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PMG Chapter 1109: More Killers

PMG Chapter 1109: More Killers
A fire was burning in the garden around him, as a sun pattern appeared on Lin Feng’s body.

He stretched out his hands and a sun appeared.

“Pfeww…” Lin Feng inhaled and exhaled fire. He opened his eyes, he looked like some kind-of fire elemental.

“Fifth Tian Qi layer!” Lin Feng was smiling in a resplendent way. Once again, he had broken through to the next Tian Qi layer. He still hadn’t reached a high level compared to many people in Ba Huang Province, but he was still proud of his cultivation speed.

“It’s a nice place to practice.” whispered Lin Feng. He then started walking. After he left, the people who passed by were surprised to find the whole field completely burnt.

He needed to be prepared before going to Fortune City. Even though Lin Feng was determined, he had to be careful. There would be really strong cultivators there. There would be trillions of people and with his cultivation level, traveling around Ba Huang Province would take him ten years. It was way too vast, the region was actually gigantic. Besides he had to be careful, there were extremely strong cultivators everywhere.

He had two weapons he wanted to modify too. He needed a few days to do that.

He found a cave and closed it off. He took out the flag he had obtained from the Yang Clan which could seal large volumes of space. It was a very powerful weapon that he could use when fighting against people of a similar level, he would use it to prevent from them escaping.

Yang Zi Lan had been severely injured during the great war. If they had learnt that Lin Feng was still alive, how would they react?

Lin Feng took out a lifeboat and sensed its energies. Lin Feng studied the flag, but then stopped. He had obtained that weapon from the Zun cultivator, but he was annoyed because he couldn’t control it that well, at least not like Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye’s boats. Maybe, only Zun cultivators could control that flag.

Lin Feng tried to modify the flag. After one day, even though he hadn’t completely modified it, at least he could control it a bit. His cultivation level was still too low. He needed to master holy marks more to control holy weapons better.

Lin Feng took out the curse scepter and its Qi filled every inch of the cave. The scepter had holy marks strength as well as cursing strength. It was a very high-quality weapon. It was way better than the flag or the Tian Ji Sword. Lin Feng didn’t know what level his demon sword was though, but it was quite a terrifying weapon.

Lin Feng felt great when he sensed the energies from the scepter. It contained the strength of the Earth and sky. There were even some mantras in that scepter too.

The mantras were Buddhist chants or satanic incantations. It was the same as the Buddha and the Heruka’s bodies. Cursing strength was an unfathomable and enigmatic power. It was similar to some methods Buddhist monks used to become real Buddhas.

Of course, that scepter wasn’t that easy to use, it required powerful soul strength and analytical skills.

After three days, Lin Feng left the cave.

He rose up in the air and took in a deep breathe. He was very far from the northern part of Ba Huang now.

“I’ll need some tools.” thought Lin Feng. Initially, he wanted to go to the Huang Sea, but he didn’t know where it was.

He hoped his friends had been teleported to small worlds and were safe and sound.

Lin Feng thought that if he created his own small world, he’d definitely add some teleportation portals so that his people could easily travel about.

Lin Feng tried to remain positive and believe that Huang Fu Long made it out alive. Jun Mo Xi, You You and Yun Fei Yang had to have such a chance too.

Concerning Qiong Qi, Lin Feng wasn’t worried. Maybe that he could even teleport himself with his own strength.

That night, Lin Feng looked up at the stars.

“Hm…” Lin Feng didn’t dawdle too much before he continued moving again. He was in the countryside. Some groups of influence like it there because of the strong pure Qi. Some places had a holy Qi, while others had an evil Qi.

But Lin Feng didn’t mind either way, he was feeling calm in the middle of that night. Many people were just like him, feeling serene at night.

“Fighting sounds?” Lin Feng looked around and saw some thick battle energies. The mountain range was being destroyed.

He rose up in the air and saw some people fighting. Two groups, one wearing black clothes and using sharp weapons.

The other group was wearing white clothes and using sharp petals to fight. Even though there were only seven to eight people, they seemed capable. There was one girl who seemed injured, she was sitting cross-legged with a white lotus surrounding her body. She had a celestial Qi and she was extremely beautiful.

“Xue Baguio!”

Lin Feng was surprised. Tian level cultivators from the Celestial Land of Alchemists were fighting against some other people. Who were those people?

Some young men of the seventh and eighth Tian Qi layer were protecting Xue Baguio. It was difficult for them though.

“They don’t want to kill Xue Baguio!” thought Lin Feng suddenly. If they had wanted to kill Xue Baguio, they could have used some techniques, but they wanted to capture her alive.

Those people in black clothes ignored Lin Feng, he wasn’t important right now.

The young man of the Celestial Land of Alchemists saw Lin Feng too and one of them suddenly shouted, “Brother, don’t waste time, come and help!”

“Eh?” Lin Feng looked at him coldly. Because of that sentence, the cultivators in black clothes would think he was with them.


As expected, a cultivator in black clothes threw himself at Lin Feng while releasing sword energies.

“Deadly Sword!” shouted the cultivator. Lin Feng was surprised, that blade was similar to the weapons the Hunters of Darkness used. The Qi from that weapon stunk like death!

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    Thank you

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    Her name is Xue Bi Yao (雪碧瑶) translated from Chinese.
    What the hell is Xue Baguio?

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    Yes, he wants pills from them, comes across them in danger and wants to walk on by. Very clever. Well written author, that makes perfect sense.

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