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PMG Chapter 1112: Surprise Attack

PMG Chapter 1112: Surprise Attack

Outside of the bar, a young man in grey clothes had just arrived. He had an ancient sword on his back and he was the one who had just talked.

“Are you from Tiantai?” asked someone from Tian Long Divine Castle coldly while drinking a sip of alcohol. What that young man had just said made everyone from Tian Long Divine Castle very unhappy. Last time in Fortune City, Hou Qing Lin had talked to the diviner who had told him he’d become an emperor, he would definitely become one within fifty years if he didn’t die before that.

To become an emperor, fifty years was a very short time. Many Zun cultivators didn’t even break through to the next Zun Qi layer within fifty to a hundred years. If Hou Qing Lin would become an emperor within fifty years, Tian Long Divine Castle’s people wouldn’t be able to catch up. Even though Tiantai had emerged as an influential group for only a short time now, they had all good odds to becoming the first group to have three emperors.

Besides, Hou Qing Lin had even killed Tian Long Divine Castle’s Zun cultivators.

“I’m not a member of Tiantai, I’m just realistic.” said that person indifferently. Then, he walked towards a table where only one person sitting.

“Can I sit here?” asked the young man in grey clothes.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “Please do.”

“What do you think about what I said, dear friend?” asked the young man in grey clothes smiling.

“I perfectly agree.” said Lin Feng smiling and raising his glass. He was a member of Tiantai. Lin Feng found the people from Tian Long Divine Castle ridiculous. A moment before when people were talking about the geniuses of the province, Tian Long Divine Castle’s people had reminded everyone else of their existence because they were afraid that people would forget them. Real geniuses didn’t need to do that, they were always discovered sooner or later.

The young man in grey clothes cheered with Lin Feng. He looked friendly as he said, “Tian Long Divine Castle’s people flatter themselves, that’s shameless. They’ve existed for so long already and criticize people from Tiantai for being inexperienced. All in all, one should not forget that Hou Qing Lin went to their territory alone with his sword and killed their people. They couldn’t stop him, but now they still show off, ridiculous!”

An eerie silence invaded the bar when he said that.

Deadly energies invaded the bar. Tian Long Divine Castle’s people slowly stood up.

“Ignorant and fearless moron. We’ll kill you!” said Tian Long Divine Castle’s people releasing ice-cold Qi. The young man in grey clothes stood up too and slowly unsheathed his sword. He looked at them coldly.

“You think you’re strong enough?” said the young man in grey clothes coldly. He looked proud and imposing. He looked at Tian Long Divine Castle’s people in a disdainful way.

“Die!” said the members of Tian Long Divine Castle jumping forwards. The floor of the bar suddenly broke as well as the table they were sitting at.

“Bzzz!” Dazzling lights appeared as sword Qi invaded the atmosphere. The sword Qi of the young man in grey clothes was terrifying and looked deadly.

It would have been marvelous if that sword had been pointed at the members of Tian Long Divine Castle, however, it couldn’t kill them because the person it was pointing at was… Lin Feng!

Such a powerful and dazzling sword could kill Lin Feng, especially if it was that close to him, he couldn’t dodge the attack.

Everybody was dumbstruck, including the people of Tian Long Divine Castle. Had that guy said those things only to get near Lin Feng? Had he humiliated Tian Long Divine Castle only to approach Lin Feng? Who was that young man then?

Nobody had thought that he would attack Lin Feng. It was so unexpected. What a perfect surprise attack. He hadn’t appeared hostile with Lin Feng at all. Besides, he had infuriated the members of Tian Long Divine Castle so he had a reason to unsheathe his sword.

No matter what, the attack was perfect. Lin Feng’s body suddenly felt sore under the sharp energies. He couldn’t do anything.

“He’ll kill him!” the crowd was astonished. Their hearts were racing. That attack was simple, but it was going to be deadly.

“Argh!” Lin Feng shouted furiously and released demonic energies. The table broke into pieces and the bar seemed like it was going to collapse. The color of the atmosphere changed as it quickly became dark. The demonic energies quickly oppressed the sword energies and finally slowed them down.

It only slowed them down, the sword continued moving. Lin Feng was definitely going to die if he was careless.

“What a terrifying attack!” thought the crowd. Lin Feng’s demonic energies were emitting whistling sounds now. However, the sword cultivator’s attack was better, it was easy to deploy and powerful.

How could Lin Feng dodge or counterattack?

“Boom!” The floor broke under Lin Feng’s feet, at the same time, he disappeared from where he was previously standing.

“How’s that possible?” the crowd was confused. Lin Feng had managed to dodge the attack?

“Slash!” Blood appeared on Lin Feng’s shoulder. Lin Feng had avoided the attack at the most crucial moment. He had used his shadow spirit to dodge it.

The sword from Lin Feng’s enemy still pierced through his right shoulder. If he hadn’t used his shadow spirit, it would have been his throat.

“Shadow spirit!” the crowd was amazed. That spirit was very powerful. The sword attack of Lin Feng’s enemy wasn’t dazzling and didn’t contain too much strength.

Blood kept squirting like a fountain. Lin Feng looked at his enemy in an ice-cold way. His enemy was surprised and attacked again. However, Lin Feng blocked the sword with his hand and condensed a terrifying strength. At the same time, he released demonic strength and sealed the sword as well as his own body.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously releasing his godly awareness. It was gigantic, vast and oppressive as it moved towards his enemy. At the same time, he spat out a sword and his entire body was suddenly like a sword.

Lin Feng’s enemy opened his hands letting go of his own sword and ran away as fast as he could, then he rose up in the air. He failed to kill Lin Feng, in such a short time, the battle had undergone a complete turn of events. Whether it was Lin Feng or his enemy, if one of them had been a bit too careless, they could have died.

Even though Lin Feng’s enemy really wanted to kill him, he still ran away.

Lin Feng recalled his godly awareness and took the sword out of his shoulder. He hadn’t been that close to dying for a long time. Lin Feng had been a bit careless because that person had the same cultivation level as him, the fifth Tian Qi layer.

“You think you can leave?” Lin Feng asked in a cold way, murder filled his eyes. He rose up in the air too leaving a crater where he was previously standing. He was injured, but acted as if nothing had happened. He just wanted to kill that cultivator!

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