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PMG Chapter 1147: I Must Kill You

PMG Chapter 1147: I Must Kill You
“Kacha!” Gu Xiao’s illusion-like black dragon arms cracked under Lin Feng’s scorching-hot sun energies, and then turned to ashes. Gu Xiao looked furious, just now realizing how incredible Lin Feng’s arrows were. Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer, but with that holy weapon, he was pressuring them.

“Dragon Imprint!” shouted Gu Xiao furiously. He rotated his hands and a dragon illusion appeared. It then began to grow larger.

“Boom!” the dragon was terrifying, but as before, Lin Feng’s arrows easily destroyed it. Gu Xiao was propelled backwards and groaned. However, he continued weaving hand-signs and his golden bell moved towards Lin Feng.

“Piss off!” Lin Feng took out his halberd and attacked the golden bell. A very loud metallic sound was heard as they collided. The golden bell broke and flew away. The sounds were unbearable and the energies made the ground crack. Lin Feng then continued running forwards.

“Another holy weapon!” Gu Xiao’s heart twitched. No wonder Lin Feng had been able to make a bet with the Celestial Land of Alchemists. According to the rumors, Lin Feng had put his precious treasures at stake. It seemed like the rumors were true, he did have several holy weapons!

He had a terrifying halberd, a bow with scorching hot arrows…

“Back!” shouted Long Teng while he was transforming. Dragon scales continued appearing on his body. Dragon skin, dragon scales, he looked like he was going to become a dragon. On top of that, a dragon-like armor appeared around him.

“Break!” shouted Long Teng furiously. He suddenly punched the air. His gigantic arm flickered as he grabbed the arrow. He was also using a holy weapon, a dragon armor.

Lin Feng didn’t seem to be affected. He just continued shooting arrows, one after the other. Each of them contained scorching-hot sun energies.

“It’s useless. I’ve had this dragon armor for a year, it’s now a part of my flesh. Even though you’re using a high-level holy weapon, you can’t destroy my armor. Just give it to me!” Long Teng jumped forwards.

Tian Long Divine Castle’s dragon skills and techniques had an explosive power. When they roared, Lin Feng felt like he could hear real dragons roaring.

Lin Feng rose up in the air and continued shooting arrows, but the dragon continued breaking them.

“You can’t escape!” said Long Teng. His arm was like Gu Xiao’s a moment before, but his Qi was a lot stronger than Gu Xiao’s dragon claws.

A strong wind surrounded Lin Feng. He opened his silver wings and rose up higher in the air, avoiding the dragon claws. At the same time, he stretched out his hand and condensed more sun energies, and pure sun Qi flames roared in his hand. He then condensed them into an arrow.

Lin Feng was using a terrifying amount of pure Qi at that moment. Finally, he shot it at Long Teng.

“Sunset!” said Lin Feng. His arrow descended from the sky like the sun during sunset.

Lin Feng’s arrow turned into a fire dragon annihilating everything in its path.

Long Teng jumped backwards, however, Lin Feng’s had almost reached Long Teng already, he couldn’t escape it.

After shooting that arrow, Lin Feng ignored Long Teng and used his fastest speed to throw himself at one of the cultivators of the seventh Tian Qi layer.

Silver wings, level six wind intent, Xiao Yao agility technique… Those three things together made him unparalleled in speed.

“Roar!” that guy looked furious.

“Die!” Lin Feng had his halberd in-hand and incredibly destructive energies were emanating from it. Lin Feng didn’t use too much strength, but his opponent’s head exploded from the attack. Lin Feng instantly obtained the guy’s gems.

However, at the same time, a terrifying Qi appeared from behind Lin Feng. The other cultivator of the seventh Tian Qi layer wanted to take this opportunity to crush Lin Feng with his dragon claws.

“Slash!” Dazzling lights appeared. Lin Feng moved away as a dazzling sword appeared from his body. However, even with his sword, it was still difficult for Lin Feng to move. The other cultivator had the time to turn into a dragon already, so he was a lot stronger.

