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PMG Chapter 1134: The Old Man’s Teachings

PMG Chapter 1134: The Old Man’s Teachings

Lin Feng looked at the sword in his third eye, his mouth twitched, but he sat down too. He didn’t feel great remaining there. He had almost been swallowed by that sword, the old man could easily shake his hand and Lin Feng would become the sword’s slave.

“Don’t worry. The sword fused together with your demon sword, which contained your Qi. It won’t replace your sword with yourself. It doesn’t want to turn into a human being.” whispered the old man as if he was trying to calm Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled wryly and nodded. Worrying was useless at that point.

“Master, how do you know it doesn’t want to turn into a human being?” asked Lin Feng.

“Cough, cough!” the old man coughed. He raised his head and smiled, “I’m old, it might make you laugh, little friend, but I’m really just an old man. I’ve been cleaning this grave for a hundred years now which means I’ve known these swords for a hundred years. How many days and nights have I spent with them? I understand them better than anyone else, so I can easily know what they are thinking.”

“A hundred years!” Lin Feng stared at the old man. Was that old man really ordinary? No wonder that the swords liked him.

“I see, so why did it attack me?” asked Lin Feng glancing at the sword. It shook a little, scaring Lin Feng again. That sword was threatening him…

“Hehe, it is just naughty. Don’t blame it for its demeanor.” said the old man shaking his head and smiling wryly. “Jiange’s people only know that the sword belonged to the emperor back in the day. They only consider it as a peerless godly weapon. What they don’t know is that when the emperor condensed his soul in that sword, he didn’t condense much of his soul in it before disappearing. Therefore, the sword is like a human child, it is still childish.”

“A child…” Lin Feng was speechless. The emperor used that sword and the old man described it as naughty. Could people from Jiange know those swords so well?

“Jiange’s people are old sword cultivators and they don’t understand the sword’s personality. They only know how to borrow the strength of a sword to the extent that they want to use your body as a weapon, making you turn into a sword slave.” continued the old man sighing and shaking his head. “But, even though that sword is naughty, it has its own life and it knows many things. For example, people from Jiange are Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s descendants, therefore, last time a strong cultivators attacked Jiange, it attacked too. That’s why they’re looking for a sword slave. Unfortunately, they chose you, but the sword doesn’t want to do it. However, it wanted to help the emperor’s descendants so it thought it had no choice.”

“Woo, woo…” the sword was weeping again. It felt so sad. Lin Feng was skeptical, did the old man tell him the truth?

“Master, what about what happened the other day?” asked Lin Feng.

“Eh…” the old man sighed again and shook his head again. He looked disappointed, “Jiange’s people are the emperor’s descendants, they think that they actually understand swords, but in fact, they don’t. They’re not even worth calling sword cultivators. They’ll never be able to control the emperor’s sword!”

Not worth calling sword cultivators?

If someone heard the old man now, how would they react? Lin Feng couldn’t say anything anyway, he was the same as those people. He didn’t understand swords either, especially compared to an old man who had spent a hundred years alone with them.

“They’ve tried to control that sword many times, but they can’t. Imagine, that sword was the emperor’s and it’s already so old. They don’t even know how to study sword cultivation, they only know how to release explosive energies using swords. They know how to use swords to win battles, but that’s all. Later on, they thought about the sacrifice and you appeared. Last time the sword reacted that way because it knew you understood it. It likes you. But Jiange’s people didn’t understand what it meant and thought it meant that the sword had chosen you as its host. Not only did they misunderstand the sword, but they also humiliated it.”

The old man kept sighing and shaking his head. Maybe that old man was disappointed as well.

“Master, are you not from Jiange then?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

“No, I’m just a cleaner. They don’t even pay attention to me.” replied the old man.

If the old man was telling the truth, Jiange’s people were really disappointing and pathetic. Even the old man who wasn’t that strong, understood swords better than them. He was probably the only one who understood the emperor’s sword. Actually, they should consider themselves lucky to have such a person in Jiange, but they didn’t even realize how interesting he was. On top of that, they misunderstood the emperor’s sword and had thought it wanted a slave.

“Little friend, you’re a sword cultivator, right?” asked the old man.

Lin Feng shrugged. As the old man saw it, Jiange’s people were not worth calling sword cultivators so how could Lin Feng say he was one.

“I wouldn’t dare call myself a sword cultivator.” said Lin Feng smiling wryly.

“Don’t be humble. You’re not strong, but my little friend likes you, it means that you’re smart and that you understand swords. They can’t even do that. You’re a better sword cultivator than them, at least.” said the old man. His kind words were reassuring. “Maybe that I’m just lucky.”

“I don’t believe in luck because I’m old. Everything exists for a reason. Luck is just something you create. Show me your sword intent.” said the old man.

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded, stood up, walked backwards and released his level eight sword intent. Sword Qi whistled and started making all the swords whistle too.

“Fifth Tian Qi layer, level eighth sword intent, not bad! Come here.” said the old man. He then asked, “Do you understand swords?”

“Not much. Maybe you can teach me some things.” said Lin Feng nodding. He admitted that he didn’t know much.

“After your sword intent reaches its highest level, what will it become?” asked the old man.

“Abstruse sword energy?” whispered Lin Feng.

“There are many sorts of abstruse energies, it just depends on people’s understanding. There are fire and water abstruse energies, gold and wood abstruse energies, lightning abstruse energies, wind abstruse energies, empty space abstruse energies, absorbing abstruse energies, even decay abstruse energies, and reincarnation abstruse energies. There are many kinds of abstruse energies, but have you ever heard of sword abstruse energies? What is sword abstruse energy? Creating a sword with your thoughts and energies? Even sword intent can do that!”

“Sword abstruse energy doesn’t exist?” Lin Feng was surprised. He was trying to understand what sword abstruse energy was?

“When you understand wind abstruse energies, you can move as fast as the wind and it has an impact on your speed. When you understand fire abstruse energies, your attacks become more explosive and you can burn the Earth and sky. When you understand decay abstruse energies, you can make things decay, but what could sword abstruse energy be? asked the old man. Lin Feng remained silent.

What was sword abstruse energy? Thinking and creating a sword? Thinking and killing people? Was there nothing after sword intent?

But why did so many people practice sword cultivation and say that sword cultivators, at high levels, were terrifying?

Lin Feng realized that he had always misunderstood something in the field of sword cultivation.

The old man saw that Lin Feng remained silent, he smiled indifferently and said, “You don’t come from a rich and prestigious family. You’ve just broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer, that’s already amazing. You probably understand some spells of the Zun Qi layer even.”

“So, if you don’t understand swords, do you understand Zun cultivators?” asked the old man.

“Zun cultivators? They can understand abstruse energies!” replied Lin Feng.

“Can Zun cultivators understand only one type of abstruse energy?”

“Of course not, some can comprehend more than that.” replied Lin Feng.

“Indeed. There can be huge differences between Zun cultivators of the same level, much larger than Tian cultivators of the same level. In what way do the differences lie? Well, some people understand several abstruse energies, first, and second. Some cultivators understand more powerful types of abstruse energies, for example, a cultivator who understands an ordinary type of abstruse energy is a lot weaker than a cultivator who understands decay abstruse energy!”

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