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PMG Chapter 1120: The Grave

PMG Chapter 1120: The Grave
Jiange was in Sword City, so when Lin Feng and the others arrived, they didn’t see Jiange, they only saw a huge sword. It was stuck in the ground and looked devastatingly powerful.
Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. That sword was similar to a gigantic sword he had in his memories. Had he obtained those memories from Emperor Wu Tian Jian? Or another possibility, had someone seen the memories and created that sword?
Jian Wu Bei continued walking and grabbed the sword. There were some letters inscribed on that sword. Jian Wu Bei raised it and instantly a terrifying energy rose up, pushing everyone back.
“Ding!” That sword emitted a sound and a light appeared.
“Please, everyone!” said Jian Wu Bei. Everybody walked towards the sword.
“That sword is its own small world!” thought Lin Feng. That sword itself was Jiange! The lights he had seen in the Huang Sea were similar, they too led to a small world. In Shen Gong, it was mist, in Jiange’s case, it was a sword.
Lin Feng also sensed the incredible energies inside that sword. Jiange was a holy place for sword cultivators. Everything in Jiange had the shape of a sword: each object had the shape of a sword, palaces, pavilions, mountains, everything. The energies, force, Qi and so on were also all sword related.
Lin Feng shivered. His sword Qi seemed like it wanted to jump out of his body. He hadn’t had such a feeling for a long time.
At that moment, everybody had different sensations.
“Emperor Wu Tian Jian was the best sword cultivator in the world five thousand years ago… No wonder. Nobody could surpass him in terms of sword cultivation.” thought Gu Xiao sighing. For once, he wasn’t being polite, he was just thinking aloud.
“Practicing sword cultivation for one year in Jiange would be the same as practicing sword cultivation for three years in the outside world. A sword cultivator can probably understand swords a lot better inside here. What they can do here in ten years, they’d need a hundred in the outside world.” said Xue Bi Yao sighing. Her world, the celestial land of alchemists, was a paradise for alchemists. Jiange was a paradise for swordsmen.
“I’m ridiculous, I’ve been practicing sword cultivation for a dozen years and I still don’t belong to a group.” said Jian Wu Bei sighing.
Xue Bi Yao shook her head and said, “Sword cultivation and other types of cultivation are different. Swordsmen think about swords only. Maybe their attacks aren’t explosive, but each of their attacks are sharp and swift. Strong sword cultivators are terrifying existences!”
Jian Wu Bei couldn’t refute that and smiled in a resplendent way. He brought everyone to one place.
There were many people in Jiange: both old and young people… in any case, they all possessed a terrifying sword Qi.
After half an hour, they arrived in a palace off in the distance, it was the first thing that didn’t have the shape of a sword though. It looked like a grave.
People raised their heads and gazed into the distance. There were two gigantic words: Jian’s Grave!
The Jian Grave was where Emperor Wu Tian Jian was buried.
There were people around the grave. The crowd was astonished because those people looked a lot stronger than them.
“Long Teng is there!” Tian Long Divine Castle’s people recognized someone, a young man who looked like a dragon. He didn’t look as extraordinary as the crowd would have thought, but when they looked closer, they realized he looked like a calm and domineering dragon.
Long Teng had a celestial dragon body and had broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer.
“Eighth Tian Qi layer, dragon body, he must be able to defeat ordinary Zun cultivators.” thought the crowd.
Very quickly, the crowd looked at the others around the grave. They were also incredible.
One of them had phoenix clothes, it was a beautiful girl with hair that looked like it was on fire. She didn’t wear a veil so people could see her face. She had black eyes which looked rather devilish. She had voluptuous lips and beautiful white skin. Any man would have fallen for her.
She turned around and looked at the crowd to see who was looking at her.
Many people couldn’t help but stare at her. Some of them were wondering which girl they prefered, Xue Bi Yao or her. If they were strong enough, they could have two girls like that: a main wife and a main concubine.
Qi Feng Mountain, the girl with a phoenix body.
Next to her was someone with a plaited bamboo hat and a veil. People couldn’t see his face, but he was one of the Watchers.
The Watchers didn’t show themselves often, they only showed up when the people they protected were in trouble. Often, people who were protected by the Watchers didn’t even know they were being protected.
Maybe the Watchers were next to them, maybe they were family members, maybe they were friends or their own enemies, anything was possible with the Watchers.
Jiange had invited one Watcher, nobody knew which one it was. After all, there were many Watchers.
Apart from those three, there was someone else calmly standing there. They didn’t release any Qi and people thought that he was an illusion.
Lin Feng had only seen one them before, the phoenix girl. Now, he knew that she was Qi Feng Mountain.
“Surprisingly, she went to the Island of the Nine Dragons for a stone, but why? Why was it so particularly important?” thought Lin Feng. He hadn’t seen what was inside that stone because she hadn’t broken it in front of them.
“Everybody, let’s go into the grave!” said Jian Wu Bei leading the way. Then, the grave opened itself and an ancient Qi emerged from it.

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  1. Sadd3 March 28, 2018 at 7:27 pm - Reply

    Wait now. Didn’t they say the emperor had only disappeared. Now they are at his grave and it is like everyone knew about it? Doesn’t make much sense.

    • alex March 29, 2018 at 2:30 am - Reply

      Jian’s Grave = Sword’s Grave. probably only swords were left there, not the Emperor

      • Sadd3 March 31, 2018 at 9:35 pm - Reply

        Well since we should presume most people who read here don’t know chines that doesn’t come out to most people and didn’t it say the emperor was buried there in the chapter?

        • Windef April 19, 2018 at 5:28 am - Reply

          I believe it said he disappeared. I suppose his descendants probably built him a grave after him being missing for hundreds or thousands of years… Was 5000 years ago and i think emperors only live like 2k years max or something? Xuan 200 tian 500 zun 1k and emperor 2k or so. If he disappeared and they havent heard anything about him breaking thru to whatever is acter emperor then hes most likely dead so they built a grave

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