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PMG Chapter 1102: Kidnapping

PMG Chapter 1102: Kidnapping

“Go back!”

Lin Feng turned around, he didn’t have his lifeboat and he also couldn’t use his demon sword to escape from so many strong cultivators. Worse even, those strong cultivators were probably not the only ones there.

Lin Feng turned around. He wanted to use his initial path to retreat, but the two girls looked at him while they released more sword energies.


Lin Feng condensed golden energies in his hands and pushed the two girls aside. He moved like the wind without wasting time. The two girls thought that Lin Feng was quite strong, it was no wonder that he had attacked the other girl in her room.

“Stop!” They chased Lin Feng, but Lin Feng was using his Xiao Yao agility technique and was too fast for them.

The girl in white was injured and was still healing herself. She released ice-cold energies when she saw Lin Feng trying to escape.

“Sorry, I need to protect myself.” Lin Feng moved with incredible speed. He needed to use her as a shield if he wanted to escape.

“Try and dare!” The girl’s eyes looked cold and dazzling. The Qi in her room was pure and smelt good. Lin Feng was disappointed, he didn’t want to attack such a beautiful woman. At that moment, he slightly stopped.

He watched as a white lotus appeared and became large, large enough to envelop him.

“She’s injured and yet she’s still so strong.” thought Lin Feng. He was surprised.

“Break!” Lin Feng’s fingers turned into sharp blades as he attacked the white lotus, however, he couldn’t break it.

“Burn!” Lin Feng condensed fire and pure Qi which turned into a black and gloomy lotus. His evil energy corroded the pure white lotus. Then, Lin Feng continued running. The girl’s facial expression changed. She released celestial Qi, and suddenly the entire room was filled with white lotuses made of pure energy.

They surrounded Lin Feng, now he could barely move. It seemed like the energies in the room couldn’t be corroded any with his strength anymore.

“What kind of place is this? She’s so strong.” thought Lin Feng.

At that moment, many strong cultivators had gathered outside, Lin Feng realized it didn’t look good for him.

Less and less energies appeared in the room, finally, the girl was so injured that she couldn’t keep up her best strength.

“Let me go!” Lin Feng released black fire and destroyed the pure energies around him. He trampled on the ground and released energies which moved towards the girl.


Holy and dazzling lights appeared as Lin Feng’s fist turned into a gigantic golden hand. It moved towards the girl and grabbed her, she couldn’t stop him this time.

“Bastard!” shouted the girl furiously. Nobody had ever touched her, now, a stranger had broken into her room and grabbed her so forcefully.

“Seal!” A terrifying strength emerged from the gigantic golden hand and sealed the girl’s Qi, she could barely move now. Lin Feng dragged her towards him and she turned deathly pale.

“The Gigantic Holy Spell is quite powerful, as expected.” thought Lin Feng. He had just learnt it, but it was already quite powerful.

She was struggling to break free but couldn’t.

“Stop!” shouted Lin Feng coldly, turning around and looking at the people coming from outside.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” asked someone in a cold way. Surprisingly, someone had dared enter the girl’s room, that was irresponsible. How had he managed to break into her room anyways?

“I didn’t do it on purpose. I was teleported under the room. I was lost and wanted to come out. Let me go and I’ll let her go.” said Lin Feng calmly. He didn’t know where he was, he had to remain vigilant. He had to make them understand that this was all a big misunderstanding.

“Alright, let her go and we’ll let you go.” said one of them. Lin Feng couldn’t agree with that. If he let the girl go first, they’d kill him in a flash.

“I’m sorry, I’ll leave with her and when I’m safe, I’ll let her go.” said Lin Feng suddenly rising up in the air. He broke through the ceiling on the room, which collapsed afterwards.

“You two lead the way, otherwise I can’t guarantee her safety.”

“Try and dare!” shouted the two girls furiously. Lin Feng was insane.

“You better let her go, little boy.” said an old man.

Lin Feng looked around, there were so many strong cultivators. He didn’t want to be those people’s enemy, how scary. He needed to escape as soon as possible.

“Lead the way!”

Lin Feng released sword energies to show them that if he wanted, he could kill the girl easily.

“Alright, no problem!” said someone staring at Lin Feng.

“After I leave, go and check the ground under her room, it contains dragon Qi. That place is very beautiful and breeds talent. I didn’t come here on purpose.” explained Lin Feng. “Whether you believe me or not, just let me go now.”

Lin Feng was fixedly staring at the two girls and releasing Qi, but his Qi wasn’t too powerful, he didn’t want to scare them.

The two girls looked hesitant and the girl Lin Feng was holding said, “Lead the way!”

Even though she was scared and furious, she looked so beautiful.

“Roger.” said the two girls and their silhouettes flickered. They started leading the way. All the Zun cultivators were looking at one person.

“Let Baguio go, nothing will happen to her.” said that person indifferently. After that, he walked into the girl’s room and looked where Lin Feng had told them to look. He seemed pensive.

“He didn’t lie. There was indeed a very powerful energy in there. An emperor must have lived here before.”

“Did he really end up here by accident then?”

“I don’t think he lied. Otherwise, how could a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer make it in here?”

“We can’t let him off even if he didn’t lie though.” everybody was saying what they thought as if they had forgotten the world around them.

Lin Feng smelt and saw flowers, he saw palaces from which produced incredible pure Qi. That territory probably belonged to a powerful group of influence.

At that moment, two silhouettes rose in the horizon, one of them had a very particular Qi and looked extremely strong.

“Sorry!” whispered Lin Feng. Lin Feng put his hands around the girl as if he had been close to her and not as if he was kidnapping her.

When they saw him, they were surprised. One of them, a young man looked furious.

“Put your dirty hands away!” said the young man coldly. But Lin Feng hugged the girl even tighter. “It has nothing to do with you!” said the girl coldly while frowning.

Lin Feng continued moving. Lin Feng just glanced at the young man indifferently.

The young man release cold energies as if he wanted to attack Lin Feng, but the person next to him stopped him.

“Xue Baguio has been kidnapped.” said that person indifferently. The young man was startled. No wonder, otherwise, she would have never let a man touch her like that.

“I want to save her.” said the young man. The other responded, “The elders let him go because he’s strong. If you try to save her, it would be counterproductive.”

“You don’t need to worry about her. You need to become stronger if you want to take care of her.” said that person taking the young man away.

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