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PMG Chapter 1130: Meng Qing’s Transformation

PMG Chapter 1130: Meng Qing’s Transformation

“Let’s take the boat and leave?” asked Lin Feng to Qiong Qi.

“Nope, we can’t leave. Even though the boat is fast, we can’t protect ourselves while we ride it. If we try to leave, those who are secretly spying on us will attack immediately.” said Qiong Qi. He looked scared. It was rare to see him like that. If Lin Feng drew too many people’s attention, the situation would get difficult for Qiong Qi even.

Lin Feng put a ring in Qiong Qi’s paw and said, “Cast a deployment spell and let’s wait for them to attack us.”

Qiong Qi nodded and immediately started drawing holy marks.

At the same time, a golden light enveloped the air. The battle was tragic. The Sadhu fought alone against a huge group of Zun cultivators. They all took out holy weapons. Finally, they managed to make the gold alms bowl crack some. Some Zun cultivators noticed that Lin Feng looked nervous, and greed appeared on their faces. Lin Feng had underestimated some people’s greed.

He took out a small animal with white fur and its eyes were twinkling abnormally. She noticed that something wrong was going on.

“Meng Qing!” shouted Lin Feng, she jumped into his arms.

At that moment, Lin Feng took out a jar with the nature pill inside. No matter what, he had to give it to her as soon as possible, nobody else could get their hands on it. If the situation became too complicated, he could give up some holy weapons.

“Kacha!” He broke the jar and the energy of the dazzling pill jumped out. Pills of that level possessed their own terrifying power.

From the distance, many people saw what he was doing. No! Lin Feng was going to use the pill!

“Meng Qing, take that!” said Lin Feng shoving it in her mouth. Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. She looked perplexed. She could sense how incredible that pill was, it even made her shiver. That pill could defy the laws of the universe!

“Meng Qing!” shouted Lin Feng. Meng Qing looked at him, opened her mouth and swallowed the pill.

Lin Feng looked at her and smiled in a resplendent way. However, the crowd was shaking. What was he doing? He was giving the pill to a small white animal?! He had risked his life for an animal!

Xue Bi Yao was astonished too, he had put his life at stake for a little animal! Why was that animal so important to him?

Meng Qing’s body became dazzling and the energies in her body felt extremely strange. She was regaining her strength and her cultivation level was coming back to normal. She was healing completely.

“Lin Feng, what is…” Huang Fu Long was dumbstruck.

Lin Feng turned his head, smiled and said, “She’s my wife!”


Huang Fu Long scratched his head. He could also see pride in Lin Feng’s magnificent smile. As if he was proud to have an animal wife?

At that moment, Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng with hatred, Lin Feng had put their lives in danger for Xue Ling Long.


At that moment, the dazzling gold alms bowl finally broke completely. Many strong cultivators had rushed towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at them coldly.

However, a terrifying sword energy fell from the sky and a gigantic canyon was created. It even contained desolate energies too.

“Boom boom!” A sword attacked those who wanted to attack Lin Feng. Some horrible shrieks spread in the air as some people’s bodies were cut in two.

“If someone dares attack, I’ll kill them!” said someone at that moment. A cultivator in grey clothes descended from the sky with a sword in his hand, and he was releasing desolate energy. The crowd sensed that they were suddenly growing old and very quickly. Desolate abstruse energies. That strong cultivator understood abstruse desolate energies!

“One flower, one world.”

A fresh flower descended from the sky and blotted out the sky.

“Slash!” sword lights illuminated the air as petals were floating around. Another extremely loud metallic sound spread in the air. A purple light moved towards the cultivator in grey clothes.

It seemed like the world was collapsing. A strong cultivator rose up in the air who had a thunder-hammer in his hand.

“Die, go and take his treasures!” many people were running towards Lin Feng.

“Grow old.” said the cultivator in grey clothes. His desolate energies dashed to the skies. Many people began to move slower and were growing older.

“Sword Drain!” sword energies dashed to the skies and turned into a Huang Sea marine animal. It seemed like it could eat anything.

However, many people still tried to attack Lin Feng. They were flying towards him with their fastest speeds, not only did they want to kill him, but they also wanted his treasures, including his little pet which had eaten the nature pill. She didn’t have time to digest it so they could still benefit from it a little, they just had to cut into the pet and take the pill.

Lin Feng and the others ran away. Qiong Qi looked ferocious and said, “If you dare attack me, an emperor, you’ll all die!”

“Boom boom!” Qiong Qi finished casting his deployment spell as two people attacked. One of them gave a horrible shriek and blood splashed.

“Die!” Lin Feng took out his Tian Ji Sword and he stabbed the enemy’s third eye, instantly finishing him.

Lin Feng took Meng Qing and put her on the ground. He put his Tian Ji Sword in front of her to protect her. Buzzing sounds spread in the air as a dazzling light emerged from Meng Qing’s body and dashed to the skies. Her Qi contained holy celestial energies.

“What kind of beast is that?” the crowd was surprised. It had to be a special animal.

“Eh? That Qi is similar to mine!” thought Xue Bi Yao looking at Meng Qing. Holy celestial Qi, surprisingly, she could sense a similar Qi coming from that animal.

“Bzzz!” More powerful Qi dashed to the skies. It was magnificent and resplendent. That animal was slowly transforming as a person appeared. It looked like an illusion or a hologram.

“He told me he wanted his friend to turn back into a human being!” Xue Bi Yao remembered what Lin Feng had told her. That must mean that the little animal was going to turn into a human being again.

“What a beautiful body, and what a celestial Qi!” the crowd was incredulous. She hadn’t finished transforming, but everyone could see how stunning she was!

“Meng Qing!” Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at Meng Qing. He smiled at her in a resplendent way. He was shivering from excitement, finally!

She gradually transformed into a human being and regained her holy celestial Qi. The crowd was in awe as well.

“How beautiful!” they couldn’t believe so much beauty could be found in one person.

Xue Bi Yao slowly walked forwards, that silhouette was like a magnet to her.

In the distance, Feng Xuan also appeared and she saw Meng Qing. Meng Qing hadn’t completely transformed yet, but another stunning woman had just appeared in this world!

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