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PMG Chapter 1145: Terrifying Number

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 1145: Terrifying Number

After three days, Lin Feng’s fate seeds had turned green. His third eye was diffusing dazzling green lights from them. He could sense the vitality from the seeds and had noticed that his blood was becoming stronger too.

“I wonder if I can take these incredible seeds out of Fortune City.” thought Lin Feng. If he could take them with him, then he would use them to continually empower his strength.

Something annoyed Lin Feng though. Because the seeds were too powerful, his Qi was becoming too thick. He couldn’t use his shadow spirit anymore, even while hiding, people could still clearly and distinctly sense his presence.

“10,000 fate seeds, I must have that many now.” thought Lin Feng. He decided that this would be a good to go to the shrine, so he entered it. It was the same as before, the old man was still there. Lin Feng still didn’t understand what they had to do there though. It was a riddle to him.

“What do you need?” asked the old man glancing at Lin Feng’s third eye, he didn’t look surprised.

“I need to fix this weapon.” said Lin Feng handing over his bow. Fixing a holy weapon was a lot easier than making one so 10,000 gems had to be enough.

“It’s not that damaged, there’s only one crack mark, but because it’s a high level holy weapon, it’ll be 10,000 gems.” said the old man indifferently. Lin Feng then handed them over without saying anything.

The old man put his hands on the bow and in a flash, dazzling lights appeared on it. He didn’t release any Qi, but in a flash, the bow started emitting buzzing sounds.

“Take it.” said the old man. At the same time, almost all of Lin Feng’s gems disappeared. Now he only had forty left. The incredible strength Lin Feng had sensed before disappeared with them.

“Master, since I can exchange seeds for weapons, can I also exchange weapons for seeds?” asked Lin Feng.

“You can.” replied the old man. Twenty gems disappeared from Lin Feng’s third eye again.

“Can I redeem my holy weapons at the same price?” asked Lin Feng.

“You can.” the old man wasn’t very talkative. Now, Lin Feng had no gems left, but Lin Feng smiled indifferently. The shrine was such a nice place!

“Master, I want to exchange that weapon.” said Lin Feng taking out the bow again. He didn’t even ask what the price was.

The old man took the bow and dazzling blue fate seeds appeared in Lin Feng’s third eye.

The bow was worth a million gems which meant that to get the bow back, people had to defeat hundreds of thousands of cultivators. No wonder Lin Feng had to pay 10,000 gems to fix just that one crack.

Lin Feng smiled and took out a bunch of broken holy weapons, more than a dozen.

“Master, I want them all fixed.” said Lin Feng smiling in a resplendent way. Initially, he had thought he’d need a strong weapon manufacturer to fix his weapons, but it would have been extremely expensive. Everything was possible in Fortune City, though! 10,000 gems to fix the bow, that was a real bargain! He had even obtained a million gems in exchange for the bow, which he could take back later.

“You’re very smart.” said the old man smiling indifferently. He then started fixing all the weapons. There were 27 weapons in total. Lin Feng had spent 80,000 gems to fix them all.

He kept 10 weapons with him: Two defensive weapons, a seven-colored Taoist robe made of feathers and an armor. The seven-colored Taoist robe made of feathers was, apart from the bow, the only high-quality holy weapon he had and he was keeping it to give to Meng Qing. The armor was a low level holy weapon that he was keeping for himself. He also kept the halberd which he had already used before. It was a medium-level holy weapon and was extremely powerful. He also kept some others with him just in case. Then, he gave up the other 17 weapons to the shrine without hesitation.

Lin Feng now had 1,300,000 gems because most weapons he traded were low level. He also had a few medium-level holy weapons, but they weren’t nearly as expensive as the high level weapons. High level weapons were a hundred times more expensive than the low level ones.

“I want the bow back.” said Lin Feng to the old man. He took his bow back and now he only had 300,000 gems left. That was enough, though. Apart from the bow, he had 10 other weapons, including a holy weapon.

He could sense an incredible vitality inside his body again. Even if people attacked him, they wouldn’t be able to kill him now. There was probably nobody else who had that many gems. Lin Feng wouldn’t have thought that the broken weapons he found in the small world would be so useful in Fortune City.

“Anything else?” said the old man when he saw that Lin Feng wasn’t leaving.

“I want 100 days and a very peaceful, calm atmosphere. I need a place filled with a very powerful vitality from the Earth and sky.” requested Lin Feng.

“Transmit your thoughts into my head.” said the old man. Lin Feng nodded and imagined the place of his dreams, then he turned it into a memory and transmitted it to the old man’s brain through his third eye.

“A hundred days for 10,000 gems, a calm place with an incredible vitality from the Earth and the sky, 40,000 gems: that’s a total of 50,000 gems.”

“Deal!” said Lin Feng nodding. The old man started performing hand seals. In a flash, Lin Feng’s body disappeared and he appeared at the top of a mountain. It was an incredible place with dazzling stars. There was a gigantic and dazzling moon above him. That was the place of his dreams.

“The old man from the shrine is incredible!” thought Lin Feng. At that moment, he had 250,000 gems left since he had just spent 50,000 of them. So, his vitality was still incredible. His fate seeds made him feel even more alive.

He took out his Tian Ji Sword and his bow. He allowed his Tian Ji Sword to rise up in the air and kept the bow in his hands. He continued cleaning his sword with the vitality from the Earth and sky. At that moment, his sword’s soul was still like similar to an embryo.

Dazzling lights shined down on his Tian Ji Sword.

“50,000 gems, that’s a lot. If I didn’t have so many weapons, I would have needed a long time to get them all. But, now I will be able to stay in here for a hundred more days than everyone else. That was definitely worth it.” whispered Lin Feng. In a hundred days, he would be able to get some more fate seeds again.

With his soul, he could make his Tian Ji Sword come to life and then raise it. Lin Feng had also started using his bow, it was a high-quality holy weapon which he could kill many people at once with. If he managed to use it properly, he would become a slaughtering machine. It was a bit like his demonic sword in that he could use it to defeat Zun cultivators. Though the bow didn’t have the demonic sword’s evil temper, so there wasn’t much of a difference between them!

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