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PMG Chapter 1144: Seed Hunting

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 1144: Seed Hunting
“How expensive. I must remain tough and determined!” Lin Feng left the shrine and thought about Qiong Qi’s words. If he had enough seeds, he might even be able to buy cultivation levels. But buying cultivation levels, if possible, was probably extremely expensive.

“I wonder where Meng Qing is.” thought Lin Feng. Meng Qing had said she‘d find him so he didn’t need to look for her. He couldn’t ask anyways because he had no more gems.

“Lin Feng, don’t wait for me, practice cultivation. I’ll help you find seeds!” said a voice at that moment. Lin Feng turned around, that was Meng Qing’s voice.

He smiled wryly, he was speechless. He then whispered, “Why? I don’t believe you.”

Lin Feng didn’t believe that Meng Qing didn’t want to stay with him all the time so why would she go and find fate seeds without him?

“You should take care of yourself first!” said Lin Feng. Meng Qing was strong, so as long as she didn’t encounter monster-like cultivators, she had nothing to fear.

After leaving the shrine, Lin Feng’s third eye looked pale having lost all of his seeds.

What Lin Feng didn’t know was that somewhere else, there was a guy who had spent all his fate seeds even faster than him. That guy had exchanged all his fate seeds to teleport once to the most crowded place. He hid for a while there and then he came out and trampled the ground loudly.

He drew many people’s attention, particularly because he was a beast. He was very famous after all, it was the wild beast: Qiong Qi. People dreamt of capturing him and taming him. Therefore, many strong cultivators attacked.

Once everybody started chasing him, he ran to another place and hid. Then, everybody started fighting to steal each other’s seeds. After that, a beam of light illuminated the area and enveloped everybody inside. In a flash, all their seeds appeared in Qiong Qi’s third eye. After getting so many fate seeds, Qiong Qi went back to the shrine, getting ready to spend them and teleport somewhere else.

If Lin Feng knew that Qiong Qi had obtained so many fate seeds that way, he would teleport to Qiong Qi and ask him for some fate seeds as well.

“Bzzz…” at that moment, Lin Feng sensed some teleportation energies. Then, he saw a shadow appear on the ground.

“Hunter of darkness!” thought Lin Feng. He shouted furiously, “Die!”

Sword lights came out from his mouth, seemingly capable of destroying anything. Lin Feng’s level eight sword intent was terrifying. Blood appeared as Lin Feng saw the shadow trying to run away.

“Stay here!” said Lin Feng coldly. He was already extremely fast: his wind intet was level six, coupled with his Xiao Yao agility technique. He took out his Tian Ji Sword and attacked his opponent again. Blood splashed as his opponent’s fate seeds appeared in his third eye.

“How… fast!”

The cultivator with the shadow spirit appeared and fell down, dead. He had broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer and had sixty fate gems already. But now, they belonged to Lin Feng.

“I’ll kill any Hunter of the darkness I encounter!” said Lin Feng coldly. He didn’t have to kill people in Fortune City to obtain seeds. He just had to defeat them. However, Lin Feng would kill anyone who tried to kill him. There were some people Lin Feng would kill automatically if he encountered them, for example: the Hunters of darkness, the assassins from the Imperial Assassin Union, people from the Celestial Land of Alchemists and people from Tian Long Divine Castle.”

The area was vast and flat around the shrine so it wasn’t great for hiding. However, it was a good place to obtain fate seeds. People who had a lot of fate seeds would go to the shrine to spend them. The Hunter of the darkness had that same idea, that’s why he wanted to wait there.

“What is the best method to obtain as many fate seeds as possible in the shortest time as possible?” thought Lin Feng. There were many people in Fortune City right now. Even in Sword City, there were so many cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. Lin Feng needed to obtain fate seeds quickly if he didn’t want to miss out on any opportunities.

Unfortunately, practicing cultivation was difficult. If he had a high cultivation level he could have run around and taken all the fate seeds he wanted. But with his current strength, that was too difficult. There were many people who were stronger than him, so he had to fight people one by one to take their fate seeds. Ten thousand fate seeds was a terrifying number, he would need to fight a lot of people..

