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PMG Chapter 1115: Xia Fan

PMG Chapter 1115: Xia Fan

Even though Lin Feng’s bow was broken, it was far from being an ordinary weapon.

“A bow again!” shouted Xia Fan furiously. The Watcher had shot an arrow at him and humiliated him, seeing Lin Feng’s infuriated him even more. Was Lin Feng wanting to humiliate him even more?

He punched the arrow and broke it with his arm which now looked like a dragon’s arm.

Lin Feng continued shooting arrows, a third one, a fourth one. He was also condensing pure sun Qi, which was now burning madly, it even contained some black flames. Lin Feng then condensed all that fire into his arrows.

“I’ll destroy you!” shouted Xia Fan roaring like an animal. His attacks were powerful and could break apart the ground around him.

Lin Feng used wind intent and his Xiao Yao agility technique to maintain the same distance between him and Xia Fan. Lin Feng’s burning arrows continued streaking across the sky.

Xia Fan didn’t know how many arrows he had already broken, he was going insane. He would survive if one arrow reached him, but what about ten, or a hundred?

“How fast! It doesn’t look like it’s easy for Xia Fan!” thought the crowd. They thought he’d easily kill Lin Feng, but Lin Feng was quite fast.

“Die!” shouted Xia Fan hoarsely. He took out a gigantic blade which emitted dragon sounds.

Xia Fan rose up in the air and destroyed the arrows with his blade.

However, Lin Feng didn’t stop, he continued shooting arrows and Xia Fan couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Tian Long Divine Castle’s people are good at close combat because they can turn into dragons, but they’re not fast. They are easy targets from far a distance.” thought the crowd.

“Argh!” At that moment, Xia Fan threw his dragon blade at Lin Feng and at the same time, he completely turned into a dragon and threw himself at Lin Feng.

“I’ll kill you!” shouted Xia Fan coldly.

Lin Feng smiled in a cold way. He put away his bow and silver wings appeared from his back. At the same time, a black shield appeared in front of him.

“Boom boom!” the blade crashed onto the black shield and Lin Feng thought his arms were going to be crushed. He firmly held the black shield though.

“What kind of shield is that? Surprisingly, it didn’t break!” the crowd was surprised.

Xia Fan finally got himself near Lin Feng and took the opportunity attack Lin Feng with his golden claws.

Lin Feng looked incredibly calm, a halberd appeared in his hand and met Xia Fan’s golden claws.

“Kacha!” the atmosphere was distorted as Xia Fan’s dragon claws crashed onto the halberd. Even though it was a broken holy weapon, it was still difficult to break, to the extent that blood appeared on Xia Fan’s arm.

“Die!” shouted Xia Fan furiously. He continued moving towards Lin Feng, despite the injury.

“Piss off!” said Lin Feng. A black lotus appeared in his hand and then he quickly shoved it in the dragon’s mouth and he swallowed it. After breaking through to the fifth Tian Qi layer, Lin Feng’s fire had become even more vicious. Besides, Lin Feng had now mixed desolate and demonic Qi in his fire.

“Roar…!” Xia Fan roared like a dragon, but it was more like a suffering dragon. Lin Feng took out a hammer and condensed a terrifying strength inside. Then, he hit Xia Fan with that hammer and sent him flying.

The crowd was astonished, their mouths were wide-open. What sorcery was that? He had so many precious weapons, and not all of them were holy weapons.

He had a black shield, a halberd, a hammer, a bow, all those weapons were incredibly solid.

“Where does he come from?” thought the crowd. Even the imperial assassin union wanted to kill him.

Lin Feng took out his bow again and continued shooting arrows at Xia Fan.

Xia Fan could barely breathe under that pressure, he was bleeding now. The Watcher had injured him, then he injured himself attacking Lin Feng’s halberd. There was a gigantic wound on his chest where Lin Feng had hit him.

“Pfff, pfff…” Xia Fan was panting, he couldn’t keep up. He was still breaking the arrows which were targeting him, but he was starting to feel exhausted.

“You thought you could release your anger out on me?” said Lin Feng mockingly. He was going insane, he hated the Watcher, he hated Lin Feng. He hated everyone. At that moment, he was under a rain of arrows, but he couldn’t reach Lin Feng.

“Stop!” said someone at that moment, it was one of Tian Long Divine Castle’s members. Their silhouettes flickered and they surrounded Lin Feng. They had to join hands to kill Lin Feng because he was too fast and too crafty.

Lin Feng continued shooting arrows. He looked at the members from Tian Long Divine Castle and said indifferently, “There’s no need to talk shit. Come and attack me altogether.”

Even though those people weren’t as strong as Xia Fan, they were still members of Tian Long Divine Castle and they were still quite strong. Could Lin Feng fight against them all at the same time?

“Hmph, Xia Fan is just playing with you and you only know how to use your bow, that’s just a despicable means. Don’t blame us for being impolite!” said the members of Tian Long Divine Castle coldly.

“Despicable means? Ridiculous.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He looked at Xia Fan and said, “I never offended you, you attacked me because I was near and you wanted to vent your anger. You’re a piece of trash. Surprisingly, you thought the Watcher was going to protect you. You’re pathetic so I’m done playing with you.” Lin Feng said. Xia Fan’s face turned deathly pale. Lin Feng was… playing with him?

After that moment, Lin Feng put his weapon away and his entire body started shaking. He was condensing the natural force of the Earth and sky.

“Great celestial demonic skill, die!” said Lin Feng coldly. He then punched the air in Xia Fan’s direction, immediately making him feel suffocated. Lin Feng’s energies completely took over the space and the crowd couldn’t see the sky anymore.

“Kacha, kaboom!” His fist hadn’t even touched Xia Fan yet, but he was already on his knees and the ground under him was breaking apart. His face was deathly pale.

“How terrifying, We can’t even see the sky anymore.” thought the crowd shivering. Xia Fan groaned like an animal and condensed an infinite amount of bestial energies trying to oppress Lin Feng’s energies, but his dragon energies were slowly being destroyed.

Lin Feng’s Great celestial demonic skill was a part of the three-lives Buddha-Demon skills, it was both brutal and powerful.

So, a moment before, had Lin Feng just been playing with him?

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