couldn’t be sure, but at least he understood the energies used to cast the Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell.

He sat down calmly and meditated, trying to study that spell. Incredible energies appeared, and they kept changing.

Lin Feng studied for a long time. He couldn’t understand all the specificities of the spell though, especially in such a short time. Even Zun cultivators couldn’t. Only emperors could master spells at that level.

Qiong Qi and the two ghosts sensed that Lin Feng was becoming stronger so they didn’t disturb him. They looked at the ceiling, but they couldn’t see much besides some holy marks. They definitely couldn’t sense them like Lin Feng.

“What’s going on again?” Qiong Qi didn’t understand it either. Lin Feng had been able to attract the scepter, now Lin Feng was learning something Qiong Qi couldn’t understand himself. Lin Feng had exceeded his expectations already.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng as a hand moved towards Qiong Qi with incredible speed.

“Boom!” Qiong Qi didn’t have time to react and was bombarded by Lin Feng’s attack. He shouted furiously, “How dare you attack me by surprise!”

He suddenly started moving as fast as he could, Lin Feng couldn’t see him anymore.

“How fast!” Lin Feng released more hand attacks everywhere inside the room. Qiong Qi was bombarded again.

“I’m angry now!” Qiong Qi looked like he was going to attack, but then he saw that Lin Feng had stopped attacking and was now giggling. He had a resplendent smile on his face.

“Emperor, I just wanted to try my new spell. You’re helping me learn cultivation, don’t be angry.” said Lin Feng laughing. Qiong Qi rolled his eyes.

“Of course, I couldn’t get angry with you anyways. You’re right, that’s also why I told you I wanted to travel the world with you, it’s to help you become stronger. Each time you learn new skills, you can practice them with me.”

He was proud to be Lin Feng’s teacher.

“But what skill did you just use? Your hands turned into mountains?”

“Gigantic Holy Spell, I obtained it in this palace. When I become stronger, it’ll be terrifying. Unfortunately, I’m still too weak.” said Lin Feng.

Qiong Qi was speechless. Lin Feng really was lucky. The Gigantic Holy Spell was a great spell that many strong cultivators only dreamt of having. It was an ancient spell with hundreds of variations.

“It’s a great treasure too. Try and see if you can take the whole palace.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng knew they had to rush.

He stood up and put his hand on the throne. He wanted to take it, but realized the throne was stuck.

“Capture!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The whole palace was suddenly surrounded by Lin Feng’s strength. He used his Gigantic Holy Spell and a gigantic hand appeared and grabbed the palace.

“Boom boom boom!” rumbling sounds spread in the air and the ground shook. Lin Feng was taking the whole palace. But at that moment, dazzling light appeared and surrounded Lin Feng.

Those dazzling lights contained an incredible and invisible strength!

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