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PMG Chapter 1139: Everybody Must Die

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PMG Chapter 1139: Everybody Must Die

“Such pure and holy, celestial lights. I can’t imagine who she is?” said someone as if he had been warning everybody.

Even more people were attacking. They didn’t need anyone to tell them who the girl was, they could already guess.

Of course, they attacked because that animal clan didn’t exist in Ba Huang Province, otherwise, they wouldn’t have offended an imperial family.

According to legends, such incredible monarch-like animal families had ancient secrets and if they managed to acquire those ancient secrets, they’d become unimaginably strong.

“Capture her!” said someone in the crowd. People were going insane. People who would disrespect their strong cultivators were quite numerous.

“What a bunch of morons. If anyone gets near, I’ll destroy them.” said Qiong Qi furiously. With her beauty and social status, it was no wonder that she drew so many people’s attention.

“Slash, slash, slash…” it seemed like swords were whistling in the air. The Tian level cultivators who weren’t participating and were just watching from the distance were in ah.

Sword energies were dashing to the skies and rolling in waves. Many people who were fighting, slowed down when they saw all those sword energies.

Many strong cultivators raised their heads and gazed into the distance. They were astonished when they saw the leader of that group of swords cultivators.

Lin Feng!

Lin Feng was back, and he was alive. On top of that, behind him were incredibly strong sword cultivators. Some of them were monstrously strong, their energies could suffocate the entire crowd.

“Jiange’s people!” the crowd was surprised. Those people had to be from Jiange. Apart from Jiange, there weren’t any other groups of sword cultivators who were that strong. However, why were they following Lin Feng?

Besides, were those mysterious people who had captured Lin Feng last time from Jiange as well?

At that moment, many people were confused. What had happened after Lin Feng’s kidnapping?

Lin Feng looked different from the last time they had seen him, this time he looked as sharp as a sword. They didn’t look like a group of people, they looked like a group of swords.

Lin Feng looked at all those people in the darkness. The one who had talked a moment before seemed scared.

“Kill him!” said Lin Feng coldly. Those strong cultivators all released sword energies as dazzling as thunders and started killing those people who had come for Meng Qing. Blood suddenly splashed everywhere. Most people didn’t even have time to realize what was going on before they died.
A strong Zun Qi layer was killed by sword energies in a flash, he couldn’t even shriek. It was a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer, proving how strong and fast the newcomers were.

“How come he is giving orders to those strong cultivators from Jiange?” If they listened to Lin Feng, he would probably order them to destroy everyone.

Tiantai’s people were also surprised. Many of them started laughing though, what an incredible guy, he had managed to bring so many strong cultivators to help them!

Meng Qing opened her eyes when she sensed something. Her eyes were even more dazzling than the stars. She laughed in a sweet and radiant way when she saw Lin Feng. He was safe, so she was happy.

Xue Bi Yao saw Lin Feng too. She had lost against him at the same level last time. Now he had brought back a bunch of incredibly strong cultivators. He was quickly climbing up the hierarchy in the cultivation world.

Lin Feng glanced at the people in black clothes. His eyes revealed everything: if anyone touched Meng Qing, he’d kill them all.

“Kill everyone, don’t let a single one live.” said Lin Feng coldly. The strong cultivators from Jiange were hesitant, kill everyone?

They were all extremely strong cultivators from Jiange and they were all quite old. They were completely able to kill everyone, but what would happen if they did that? All those people had a social background, wouldn’t their groups, sects, clans and so on be furious? Wouldn’t it trigger a great war against Jiange?

At that moment, an old man from Jiange wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to call Lin Feng. It was his ancestor’s godly weapon which had turned into a human being, he was their only hope.

“Young master!” said the old man. He finally found the words.

Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at the old man, sword lights were twinkling in his eyes. “Kill!”

The old man’s mouth twitched, the sword had taken control of Lin Feng. It was unruly, aggressive, brutal.. They had no other option than to obey.

Sharp lights appeared in his eyes as he said, “Obey, our master has given us an order!”

“Kill everyone!”


Sword energies flooded the region. The crowd couldn’t handle those dazzling sword lights.

“Slash, slash…” blood splashed everywhere and a few Zun cultivators instantly died.

Many people started shaking, their hearts started racing. Jiange’s strong cultivators were calling Lin Feng “Young Master” and obeying his orders. Now he wanted everyone to die!

“Eighth Zun Qi layer, and three cultivators of the seventh Zun Qi layer!” everybody could sense those strong cultivators’ power. Those were the real heroes of Jiange, the strongest cultivators Jiange had.

Under that moonlight, blood continued to spill. Some of the strong cultivators started running away. They hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would come back with such strong cultivators and kill all of them mercilessly. How and why? Why were Jiange’s strong cultivators calling Lin Feng “Young master”?

“Don’t let any of them off, everyone has to die!” said Lin Feng coldly. People started panicking, they were scared to death.

“It seems like the sword was influenced by the body it took control of!” thought the strong cultivators from Jiange. That was the only explanation. Now that the sword had taken control of Lin Feng, it was also influenced by Lin Feng’s personality.

When the strong cultivators thought about that, they felt even more hot-blooded, they felt like heroes. They wouldn’t let anyone off now. Nobody wanted to fight them anymore.

Who would dare challenge Lin Feng after that battle!

Lin Feng was standing in the air, looking at the enemies in a cold way. Those people wanted to kill him and they wanted to kidnap Meng Qing, but they were going to die, all of them! He also needed to control the strong cultivators from Jiange with power and authority, he was Lin Feng: the godly weapon who possessed a human body!

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