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PMG Chapter 1113: Imperial Assassin Union and the Watchers

PMG Chapter 1113: Imperial Assassin Union and the Watchers
“Move!” the crowd hastily left the bar, they wanted to see the rest of the battle. The one who had just tried to kill Lin Feng was extremely fast, could Lin Feng catch up with him?

Lin Feng left the bar and released wind intent. He was moving like the wind, coupled with his Xiao Yao agility technique, he was extremely fast yet graceful and agile.

“Bzzz!” Suddenly, Lin Feng had the impression he was hallucinating. The space around him became distorted and an inauspicious energy surrounded his body.

Lin Feng raised his head and saw a sword, or someone who had a sword-like face. Lin Feng’s eyes started hurting. That sword was dazzling, so much so that he could barely open his eyes. That sword attack was fast, precise and cruel. It looked easy to deploy yet deadly.

“It’s not just one person. They’re joining hands to fight him!” thought the crowd. The crowd was wondering who had just attacked Lin Feng, which group did he belong to? There weren’t many assassins in Ba Huang Province, but there was a union led by an assassin emperor.

The assassin emperor had many assassins under his orders. Those two extremely strong people seemingly didn’t belong to that group though.

Lin Feng looked at that piercingly-cold sword.

“You won’t have a second chance.” said Lin Feng. He released whistling demonic energies, it was as if a demon beast was roaring. At the same time, his hand became golden as he punched the sword. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to break it though.

“Die!” Lin Feng shouted again. His opponent shook. Lin Feng punched him with his left hand again, it had also become golden.

He wanted to move back, but Lin Feng wouldn’t let him. His gigantic golden hand grabbed him. Lin Feng could prevent his enemy from attacking, that was enough for the time being.

“Human sword fusion!” said Lin Feng coldly. He turned into a sharp sword and dashed to the skies. He streaked across the sky and launched towards his enemy. He looked like a shooting star as he left a trail of sword Qi behind him. He then lacerated his enemy and killed him instantly.

When his friend saw that he was dead, he turned around and started running away.

“Where do you think you’re going?” said Lin Feng. He healed his shoulder to stop the bleeding and used his Xiao Yao agility technique with wind intent again. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng had caught up with him.

“Bzzz!” The cultivator turned around, his arm turned into a sword which moved towards Lin Feng’s throat.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng as he punched the air with his golden hand. The sky was shaking under Lin Feng’s hand.


Lin Feng condensed strength in his hand, along with his Gigantic Holy Spell, he destroyed his enemy’s attack. The enemy gave a horrible shriek and Lin Feng’s hand ended up on his enemy’s head, making it explode. He was dead.

“How brutal!” thought the crowd. Even injured, Lin Feng had managed to kill two enemies, on top of that, in such a brutal way.

“That guy has only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer, but he knows how to fight.”

“He’s very fast too. Many cultivators of the sixth and seventh Tian Qi layer aren’t that fast.”

Many people sighed. Two people had used assassin-like spells, including illusions, but hadn’t managed to kill that guy. Lin Feng had chopped one enemy into pieces and made the head of the other guy explode. How brutal.

“Are those the assassins from last time?” whispered Lin Feng. He had offended two groups of assassins now. In the Huang Sea underground he had killed a few Hunters of darkness, and in the outside world, when he saw Xue Baguio, he also killed some more. If those people belonged to the group of assassins who tried to capture Xue Baguio, it was quite scary. It meant that they had spied on him and found out about his whereabouts, then they had sent people to kill him.

Lin Feng was lucky that those people hadn’t overestimated him and sent stronger people. If the sword cultivator had been any stronger, he would have killed Lin Feng with that surprise. Lin Feng’s heart was still racing when thought about the surprise attack.

Lin Feng suddenly understood what Mu Chen had told him before. Even though Mu Chen had sounded calm and indifferent when he had told him those things, he had warned him to be careful at all times. Many strong cultivators wanted to kill the other strong cultivators, only the best ones survived.

“Tap, tap…” a sound spread in the air, sound of steps.

People raised their heads and saw someone walking slowly above them. He was wearing a windbreaker and a plaited bamboo hat with a black veil hiding his face.

He took out a black bow and arrow in his hand, they looked ordinary. He raised his hands and deadly energies emerged from the bow and arrow.


He suddenly shot the arrow. It wasn’t dazzling and it didn’t contain any incredible forces, it just contained deadly energies. The crowd clenched their fists, what a shot!

It was aimed at Lin Feng, for no apparent reason he was attacking Lin Feng. Suddenly, dazzling lights appeared and a hole appeared above Lin Feng.

Then, a silhouette appeared from the hole all of a sudden.

“An illusion!”

The crowd was astonished. Surprisingly, someone had appeared above Lin Feng. The arrow was moving towards that illusion.

That person was surprised and wanted to dodge the arrow, but it was too late, the arrow was too fast. It immediately pierced through his viscera.

He lowered his head and saw the one who had just killed him. He looked at him with hatred.

“Remember that when joining hands with the assassin emperor, there’s always someone waiting in the dark. There’s no exception.”

The archer calmly put away his bow and arrow. He didn’t say much, but it was enough to leave the crowd shivering.

“The imperial assassin union has disappeared for such a long time, have they come back?”

The crowd was shivering. They wouldn’t have thought they’d see members of the imperial assassin union again. Those people used to scare everyone to death. They were the descendants of the assassin emperor after all.

Even emperors died by their hands.

Those people had caused rivers of blood to flow in Ba Huang Province. Then, one night, they disappeared without leaving any trace. There were many rumors concerning their disappearance, but the most predominant one was that all the emperors had joined hands and found the territory of the imperial assassin union and destroyed them.

However, they were back now, so what did it mean? Had the imperial assassin union come back to kill all emperors and their disciples?

Lin Feng had been found by the imperial assassin union, was that a good thing or a bad thing?

When the crowd saw the one with the plaited bamboo hat, one word came to their mind: the Watchers!

The Watchers were geniuses who protected people who had the potential to become emperors. They were the imperial assassin union’s worst nightmare!

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