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PMG Chapter 1121: Living Swords!

PMG Chapter 1121: Living Swords!
“The Sword Grave!”
The Jian Grave was where Emperor Wu Tian Jian had been buried, so the crowd was scared.
The crowd walked forward. Even though they all felt nervous on the inside, on the outside they looked calm and walked steadily. Those people were all geniuses who had attained the highest degree of perfection in controlling their emotions.
It didn’t look luxuriant once inside the grave, but there was no incredible sword Qi either. The walls were falling apart, there was mud and even some puddles.
Some swords were buried in the mud and they looked very old. None of those swords were very sharp or dazzling, they were just there, half buried in mud.
“Are those Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s swords?” the crowd looked calm as they observed those ancient swords. Some swords didn’t even have their handles anymore. Some of them had cracks. It didn’t look like Jiange at all. If the crowd had seen that outside, they would have thought it was a wasteland.
There were two protectors sitting their who glanced at the crowd in a sharp way, it seemed like their eyes could pierce through people’s souls.
“Such strong sword cultivators!” The protectors of Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s grave could only be that strong!
“Here are all the swords Emperor Wu Tian Jian used after rising to power. No matter if they’re complete or broken, they are all stored here. According to legends, they are all alive!” said Jian Wu Bei ecstatically. The crowd nodded.
“Everybody, let’s go forward, but don’t forget something: don’t infuriate my ancestor’s swords!” Jian Wu Bei warned. Everybody nodded and continued walking.
Lin Feng felt the same. There was one sword in front of him and it was a meter long. There was rust on the handle, but it seemed like it was made of cast iron.
Lin Feng stretched out his hand and touched it. Even though there was mud on it, there was no dust. Lin Feng looked at his hand and found it wasn’t dirty.
“It feels alive.” thought Lin Feng. That place was a memorial for Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s swords.
“Bzzz!” At that moment, the sword next to Lin Feng moved and emitted buzzing sounds.
“Are those swords really alive?” whispered Lin Feng. He also practiced sword cultivation, but he was unsure about how far he would go on the path of sword cultivation. That graveyard had existed for a very long time and those swords still could move.
However, at that moment, a gloomy energy invaded the room and the sword calmed down again.
“Strong sword cultivators can use their soul to fabricate swords and create swords with their own souls. They are really alive!” someone explained next to Lin Feng. It was Feng Xuan, the phoenix girl. She hadn’t turned around, but she looked just as arousing from behind.
“Thank you very much for sharing that with me!” said Lin Feng. He then turned around and looked at the sword again.
Feng Xuan didn’t say much, she touched a sword as well. Even though she didn’t practice sword cultivation, she was interested in strong cultivators. There were common points between different types of cultivation.
“Everybody, you can try to communicate with the swords using your godly awareness, but don’t make them angry. Your energies have to be friendly, otherwise the swords will attack!” said Jian Wu Bei. Some people started releasing their godly awarenesses to communicate with the swords.
“Bzzz… bzzz… bzzz…” the swords started emitting buzzing sounds. They wanted to communicate with their godly awarenesses.
“Bzzz!” At that moment, Lin Feng sensed a terrifying sword Qi. Feng Xuan suddenly jumped backwards and stretched out her hands, destroying a thread of sword Qi.
“It was a dangerous sword!” the crowd was surprised. They wanted to try too, but then everybody looked at Feng Xuan. Even the two protectors looked at her. They seemed angry for a second and then neutral again.
“The sword Qi in here can be merciless.” said Feng Xuan. From her beautiful eyes, one could see that she was surprised. Jiange hadn’t lied to them. That was Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s grave and those swords were, in fact, merciless.
Everybody listened to Feng Xuan, but it made them even more enthusiastic. They really wanted to communicate with the swords. It was such an unfathomable experience. Sensing Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword intent and sword Qi was an incredible and enriching experience.
The sword Qi was whistling even more intensely as the grave started shaking. Very quickly, sword intent assaulted them again. This time, the one who had tried to communicate with the swords was Xue Bi Yao, the beautiful holy celestial girl.
Lin Feng didn’t try to communicate with the swords, instead, he tried to communicate with the mud where they were buried. He had the feeling that the mud contained the lives of all the swords. He could almost hear them crying, all those swords seemed melancholic. They had followed Emperor Wu Tian Jian their entire life and witnessed incredible wars, and now, they were buried there. They wanted to leave that place.
Lin Feng listened with his heart. They wanted to rise, they wanted their souls to condense, they had a life if they managed to leave that place.
“Bzzz… bzzz bzzz… bzzz bzzz bzzz…” the swords all started shaking, it was frightening. It was getting even more intense. Everybody felt like they had to be extremely vigilant.
What was going on? When they tried to communicate with the swords, they had barely reacted, but now, they were all buzzing. It seemed like the swords were begging, crying, almost like they wanted to leave the graveyard!
The two protectors’ facial expressions looked sharp. They glanced at the crowd. They were looking for something it seemed. They didn’t prevent the swords from moving though, if the swords were crying, it wasn’t their fault and it had nothing to do with them.
Those young people were all extraordinary. They quickly noticed that the two strong cultivators were acting strange. Jian Wu Bei, the emperor’s descendant, had invited them to come. What was his real goal? The swords weren’t moving like he had said, they also didn’t dash to the skies. They were shaking only when people provoked them and the protectors were acting strangely as well. They even seemed to hope that those young people who help the swords break free.
Why would Jiange do that?
The swords shook even more intensely. The two protectors noticed someone in particular: Lin Feng. They were fixedly staring at him now. They knew that he was the one who was making the swords beg and cry.
A metallic sound spread in the air as a terrifying sword Qi invaded the whole atmosphere. It seemed like the swords wanted to leave suddenly. Everybody moved back hastily. Suddenly, they were astonished as one of the swords seemed like it was going to leave the graveyard, it moved up in the air and appeared above Lin Feng’s head!

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