“Soul kill!” said Lin Feng. His Tian Ji Sword appeared and shined. Then, it shot-out straight towards his enemy’s third eye. At the same time, Lin Feng did a 360° and attacked with his halberd. He cut open his enemy’s skull and obtained his gems too.

Gu Xiao looked back at Lin Feng in a cold way. He was running towards Lin Feng now, Lin Feng was too fast.

“Thank you for remembering me. Gu Xiao, the next time we meet, I’ll make sure you die.” said Lin Feng coldly. Long Teng and Gu Xiao were extremely strong, having broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer and possessing holy weapons. Especially Long Teng with his dragon body and his holy weapon: a dragon armor. Lin Feng had to run away.

Gu Xiao looked at Lin Feng with hatred. What Lin Feng meant to say was that he was going to make him teleport to him. With all his holy weapons, Lin Feng posed an actual threat to him. If Lin Feng broke through to the next Tian Qi layer, he would be able to kill him easily.

Four cultivators had attacked Lin Feng and Lin Feng had left after killing two of them.

“You think you can leave?” said Long Teng, rising up in the air and flying towards Lin Feng. He used an ancient dragon skill where he opened his mouth and roared, “Come back…”

Behind Long Teng, a dragon appeared and fused together with him. It opened its mouth and started absorbing Qi. A terrifying strength appeared and quickly surrounded Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and attracted the strength of the sun to shoot an arrow towards the dragon mouth.

“Roar roar roar!” the dragon roared. The arrows continued colliding with that strength, but when got anywhere close to the dragon mouth, they were destroyed.

The dragon was extremely powerful and with Long Teng’s strength, it was extremely difficult to defeat him.

“Dragon constriction!” shouted Long Teng furiously. In a flash, the dragon-like illusion turned into several dragons who all bared their fangs and surrounded Lin Feng.

“Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique!” said Lin Feng. He was instantly inside a snowy tunnel and wasn’t affected by the constrictive dragon energies anymore.

His Tian Ji Sword appeared under Lin Feng, as he surfed across the sky on it. He quickly disappeared from Gu Xiao and Long Teng’s vision.

“Long Teng, Gu Xiao, wait for me. I’ll kill you soon.” said a cold voice in the distance.

Long Teng angrily watched as Lin Feng’s silhouette disappeared, but Gu Xiao was scared. Lin Feng had incredible sword skills and techniques, as well as several holy weapons. He had even defeated Xue Bi Yao the other day. At the same level, it seemed like nobody could compete with him.

Besides, Lin Feng’s sword had changed since he last saw it. Had he learnt something special in Jiange?

“I must kill you!” thought Long Teng coldly. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had managed to escape from him with more than 200,000 gems.

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  1. Belkar April 1, 2018 at 10:01 pm - Reply

    Thank you!

  2. Mech April 2, 2018 at 4:44 am - Reply

    The 360 should be a 180 as the enemy is behind him unless Lin Feng is cultivating to be a MLG master lol. By the way, do you have a proofreader?

    • OddManOut April 2, 2018 at 6:11 am - Reply

      You’re not the first to ask. We assuredly need one, but there’s been no time. Usually, I post the chapters as soon as I finish editing them. If I were to wait for a proofreader, I might end up even later on some posts. So, I’m waiting to get one until we have enough chapters saved up so that I’m not immediately posting my edits! (Hope that makes sense, I’ve been editing all day and am rather tired). Good catch on the 180, I’ll go look at it.

      • Mech April 2, 2018 at 6:47 pm - Reply

        That’s understandable, thanks for your time.

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      God i laughed so hard at MLG master. Our boy has broken through to MLG Qi Layer!

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    Does anyone else remember Lin Feng’s set of sword skills he created? I think even the Author forgot.

    • Ezura December 4, 2018 at 8:16 pm - Reply

      I think he just used the principal of one on his arrow, the sunset one I believe?

  4. iiyo May 20, 2019 at 6:58 am - Reply

    He didn’t absorbed Xuan Yuan yet

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