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PMG Chapter 1138: Conversation in the Void

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PMG Chapter 1138: Conversation in the Void

Jian Wu Bei glanced at the grave one last time. He glanced at the old man who was sweeping. Maybe to the old man, it didn’t mean anything in particular.

Jian Wu Bei also followed the others. He was surprised and sad at the same time. The only hope for the people of Jiange was a sword, that was embarrassing to admit, to say the least. Even if it was the ancestor’s sword, it was only one sword. Did the people of Jiange think that nobody could make Jiange rise up again?

When everybody left, the old man continued sweeping slowly, after that, he entered the grave again and closed the door.

Once inside the grave, he was alone again. He swept the ground a little bit more and then sat down. he looked at the empty air and said, “There’s nobody left anymore, you can come out.”

“Why would I need to?” said a voice. The old man didn’t look surprised, he knew that person.

“Why did you help him? How do you know him?” asked the old man.

“It’s not important. As long as things work out, that’s the main goal. Today, you gave him something incredible. Maybe that the sword will bring back an incredible cultivator the next time it comes back. It’s a nice thing that you helped him. Besides, you must have noticed something to let him go with the sword! That was a gamble.” said that voice. It was still difficult to know where it came from.

“I don’t gamble. Besides, the sword can’t do much here. And that little boy gave me a good impression. Besides, good things could happen to Jiange too. It’s probably better this way. I didn’t want Jiange’s people to offend someone like you.” said the old man. He was still sitting and chatting normally. He didn’t even know who he was chatting with.

“I’m off.” the Qi disappeared and the grave became normal again. The old man knew that the person had already left.

He slowly stood up again, he was crooked and looked sick. He took back his broom and continued sweeping the grave, cleaning all those old swords.

Back in Sword City, where Lin Feng and Xue Bi Yao had just fought a few days before, there were still many people, including terribly strong cultivators.

The town was bathing in dazzling lights, however, it was because of the moon. The moon wasn’t as dazzling as when Lin Feng and Baguio had battled, but it was a different kind of shine.

It was dazzling, some strong cultivators were trying to hide it, but they couldn’t manage to hide those lights completely. Those were celestial lights and it had been that way for a few days already.

A holy, celestial girl was creating those lights. She was wearing white clothes and possessed a snowy white skin.

The people from the Celestial Land of Alchemists hadn’t left yet because of her. She was called the celestial girl, but now she didn’t look as celestial and as holy as before.

“Nature pills are high quality holy pills, but they can’t have that powerful of an effect either.” whispered Xue Bi Yao. The holy celestial lights still illuminated the city, but it had been a few days since she had taken the nature pill.

“The nature pill had activated a special strength she had lingering inside her body and helped her become even stronger.” said an old man next to her. Xue Bi Yao nodded, she had the same thought.

“That special strength is incredibly powerful.” whispered Xue Bi Yao.

“Beasts and humans are different. Humans progress step by step and they become stronger gradually relying on their own natural abilities. They need to understand cultivation. For animals, it’s different, they become stronger automatically as they grow. For some animals, it’s even scarier because they can inherit incredible powers at birth. Those are the kings of the jungle so to say.” said the elder from the Celestial Land of Alchemists. He sounded slightly excited. Xue Ling Long was a snow celestial being from the snow clan, she might be the queen of the snow clan. However, in Ba Huang Province, there were no traces of the snow clan.

“Steal her.” said a young man from the Celestial Land of Alchemists greedily. Such a beautiful girl, even if she had been an ordinary animal, he would have been aroused.

“We’re not the only ones who want to steal her I think.”

Somewhere in the distance, many strong cultivators appeared who recognized Xue Ling Long. Sword City and Fortune City weren’t very far from each other, so there were many strong cultivators in the region.

If the strong cultivators from Tiantai hadn’t been protecting her, many people would have tried to kidnap her already. Her Qi was gradually becoming paler.

Time passed slowly. But then those people approached, hiding in the dark.

“Someone wants to attack.” thought the crowd.

“It looks like they have been planning this for some time now.” Tian level cultivators couldn’t do anything. The strong cultivators from Tiantai could destroy any Tian level cultivators in the blink of an eye.

“Bzzz…” many silhouettes appeared in the sky, so many that people couldn’t see the sky anymore.

“Boom!” the atmosphere shook as a gigantic hand appeared. Finally, some people had started fighting.

“Seems like my help will be needed again.” said the Sadhu. He put his palms together and a gigantic golden Buddha appeared. He said in a solemn and respectful way, “The Buddha is at the source of creation.”

In a flash, abstruse energies invaded the area.

“Redeem lost souls by making offerings and sayings prayers, release souls from suffering. Die!” said the Sadhu releasing more golden abstruse energies. His lights turned into a gigantic blade. The golden lights immediately surrounded all the low level Zun cultivators.

“Boom boom boom!” People everywhere started battling again. At the same time, in the distance, dazzling sword lights appeared. This time they had their ancestor’s sword with them, so they felt like the strongest cultivators of the region.

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