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PMG Chapter 1126: Long Teng’s Aggressivity

PMG Chapter 1126: Long Teng’s Aggressivity
Long Teng looked at Gu Xiao and said calmly, “You’ll have the opportunity to kill him sooner or later, but for now, you can still humiliate him.”

“Now?” Gu Xiao frowned and whispered, “What about the cultivators from the Celestial Land of Alchemists?”

“You don’t need to kill him, you’ll just humiliate him!” repeated Long Teng walking towards the place where Lin Feng was practicing cultivation. Gu Xiao’s eyes twinkled and he smiled coldly. He followed Long Teng. Lin Feng’s sword intent had leveled up, so he couldn’t let him continue being that lucky.

“Lin Feng!” shouted Gu Xiao. His voice rolled in waves. He wanted to disturb Lin Feng while he was practicing cultivation.

Qi dashed to the skies. Long Teng looked at the palace and said, “Don’t worry, we won’t harm him!”

Then, they recalled their Qi.

Gu Xiao started laughing frantically. He slowly walked in the direction of the palace where Lin Feng was. Many people noticed him and thought he was cruel. He was disturbing Lin Feng while he was practicing cultivation.

“Lin Feng, last time, you escaped and didn’t die. You killed my brother so you won’t live for long!” said Gu Xiao grinding his teeth, hoping Lin Feng would hear him.

However, Lin Feng’s eyes remained closed and he was still surrounded by sword Qi. Slowly, swords appeared and were becoming more distinct.

Gu Xiao frowned, Lin Feng had ignored him!

“Boom boom!” The floor that Lin Feng was sitting started crackling.

“Shameless bastard!” said someone coldly. It was Meng Ba. He blocked the attack and ran in the direction from where the Qi originated.

“Tian Long Divine Castle’s people are so shameless.”

Lin Ruo Tian also arrived. He was glaring at those shameless people.

“Weak as you are, how can you talk about Tian Long Divine Castle?” said Long Teng. He jumped forwards and released energies in Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba’s direction. A dragon appeared and roared.

“As strong as a dragon.. He’s got a celestial dragon body, no wonder!” thought the crowd. Long Teng looked domineering and brutal.

Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba threw themselves at the dragon. The dragon was actually pushing them back.

“You look like fireflies fighting against the sun, die!” said Long Teng aggressively. In a flash, dazzling lights invaded fell on them. A terrifying dragon appeared again and flew towards Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba.

Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba condensed all their strength and blocked the attack, but blood splashed out of their mouths. They both turned deathly pale.

They were considered geniuses in the northern part of Ba Huang, however, it was still difficult for them to fight Long Teng. Even though he was stronger than them by one cultivation level, his dragon body was terrifying.

“You want to die!” said Long Teng who was still blocking access to Lin Feng’s room. Many people in the distance sensed all those powerful energies. Long Teng could really kill Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba.

“Move! He wouldn’t dare kill me.” said Lin Feng to Meng Ba and Lin Ruo Tian using telepathy. They glanced at each other, they both had blood on the corner of their mouths. They they glanced at the Long Teng and the others.

“I thought Tiantai’s people were amazing, but in the end, they’re afraid to die. Useless pieces of trash. In Fortune City, Tiantai’s people will get crushed. After Lin Feng’s death, we’ll kill you too so you can join him in hell!” said Long Teng aggressively.

Hou Qing Lin and Mu Chen had humiliated Tian Long Divine Castle, they were still upset about that. They couldn’t wait to be in Fortune City and kill Tiantai’s people mercilessly.

Gu Xiao continued walking towards Lin Feng, he laughed coldly and said, “I know that you heard everything, you watched your friends get injured and did nothing. If I were you, I wouldn’t hide.”

Lin Feng ignored him and continued releasing whistling sword Qi.

“We’ll see how long you can hide.” said Gu Xiao while continuing to move towards Lin Feng. The floor was breaking under his feet with each step he took.

However, at that moment, a dazzling sword light appeared and Lin Feng opened his eyes.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Ten thousand swords were whistling as they dashed to the skies. He was releasing level eight sword intent to oppress Gu Xiao.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng’s dazzling sword lights condensed and moved towards Gu Xiao’s third eye. Gu Xiao started running backwards as fast as he could.

“Die, die, die!” Lin Feng’s voice echoed three times. His sword energies whistled and dashed to the skies.

“Destroy!” Golden lights appeared and the sound of a bell resonated. Lin Feng’s sword energies crashed onto the golden bell. Finally, the sword Qi disappeared.

The golden bell shrunk and went back into Gu Xiao’s hand. He coldly looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes.

“Even though you’ve broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer, you’re still a piece of trash. You attacked me by surprise while as I was practicing cultivation. Tian Long Divine Castle’s shameless piece of trash, and you’re somehow considered a genius? You’re just the trashmaster!” said Lin Feng mockingly.

Gu Xiao’s facial expression looked hideous. Lin Feng’s sword intent had oppressed him severely, how humiliating!

“Hmph! You’re quite conceited, but as I’ve told you, Fortune City will become the grave for Tiantai’s imperial cultivation disciples. After you die, I will kill all your fellow disciples one by one!” said Long Teng coldly.

“Alright, I can’t wait to see that.” replied Lin Feng. He pointed at Gu Xiao and said coldly, “You will be the first person I kill.”

“Keep bragging, you’re already dead!” said Gu Xiao gloomily. He wished he could kill Lin Feng.

“No need to talk to someone who has reached the end of their life. Unfortunately, he won’t see how his friends from Tiantai will die in Fortune City.” said Long Teng, then he turned around and rose up in the air. “When I’m in Fortune City, I won’t let anyone from Tiantai make it to the city, I’ll kill them one by one!”

After that, he disappeared into the darkness of the night followed by the other members from Tian Long Divine Castle.

“Fortune City’s name implied fortune and luck, however, you won’t feel that lucky when I get there. You will be cursed by my cursing strength.” thought Lin Feng.

That night, mysterious people in black clothes attacked Lin Feng by surprise and were blocked by the elders from the Celestial Land of Alchemists and then Gu Xiao. Nobody else tried after that.

Seven days later, the elders from the Celestial Land of Alchemists were done concocting nature pills and brought them to Sword City.

Xue Bi Yao and Lin Feng were ready to fight and they would fight under the moonlight. Many people came to Sword City just to watch the celestial girl fight. They also wanted to see how strong the first imperial cultivation disciple of Tian was.

Outside of Sword City, a lifeboat appeared with a beast inside: a Qiong Qi and a young person.

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