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PMG Chapter 1143: Fortune City’s Shrine

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PMG Chapter 1143: Fortune City’s Shrine

“Yan Di, be my teacher!” said Huang Fu Long laughing.

“I gave you your opportunity, but now it’s too late.” said Yan Di. Then, he saw just how disappointed Huang Fu Long was, so he said, “But, we’ll see if you’re lucky in Fortune City. What you obtain there is even more precious than anything I could give you. Of course, you first have to become stronger.”

“Eh?” Lin Feng heard their conversation and sounded surprised. What Fortune City would give them was even better than anything Qiong Qi had to offer?

“Fortune City is not only about the Diviner’s predictions. Your life will be in your own hands. Inside Fortune City, you’ll still have to rely on your own strength to define your own path.” said Yan Di in a solemn and respectful way. Lin Feng was surprised to see that even Qiong Qi respected that place so much.

“Let’s go. Once you’re inside Fortune City, you’ll hear and see things, then you’ll understand. That’s why I don’t need to tell you anything right now. I can only warn you to be careful and to be tough. You’ll have to remain determined to move on. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This time, even I will benefit from that opportunity.” explained Qiong Qi.

“Meng Qing!” Lin Feng dragged her hand and nodded at her. Then, he looked at Huang Fu Long.

“There’s a teleportation portal at the entrance of Fortune City. As soon as you set foot in there, you’ll all be teleported to different places, but if you’re strong enough, you’ll find each other again.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng seemed annoyed, “What is the fastest way to find each other?”

“Go in and you’ll see!” said Qiong Qi. He slowly rose up in the air and looked again at the ancient illusion. He then threw himself at the illusion and quickly, he disappeared from their vision.

“What a guy.” thought Lin Feng. In any case, if Qiong Qi told them that they would be able to find each other again, there should be no worries.

“Huang Fu Long, even though he’s not easy to get along with, he knows a lot. Don’t miss any opportunities when you’re around him.” said Lin Feng. Huang Fu Long nodded.

“I know, I won’t distract you any longer.” said Huang Fu Long scratching his head. Then he turned around and entered Fortune City.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing glanced at each other and walked towards the illusion together.

“Meng Qing, once we’re in Fortune City, the first thing I’ll do is look for you.” said Lin Feng, standing just outside the illusion.

But Meng Qing shook her head and said, “Nah, do your own things. I’ll come and find you instead.”

Lin Feng looked at her in a gentle way, nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll wait for you!”

Then, they entered Fortune City and energies instantly surrounded them.

Lin Feng felt like he was going to faint from being so dizzy. He reached out his hand to grab Meng Qing’s, but they were already separated. As he was entering Fortune City, some memories appeared in his brain.

“Fate seeds can be exchanged against anything!” whispered Lin Feng. At that moment, inside his third eye, red things appeared. They each contained memories and there were five red seeds in total.

He had broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer so when he entered Fortune City, he had received five of these fate seeds.

“What is this place? Who is the master here? How strong is the Diviner?” whispered Lin Feng. In his brain, some more things appeared and they were all related to fate. Once inside Fortune City, he was going to understand his destiny and become stronger. At the shrine of Fortune City, if he was lucky enough, he would obtain everything he wanted.

Lin Feng glanced around the ancient town he had appeared in. He didn’t feel like he was in an illusion, it really did look like an ancient town.

Fortune City seems to be incredibly vast. Lin Feng thought about what Qiong Qi had told him. Apart from the people from Ba Huang Province, were there geniuses from other places?

“This place is similar to where the first part of the Great Competition of Xue Yu took place. It’s just that Shen Gong was far from being that developed and skilled. Perhaps they had imitated Fortune City?” whispered Lin Feng.

However, the Great Competition of Xue Yu was only a small event, it couldn’t be compared to this event in Fortune City. Even great emperors didn’t understand Fortune City’s event properly. Maybe people from everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds were there.

Lin Feng could see a lofty building, taller than all the other buildings.

“Fortune City’s Shrine can give me anything I want and Qiong Qi told me that I had to remain determined and tough in here!” That meant that Lin Feng had to be willing to take risks, he couldn’t go through this half-heartedly.

“Slash, slash…” some sounds were heard and Lin Feng looked surprised.

Lin Feng immediately disappeared as a shadow appeared. The shadow immediately hid under the shade of a building.

Someone arrived where Lin Feng was before and glanced around, then that person frowned.

“I sensed some Qi!” said that person to themselves. That person opened their third eye: there were six dots which meant that that person had broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer. It also meant that they hadn’t started hunting other people’s destinies yet.

“Eh?” He turned around and looked at Lin Feng’s direction.

He rose up in the air, very slowly and vigilantly. They were in Fortune City, so nobody would know if they died in there.

He took a few steps forward and released some Qi. Then, he abruptly rose up in the sky and disappeared. Lin Feng was surprised, he hadn’t tried to hide when he first got there, nor was he as vigilant as that guy.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng ran quickly while creating a whirlwind behind him. He quickly arrived at the entrance of Fortune City’s Shrine.

The Shrine was open to everyone, but they had to pay with fate seeds to enter.

Lin Feng didn’t hesitate and entered the shrine. Immediately after, one of his fate seeds disappeared from his forehead.

Once inside, apart from an old man, there was nobody else there.

“Master, I have a question!” said Lin Feng bowing in front of the old man.

“Twenty fate gems.” replied the old man indifferently and expressionlessly. Each seed was worth ten fate gems, so Lin Feng had just spent ten fate gems to enter the shrine. Now, just to ask a question, he had to pay twenty!

“What is the best thing we can trade in the shrine?”

“You can get anything you want in this shrine if you have enough fate seeds. People of different levels can get different things. Some people need skills and techniques, while others need an ice blade. There isn’t anything which can described as the best thing.”

Lin Feng remained silent and asked, “Can I exchange seeds for more time?”

“That’s your second question.” said the old man. Lin Feng only had twenty gems left.

“Alright, my second question is: I need a hundred days of time and I need those hundred days to act as if time hadn’t passed in the outside world. How much would I need to pay for that?”

“Ten thousand gems!” replied the old man calmly. Ten thousand gems, that was a hundred a day, but it also proved that he could buy himself time inside the shrine!

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