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PMG Chapter 1127: Pure Celestial Field

PMG Chapter 1127: Pure Celestial Field
It was dark outside and the full moon illuminated Sword City. Not far from Fortune City, a crowd had gathered around some palaces. They were all looking at the celestial girl from the Celestial Land of Alchemists, Xue Bi Yao. She was getting ready to fight.

Many people looked at a palace too. They knew that Lin Feng was inside it. During those last seven days, Lin Feng hadn’t come out once. Instead, he had practiced cultivation the entire time. The members from the Celestial Land of Alchemists didn’t allow him to leave anyways.

“Lin Feng, The celestial girl is already here, come out and prepare yourself to die now!” shouted a young man hoarsely. How dare he make the celestial girl wait for him?

That young man from the Celestial Land of Alchemists went to Lin Feng’s palace and crushed a section of wall exposing Lin Feng.

“You still want to escape? You made a decision, now you have to bear the responsibility for it. Come out and die!” said the young man mockingly. Fighting against their celestial girl, Lin Feng really wanted to die!

Lin Feng stopped practicing cultivation and glared at him coldly. An intangible sword moved towards him and hurt him.

“How noisy. You’re not the one who’s going to fight me so stop barking.” said Lin Feng coldly and disdainfully. He then passed next to the young man who turned around and yelled at Lin Feng from behind, “Enjoy the last moments of your life!”

Lin Feng ignored him and landed in front of Xue Bi Yao. He smiled and said, “Sorry for making you wait. Do you have what I wanted?”

Xue Bi Yao didn’t reply. She took out a jar containing a dazzling golden holy pill.

“It’s a high level holy pill. If I lose, it’ll be yours!” said Xue Bi Yao. Lin Feng smiled. He knew what she meant. If he won and obtained the pill, what would happen after would have nothing to do with her. Everybody was staring at Lin Feng. If he lost, the Celestial Land of Alchemists would protect Xue Bi Yao. If Lin Feng lost, many people would fight to steal his treasures.”

“Thank you very much, Celestial Girl.” said Lin Feng smiling as before. Lin Feng could see in her eyes that she didn’t enjoy these kinds of situations.

“Let’s fight!” said Lin Feng. He breathed in deeply and prepared himself to fight. He needed that pill at any cost.

In the distance, a beam of light appeared and it emitted the sound of a machine.

“Little boy, you met another celestial girl, you’re becoming as popular as I was as an emperor back in the day!”

“Eh?” the crowd was surprised and saw Qiong Qi and Huang Fu Long jumping off a lifeboat. Lin Feng saw that Qiong Qi had put on weight and thought it was terribly cute. He looked like a fluffy animal. He knew nothing would happen to Qiong Qi. But surprisingly, he had also brought Huang Fu Long.

“An ancient beast, a Qiong Qi!” the crowd looked at that ferocious-looking animal. Was he insane though? A Tian level beast actually called himself an emperor, that wasn’t normal.

“Ah, good, I needed a chair and someone just brought me one!” said Long Teng smiling in a cold way. He wanted to take Qiong Qi for his own.

“Dragon body!” said Qiong Qi glancing at Long Teng and saying, “Your shitty dragon body is useless! Even if you wanted to be my servant, I wouldn’t even accept you!”

“…” the crowd was astonished. Dragon body, shitty, useless? That beast was insane!

Lin Feng scratched his black hair, Qiong Qi was amazingly insane!

“Lin Feng, we heard about you so we came to Sword City. The situation is kind of…” said Huang Fu Long scratching his head. He didn’t feel comfortable.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and said, “What happened to your hair?”

Lin Feng realized that Huang Fu Long’s hair looked strange as if it had been burnt.

Huang Fu Long looked at Qiong Qi and said in a low voice, “That bastard used some kind of deployment spell to teleport us away from the Huang Sea and almost completely burnt the place where we landed. If I hadn’t run fast, I would have burned alive. In the end, I just lost some hair.”

