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PMG Chapter 1141: Washing His Sword

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 1141: Washing His Sword

The date of the event in Fortune City wasn’t decided yet. Everything was in the Diviner’s hands. Many heroic cultivators had gathered in the four big cities around Fortune City and they couldn’t wait for the event to start.

It was said that each time the event in Fortune City took place, it revolutionized the history of the region. The Diviner was one of the most mysterious living beings in the world. He would only appear each time that event in Fortune City took place. Nobody knew who he really was, to the extent that many people didn’t even know how strong he really was.

Many people assumed that he was an emperor, but nobody knew exactly what he was. In any case, he was able to attract so many strong cultivators to gather there, that was enough to prove that he was incredible.

It was said that there was a strange vitality in Fortune City where having imperial blood or a rich family was useless. It was said that people were cut off from the rest of the world once they entered the city. And when people died in Fortune City, the outside world wouldn’t know how they died.

Back in Sword City, everything had become calm again. Nobody continued chasing Lin Feng because Jiange’s people were protecting him now.

In a palace outside of Sword City, there was a girl and boy sitting on window: the girl was incredibly beautiful and possessed a celestial Qi. She had her head resting on the young man’s shoulder, and she was smiling. They didn’t talk, they were just sitting there.

“I wish time could freeze right now.” said Meng Qing, gazing into the distance. Lin Feng and her, only the two of them sitting there in silence, staring up at the moon.

“There are so many beautiful things in life and there still so many places I want to take you. I hope we can be together and enjoy life for thousands or even dozens of thousands of years from now.” said Lin Feng. In his previous life, Lin Feng hoped he’d live to be one-hundred years old. In this new world, thanks to cultivation, people could live well beyond that. He hoped to become strong enough to protect the people he loved with that time.

“I’ll always stay with you then.” said Meng Qing smiling in a resplendent and sweet way.

“We spent some time together already, shouldn’t you go and practice cultivation already?” said Meng Qing lowering her head. She wanted to let Lin Feng practice, but at the same time she wrapped her arms around him as if she didn’t want him to go.

“Even if you’re here, I can practice cultivation!” said Lin Feng smiling. He released sword energies which dashed to the skies.

He raised his head and sharp lights appeared in his eyes. He looked at the sky as if he was trying to defy the heaven.

His sword energies shook in the air and emitted metallic sounds. The energies gradually pointed to the moon.

“Borrowing the vitality of the Earth and sky, I’ll render the lights of the moon and sky to ashes and used their remains to clean my sword!” said Lin Feng. Then, the vital Qi of the Earth and sky condensed around his sword energies and then ashes appeared and cleaned the sword which became dazzling.

Lin Feng wanted to raise his sword and in the memories from the old man, Lin Feng knew that cleaning his sword was a part of the the process.

Lin Feng didn’t understand why the old man had helped him, but he didn’t think too much about it. He knew that the old man didn’t mean him any harm, that’s all that mattered. That old man could have easily killed someone like Lin Feng, so there was no need to trick him.

“You’re cleaning your sword…” Meng Qing looked surprised and laughed. She still had her head resting on Lin Feng’s shoulder.

Some people noticed something in the sky and raised their heads. They saw a sharp and powerful sword very high in the air, and it was being cleaned by the energies of the Earth and sky.
Many people lowered their heads again and didn’t think about the sword too much. Such an incredible sword probably belonged to someone stronger than them, so it was pointless to linger on it.

However, some people were still too greedy and couldn’t help it, someone even rose up in the air next to the sword.

It was a young man who wanted to go to Fortune City, but he didn’t have a powerful weapon to do so. Now, a holy weapon appeared in the sky, so of course, this was his chance.

The young man looked hesitant, but then he released some energies towards the sword, causing it to start shaking.

“Piss off!” shouted a voice. The young man and everything around started to shake. He looked at the sword, his eyes were twinkling.

“Who are you?” asked the young man coldly.

“I told you to piss off!” the sword turned around and pointed at the young man. The young man felt rather cold now.

He turned around and left, scared to death. Someone could make a sword talk and release its own energies. He wanted nothing more to do with that.

After the young man left, the sword continue rising up in the air towards the moon.

Many people had watched the young man a moment before so nobody thought about trying to steal the sword anymore. That sword probably belonged to an extremely powerful cultivator.

There were even more geniuses in Fortune City now. Many people were just silently practicing cultivation, attempting to get stronger before the festivities started in Fortune City.

Those next few days, both every evening and every night, people would see a holy weapon flying in the sky. Some people tried to take it each night, but each time they heard the sword talk, they were scared to death and backed off. That sword belonged to an incredible sword cultivator so they didn’t dare take it. That cultivator could probably kill them without any effort and they still had to be careful before the beginning of the event.

Lin Feng practiced that technique for half a month.

Then, on that final night, a full moon appeared and in the direction of Fortune City a mist appeared as a gigantic city slowly emerged from the mist.

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