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PMG Chapter 1129: Tiantai’s Voice

PMG Chapter 1129: Tiantai’s Voice

Xue Bi Yao looked petrified. She couldn’t move anymore because the demonic energies penetrated into her body and sealed her strength.

“Stop!” shouted Xue Bi Yao furiously. Lin Feng’s energies were piercing her organs, it was atrociously painful. At the same time, she spat out Qi which each word. However, Lin Feng wouldn’t give her any chance.

Lin Feng shook her and put his hands on her shoulders, using that leverage to quickly jump over her. The he appeared behind her and pressed her body into the ground and released even more demonic energies into her body.

Xue Bi Yao looked terrified and desperate. She didn’t even try to resist anymore, she gave up, she had lost. Lin Feng had injected fire, sword and demonic energies into her body, now her life was in peril.

At that moment, the crowd outside looked astonished. Some others looked dumbstruck and furious.

Had the celestial girl lost against Lin Feng? What was he doing now? Why was he holding her like that? Was he going to rape her in front of everybody?

“Asshole, let her go!”

“Put your dirty hands away!” shouted all the young men who liked her. Her veil had now fallen on the ground, torn to shreds. The crowd was speechless. Some people had the feeling that they were going to faint. Now, Lin Feng looked like he was hugging her in a perverted way.

“Celestial girl!” Lin Feng didn’t dare let her go.

“I lost, hurry up and leave.” said Xue Bi Yao, giving the jar to Lin Feng. His eyes twinkled in a resplendent way.

“Thank you very much!” Lin Feng took the jar, let her go and moved away.

“He took the jar.” the crowd saw that Lin Feng had taken the jar. With all the precious treasures he already had, many people thought it was a great opportunity.

“Kill him and take everything he has!” shouted someone suddenly and furiously. Those people were from the Celestial Land of Alchemists.

“Lin Feng, here!” said Huang Fu Long to Lin Feng using telepathy. Lin Feng used his agility technique to move incredibly fast.

At the same time, a wave appeared near Qiong Qi.

“Empty space energy!”

“Oh no, stop him! He’s using a holy mark deployment spell!”

“Stop him, they can’t escape!”

The crowd burst into an uproar. The strong cultivators were releasing their own terrifying energies.


Dazzling lights appeared and surrounded Lin Feng. It was the empty space energy. Then they were starting to disappear.

“Where are you going?!” A gigantic hand appeared in the sky, the atmosphere started trembling violently. Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long also started trembling. However, in the end, they left.

“Are they gone?” the crowd was astonished. Lin Feng had managed to escape?

“Boom boom!” They heard some sounds coming from far away. They gazed into the distance and saw Lin Feng. They had been attacked during the teleportation process.

“What’s going on?” asked Lin Feng. Huang Fu Long, Qiong Qi and Lin Feng had ended up in the distance but not that far away.

“Someone broke my spell, who?” said Qiong Qi furiously. He sounded annoyed, “Give me more abstruse crystals!”

“Fuck!” Lin Feng kicked Qiong Qi’s bottom, he was still begging for crystals!

“Think of a solution now! We’re going to die!”

“Do you think I’m not thinking? So many strong cultivators were observing us and we managed to teleport anyway, even if it wasn’t far! If we hadn’t, you’d be dead now. I used all the abstruse crystals I had!” said Qiong Qi. His bottom hurt. He couldn’t control the empty space energies, so he needed abstruse crystals for that.

Terrifying Qi rose up in the air and moved towards Lin Feng. The strong cultivators wanted Lin Feng’s treasures, even if they could only get his nature pill. Many Zun cultivators would go insane to get such a pill.

“Amitabha! Dear friends, you’re chasing one of my young disciples, isn’t it a bit over the top?”

In the sky, dazzling golden lights appeared and blotted out the sky. Many people couldn’t move anymore. The monk took out a gold alms bowl which it diffused millions of golden lights.

Many people raised their heads and saw a gigantic Buddha who looked quite serious. He was slowly descending from the sky, emitting rumbling sounds.

That gigantic Buddha had a golden body. His mouth was moving and he was chanting mantras. A gigantic hand appeared in front of him. He was holding a Buddhist monk in grey clothes.

“Destroy!” said the buddhist monk in a cold way. The gigantic Buddha hand moved, the hand itself already blotted out the sky.

Many people were shaking, including Zun cultivators. One of the strong cultivators from Tiantai was there and had been watching!

“Escape!” many people started running frantically. However, the large Buddha hand fell from the sky and a gigantic crater appeared. Many people gave horrible shrieks and died instantly.

“You dared kill my people!” said someone to the monk in grey clothes.

The monk in grey clothes looked incredibly calm and serene.

“You are Zun cultivators and you dared attack one of my disciples who has only broken through to the Tian Qi layer. Why couldn’t we kill you?” said the monk indifferently.

“From now on, if Zun cultivators dare attack my disciples of the Tian Qi layer, don’t blame us for attacking yours.” said the monk. His voice resonated far away and into the distance. That was Tiantai’s voice.

“How incredible, how strong, who’s that?” said Huang Fu Long with a big smile. He knew that Lin Feng was an imperial cultivation disciple of Tiantai now.

“My third fellow disciple!” said Lin Feng smiling. It seemed like the two emperors had authorized their nine direct disciples to come out. It was the first time that he saw the Sadhu fight. He was as terrifying as Hou Qing Lin and Mu Chen. The three best direct disciples were terrifyingly strong.

“Can I join Tiantai too?” said Huang Fu Long smiling fatuously. Lin Feng replied, “I’ll ask my fellow disciples.”

“You’re really carefree. Do you know what’s going on right now?” said Qiong Qi. He was terribly annoyed.

“Eh? What’s the matter?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng had known what would happen for seven days now, so he had informed Mu Chen and now one of his fellow disciples came. Maybe the others weren’t far either!

“Enemies we can see aren’t scary, the worst ones are those we can’t see. Many people have spied on us. The scariest part is that I wasted so many abstruse crystals for nothing!” said Qiong Qi. It was so hard to get abstruse crystals!

Some people were spying on them at that very moment!

Lin Feng was surprised, he remembered those people who had attacked him by surprise the other day when he was practicing cultivation. Were they still observing them?

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    Thanks a lot for the chapters!

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    Thank you!

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    But doesn’t Lin Feng have many crystals now? I mean he killed that rich guy from the nine dragons island or whatever

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      There’s been no mention of him looting his kills anymore, almost as if he doesn’t bother to since he has the Jade Emperor Palace and it’s huge supply of crystals…

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        I think all of the guy’s possessions got corroded in the sea. Except the seal stone, which is a holy weapon or something.

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