“…” Lin Feng was speechless.

“Little boy, you keep attracting hot celestial girls, I couldn’t miss that!” said Qiong Qi.

“Emperor, use a deadly deployment spell to kill all those people who want to kill me. Alright?” said Lin Feng using telepathy.

Qiong Qi stared at him and used telepathy to reply: “You think I’m a Zun level beast already? Last time, it took me seven days to cast a deployment spell and I even used some tools from the small world. Now that so many people are watching.. I can’t cast a deployment spell right now.”

“Try to find a solution. They all want you to become their pet.” said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi was furious and said, “I know, but I won’t let it happen.”

“You’re going to die now, so stop caring about the details. After you die, I’ll take care of your pet.” said a young man from the Celestial Land of Alchemists. Lin Feng glanced at him and glanced at Qiong Qi. Then he said using telepathy, “Emperor, you used to be an emperor so I am convinced that there is nothing you cannot do!”

“You’re right!” said Qiong Qi. His hair had burnt too. Lin Feng pet his head and said, “Be a good boy.”

Then, he turned to Xue Bi Yao. Qiong Qi was furious, Lin Feng had belittled him on purpose! If anger could give him wings, he’d have them!

“Snow Celestial girl, let’s fight!” said Lin Feng.

Xue Bi Yao suddenly started shining. She restrained her strength to the fifth Tian Qi layer.

“You will not have any chance to do defeat me. I will be merciless, so you should use your full strength.” said Xue Bi Yao indifferently.

“Baguio, hurry up and finish him!” said the strong cultivators from the Celestial Land of Alchemists. Many people were watching them.

Xue Bi Yao nodded and circulated her energies throughout her body. From under her feet, a snow lotus appeared which became a pure celestial field.

It quickly grew wider, Lin Feng was also standing on that pure celestial field. He had the sensation that his pure Qi was slowly being drained and that he was being slowed.

“No wonder they call it a celestial body, she can create celestial plains in the blink of an eye. Lin Feng stands absolutely no chance. He’s much weaker than her. Now, he’s even stuck. He’d need to be stronger than he actually is to break free from that spell.” thought the crowd.

It was the first time they had seen the pure celestial field, but they had heard about it before. The pure celestial field could give birth to its own abstruse energies and turned into its own world. The host of the field could bury people inside.

Lin Feng took out a flag and people were surprised, a holy weapon? Was Lin Feng going to use a holy weapon? The snow celestial girl had restrained her strength to the fifth Tian Qi layer, could he use holy weapons?

“What are you doing!” shouted someone furiously. Surprisingly, Lin Feng wanted to use holy weapons even though Xue Bi Yao had restrained her cultivation level.

“There are some things you just don’t have to see!” said Lin Feng glancing at those people. Suddenly, his flag turned into an illusion and surrounded them. People couldn’t see their fight now, and they couldn’t see how powerful their Qi was.

“Lin Feng wants to hide? Does he think he’ll win?” thought the crowd perplexed. Surprisingly, he was hiding from them.

“You’re very confident. But in the middle of the pure celestial field, you can’t do anything!” said Xue Bi Yao coldly.

Lin Feng looked at her and his pupils became black. How cold, she felt like she was in danger. Lin Feng’s Qi was the opposite of hers at that moment, it was filled with demonic Qi!

“It’s the first time I’ve use that kind of spell against someone!” said Lin Feng jumping forwards. His black energies suddenly enveloped the pure celestial field. Lin Feng then said, in a cold and deep voice, “Demon skill, Endless Demonic Destruction!”

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    Thank you so much!

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    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Why does he even want to be her friend? If it was anyone else, or more importantly a guy, Lin Feng wouldn’t want to spare them. Is this one of the author’s fantasies or something?

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        While i, too, find it incredibly frustrating, to author’s defence, MC had thrashed and humiliated several arrogant beauties already.

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