Lin Feng ran to a building and jumped to its top. Lin Feng unsheathed his Tian Ji Sword and allowed it to rise up in the air.

He used his sword to look around. He could see very far away with that skill.

“So many people!” whispered Lin Feng. Lin Feng released his silver wings and his shadow spirits at the same time. Then, he abruptly rose up in the air and started moving.

“Bzzz bzzz!” Two people rose up in the air to grab his Tian Ji Sword.

“Surprisingly, someone left a holy weapon there, I’ll take it!” said one of them coldly. He put his hand on the sword and released his godly awareness. He wanted to put his godly awareness inside the sword and take control of it.

“Eh?” But very quickly he frowned, that holy weapon wasn’t normal. There were no openings that he could find to allow his godly awareness to enter the sword.

“It seems like I can’t control it.” said the first one. The next guy did the same thing as the one before him and grabbed the holy weapon.

“Bzzz… bzzz… bzzz…”  The Tian Ji Sword was now shaking, it seemed like it was going to submit to him. But once those two started smiling, a terrifying voice appeared, “Soul Sword Fusion!”

“Slash, slash…” two dazzling lights appeared and entered those two’s third eyes.

“Ah!” they both gave a horrible shriek at the same time. Their godly awareness had been attacked and their souls were greatly damaged.

“Fate seeds, come to me!” said a cold voice. They both sensed a gigantic hand moving towards their third eyes this time, and it contained a terrifying sealing strength.

Lin Feng knew the Million sword fusion, then the Human sword fusion and now the Soul Sword Fusion. He could already be considered an accomplished sword cultivator.

They both looked at Lin Feng furiously, their souls were hurt badly. A cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer had surprisingly fooled them. They had each broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer and one of them already had 110 gems, the other one had 70 gems, and Lin Feng had taken them all.

Lin Feng’s fate seeds condensed and turned orange. He now had 240 gems, but in his third eye, he saw two orange dots and four red dots.

“Eh?” Lin Feng sensed that his vitality was becoming even stronger. Did those seeds have special powers?

“I’m off!” said Lin Feng waving at those two people. Then, he left. His Tian Ji Sword was still floating in the sky. Lin Feng continued to use it as a bait. Strong people would want to get it, but what they didn’t know was that the sword could attack on its own. They just had to grab the sword and then they would have to submit to its attack. Only people who possessed an incredibly godly awareness or special abilities could withstand that surprised attack.

After an hour, Lin Feng had already obtained five hundred gems. During that time, some people had chased him, and he escaped or he would fight them and win.

Half a day after, Lin Feng already had 1,500 gems. Now they had turned yellow and they contained an incredible strength. Lin Feng’s Qi had become even more powerful with them. He was now convinced that those seeds could help people become stronger.

Fortune City was extremely vast. In Lin Feng’s eyes, the city was getting even more mysterious. But, all he knew now was that if he got lucky, he would be able to achieve anything.

“I’m too slow. I need to find seeds faster.” thought Lin Feng. After half a day, he had already obtained 1,500 gems, but it wasn’t enough… If other people had heard him, they would have been furious.

But even then, there were some extremely strong people who had managed to steal even more seeds than Lin Feng. Amongst them, there was an animal whose fate seeds were green. That meant he had already obtained 10,000 fate seeds or more!

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    Does the author retarded or something? Huang Fu Long went in to the fortune city. so he must be by himself, if we think of it logically he would be dead already, he is too weak. Even if you find an excuse that he has a holy weapon, it must not be of the high grade(since high grade holy weapon on the level of emperors sub weapon). At most its only allowed you to jump 2 layer to fight. And if you think he is a genius so he can fight higher layer cultivator, so what? There are many geniuses too and even some of them have holy weapon too. And I don’t think he is an ultimate genius, moreover he don’t have time or place to practice recently. Its really denying the concept of genius. Its just looked like ‘if you close to the mc you will always lucky, no danger can threaten your life and you don’t have to worry about your power growth. Even if you don’t struggle your power level will follow the mc progress’ like wtf.

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