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PMG Chapter 1117: Come out here!

Notes: Xue Bagiuo = Xue Bi Yao, Path = Dao Path
PMG Chapter 1117: Come out here!
Lin Feng smiled at Jian Wu Bei. Last time, he had stolen the meteorite and left with it. Yuan Fei and Jian Wu Bei had a long battle. Jian Wu Bei wasn’t angry at Lin Feng about what happened, he was a magnanimous person.
“Lin Feng, get ready to fight.” said Gu Xiao releasing energies which quickly surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng had killed his little brother in the Huang Sea underground. Later, Hou Qing Lin and Mu Chen had gone to Tian Long Divine Castle to kill their cultivators. Tian Long Divine Castle had been humiliated by Hou Qing Lin.
“You’re Gu Xiao from Tian Long Divine Castle?” asked Jian Wu Bei.
“Jian Wu Bei!” said Gu Xiao. He recognized Jian Wu Bei, of course.
Jian Wu Bei nodded and said, “Your Tian Long Divine Castle people are weak and are easily killed by other people. Now, you bring even stronger cultivators to fight against a cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer, isn’t it a bit exaggerated? Don’t you feel ashamed?”
Gu Xiao pulled a long face and said indifferently, “It has nothing to do with you!”
“Of course it doesn’t. But Emperor Tian Long is one of the emperors of the region, he’s been an emperor for a long time, so everybody knows him. But you acting like this is a disgrace, you’re humiliating your emperor!” said Jian Wu Bei calmly and indifferently, yet disdainfully.
Everybody remained silent. Jian Wu Bei was straightforward in saying he despised those people. They had brought so many strong cultivators and Gu Xiao was a famous cultivator of the eighth Tian Qi layer, killing Lin Feng wouldn’t be an issue if they acted together. But it proved that Tian Long Divine Castle’s cultivators were incompetent. Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer, of course they could kill him easily!
They all pulled a long face this time. They came to get their revenge and now Jian Wu Bei was bullying them.
“Brother Wu Bei, you’re exaggerating. Weak people should die and strong people can do whatever they want. Do you have compassion for weak cultivators now?” said someone in the distance. That person was wearing white clothes and he was quite handsome. On his side were a few people whose Qi was extraordinary, especially a girl whose clothes were very luxuriant. She possessed a celestial Qi and everybody was looking at her.
“Celestial Land of Alchemists.” the crowd was surprised. Those young people with an incredible Qi were from the celestial land of alchemists which meant that that girl was the celestial girl. According to legends, she possessed a celestial body.
Many people sighed. They wished they could look at her face without the veil covering it.
Surprisingly, they were defending Gu Xiao though.
“You again!” Lin Feng looked at them coldly. That guy had drawn the assassin’s attention on Lin Feng. He also wanted the elders of his sect to cast a clairvoyance spell on Lin Feng.
“Hmph!” that guy groaned coldly and said, “Don’t you feel ashamed going to Fortune City? Ridiculous!”
“You’re right, weak people should die. If those Tian Long Divine Castle’s people can kill me, then they should, however, you and I, are we enemies?” asked Lin Feng coldly.
“I don’t like shameless people like you.” said that young man laughing. He was in love with Xue Bi Yao but he couldn’t get her. He was jealous because Lin Feng had been in her room and had even kidnapped her.
Lin Feng slowly walked up to him, put his finger on the young man’s nose and said, “Let’s fight!”
“Eh?” He suddenly looked furious and said: “Put your dirty finger away!”
“Let’s fight!” shouted Lin Feng again. The crowd started laughing. Lin Feng had killed Xia Fan and his friends, now, he was provoking a strong cultivator from the celestial land of alchemists. That guy was at the same cultivation level as Xia Fan, the seventh Tian Qi layer.
A cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer was putting his finger on his nose and provoking him. He was seriously getting frustrated. It seemed like he wanted to kill Lin Feng with just his glare.
“What! Say that again!” he said coldly.
“I’ll say it a third time, come out! Come and fight me. Otherwise, you can piss off and go back to the celestial land of alchemists!” said Lin Feng. Finally, the young man walked out from the group. Rumbling sounds spread in the air each time he stepped on the ground.
People from Tian Long Divine Castle looked happy. Since people from the celestial land of alchemists wanted to kill Lin Feng themselves, why not let them?
“You’re right, since we’re enemies, weaklings should die!” Lin Feng declared. He also took a few steps and released energies which broke the ground around him. There was also a strange nameless energy.. it was the natural force of the Earth and sky.
“He can use the natural force of the earth and sky so easily, he must be really talented!” thought the crowd. It was no wonder he had defeated Xia Fan.
The young man from the celestial land of alchemists laughed and said, “If that’s all you can do, you’re going to die quickly!”
“Boom!” He released a terrifying amount of strength and the ground opened up, the ensuing fissure moved towards Lin Feng. Strength emanated from that fissure.
Lin Feng calmly moved away condensed even more natural force. However, from under his feet some purple lights appeared.
“What’s that?” wondered the crowd. Seeds?
People from the celestial land of alchemists had special techniques, and of those techniques utilized seeds. They could give birth to new lifeforms and transform them into weapons.
The young man from the celestial land of alchemists laughed coldly. His lips were moving as he was chanting something that the crowd couldn’t hear. They soon saw seeds were sprouting from under Lin Feng’s feet and emitting subtle sounds. Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by purple seeds. The young man was still chanting incantations and the purple lights were becoming more dazzling.
Lin Feng looked expressionless. He released fire energies and continued walking forwards. The two opponents were getting closer to each other.
“You can still walk? I’ll finish you if you don’t stop!” said the young man. The sound of the seeds was getting louder and louder. Lin Feng was suddenly covered in vines.
“Purple Blade!” said the young man. The vines rose up and turned into a terrifyingly sharp purple blade. Now he wanted to chop Lin Feng in pieces.
“Their attacks are really incredible.” thought the crowd. The power of the seeds was enigmatic and unfathomable. According to legends, the celestial emperor from the celestial land of alchemists, with one seed, could give birth to a vine which could envelop the entire world.
“Do you think that you can compete with me?” said the young man in a cold way. Lin Feng had to be suicidal.
Everybody felt sad for Lin Feng. If only he had been a little stronger. Unfortunately, his cultivation level was too low. Such incredible seeds and a powerful attack, Lin Feng could only accept his impending death.
Gu Xiao started laughing frantically as if Lin Feng had already died before his eyes.
Jian Wu Bei looked calm as he was observing the special seed attack. This time, Lin Feng had challenged that cultivator, so if he died, it would be his own fault.
The other strong cultivators from the celestial land of alchemists remained calm. Xue Bi Yao didn’t stop them either, even though she had said she’d kill Lin Feng herself. However, if Lin Feng provoked people even though he was so weak, she couldn’t do anything!

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