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PMG Chapter 1111: Discussing Ba Huang’s Geniuses

PMG Chapter 1111: Discussing Ba Huang’s Geniuses
Lin Feng arrived on the periphery of Fortune City in just a month. There were four cities in the central part of the region and they each surrounded Fortune City. Each city had an ancient history and each even had their own emperor.

Ba Huang Province was gigantically vast. The people from Ba Huang knew of a few dozen emperors. Only in the four cities surrounding Fortune City, there were already four emperors. The northern part of Ba Huang Province had many inhabitants, but only Tiantai had two emperors who were friends. Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu. In the rest of Ba Huang Province, there was only one emperor per city, country or region.

Lin Feng arrived in one of the cities called Sword City. That city had been named after Emperor Wu Tian Jian, a sword emperor. Emperor Wu Tian Jian originally came from that city. Five thousand years ago, he had left that city, alone, to go and fight against the strongest cultivators of the province. Five hundred years after he left, he had become an emperor and had even become famous in the Holy City. Another five hundred years after that, he had disappeared from the continent.

It was said that Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s descendant lived in a castle in that city. Even though he hadn’t become an emperor yet, nobody dared underestimate him. According to legends, before Emperor Wu Tian Jian disappeared, he had made it back to the city once and gave his clan a series of sword skills and techniques which attracted many people from the entire province. However, it was said that those people disappeared each time they came. Therefore, few people dared disturb Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s descendants.

Lin Feng was in a restaurant and listening to the people around him. Even though there was still some time before the beginning of the event in Fortune City, there were still many strong cultivators in Sword City.

“I can’t wait to see what will happen in Fortune City this time.” said someone sighing.

“Everybody can’t wait. During each era, there aren’t many people who have the abilities to become emperors. Some of them will even become great emperors. Geniuses have to fight for it, and a myriad of people will die in the process. Only those who can prove that they can become emperors will stand out.”

“We’ll see what happens. The Diviner will tell us what to expect. I heard that the old emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals is getting too old and found someone to transmit his knowledge to. I wonder who it is? Whoever it is, that person is very lucky.”

“Not only him, the Watcher will come too. The person he will choose will also become an emperor. I wonder whom he will choose!”

“I heard that too, but there isn’t only one Watcher! We’ll see who can become the ultimate Watcher!”

Many people were talking, many others were listening. In a place where people drank alcohol, it was easy to hear all the gossip. Therefore, that had become Lin Feng’s habit when he needed to learn about something.

“The Diviner is organizing an event in Fortune City again, the Watcher will come out, the Hunter also raised many assassins. I wonder if the Curser will come out too.”

“Possibly. The celestial girl from the celestial land of alchemists has a celestial body, the one from Qi Feng Mountain has an ancient phoenix body, the Buddhist monk from the Celestial Thunder Temple is legendary too. Some people say the monk is a reincarnation of the Buddha, I have the feeling that a new era will start this time in Fortune City.”

When that person saw that everybody was listening to them, he couldn’t help but say everything he knew, he felt proud and knowledgeable.

“You know so many things dear friends. Who do you think will surpass everyone else this time? I am interested in your opinion because you seem so knowledgeable.” somebody ask that person.

That person had a few sips of alcohol and said, “It’s hard to say. There are so many geniuses. There are some people who have all the best chances. For example Yuan Fei, the Great Ape Emperor’s grandson, he has the strength of the 81 Gigantic Destruction Rod Spells. There’s also Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s descendent, Jian Wu Bei, his sword skills and techniques are terrifying. There’s also Xue Baguio from the celestial land of alchemists who has a celestial body. She’s also extremely beautiful, by the way. What about you guys, who do you think will surpass everyone else?”

The crowd was excited, many people were thinking. Indeed, there were too many geniuses in Ba Huang Province.

“What about the geniuses from Tian Long Divine Castle, are you underestimating him?” said someone coldly at that moment. Suddenly, everybody stopped talking in the bar. They looked at a table where several people shared similar distinct facial traits, their eyes looked bestial, they had dragon Qi.. Those people were probably strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle.

“Who knows if Tian Long Divine Castle can compete with those people? We’ll see.” said someone indifferently.

“Hmph!” those people groaned coldly and said, “There are many geniuses in Tian Long Divine Castle, Gu Xiao is young, but has still broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer. He can defeat people of the ninth Tian Qi layer even. He also possess a divine dragon body.”

“Divine dragon body?” the crowd was shocked. They knew that that person was exaggerating though. The divine dragon body was terrifying. It was the body of a bestial emperor and was similar to the phoenix body of the beautiful girl from Qi Feng Mountain.

“Incredible. I didn’t know that. Since it’s that way, then Tian Long Divine Castle has a chance to compete with all the other geniuses.” said that person smiling indifferently, unwilling to offend people from Tian Long Divine Castle. Tian Long Divine Castle’s people were satisfied after they heard that.

“Of course, we have so many geniuses. Poor Tianjing City though, they sent some of their own people to Fortune City, that’s suicidal.”

All the people from Tian Long Divine Castle’s suddenly started laughing. Everybody knew who they were talking about, Tianjing City’s Tiantai. Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi’s disciples. They had recruited disciples a short time before, but they didn’t have enough experience yet.

“I don’t agree. Hou Qing Lin will talk to the diviner, I’m sure that if he doesn’t die within fifty years, he’ll become an enlightened cultivator. He’s so young, he’ll certainly become an emperor someday. He’ll amaze everybody in Ba Huang Province. I don’t even think the diviner will attach any importance to anyone from Tian Long Divine Castle. No matter what happens, the next emperor from Tiantai will oppress Tian Long Divine Castle!” said someone else at that moment. Tian Long Divine Castle’s people were suddenly dumbstruck.

Tian Long Divine Castle’s people suddenly looked furious.

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