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PMG Chapter 1149: Hurricane

PMG Chapter 1149: Hurricane

Lin Feng’s facial expression looked ice-cold. He continued surfing on his Tian Ji sword and strong cultivators continued  to teleport to him. Lin Feng killed those who were too weak and took their fate seeds. He was surprised to see so many weak cultivators wanting to attack him.

In a short time, three blue-green fate seeds appeared in Lin Feng’s third eye. He felt extremely strong as his Qi was dashing to the skies. He already possessed 300,000 gems.

“Bzzz!” Another cultivator appeared and that person possessed a bestial Qi. Lin Feng continued surfing on his sword, ignoring that person. He couldn’t afford to stop, otherwise, he would quickly be outnumbered. He had to find his friend

“Stop!” said someone aggressively. Purple lightning appeared and froze the atmosphere. The energies oppressed Lin Feng’s body. He would get electrocuted if those energies reached him.

“Slash, slash, Kaboom…” dazzling purple lights shook they sky, even distorting it. Lin Feng turned around and looked at that person. He was wearing purple clothes, had animal-like hair, a long mouth, and was surrounded by dust. That person also had wings which were a dark-purple color.

Obstinate and unruly! What a powerful bestial Qi!

Lin Feng sensed those bestial energies and noticed that the cultivator had the eyes of a great roc.

“Give me your fate seeds and holy weapons. I won’t kill you if you’re willing to cooperate.” said the cultivator with the absurd bestial Qi. He had the strength of the eighth Tian Qi layer, but he was a Tian level beast.

Lin Feng took out his bow and condensed pure sun Qi into his arrows. Then he started shooting them at his opponent.

“You dare confront me? Die!” said the animal. He opened his mouth and spat out lightning which emitted thunderous sounds. Purple lightning filled the sky.

“Boom!” It was a clash of elements as lightning and thunder energies confronted the celestial, scorching hot fire. Lin Feng’s arrows were sharp and could pierce almost anything, but so could his enemy’s lightning. However, the thunder could also corrode Lin Feng’s scorching hot energies. Lin Feng’s opponent spat out lightning again and finally, the arrows disappeared into ashes.

“Lightning has an explosive power, they’re the symbol of destruction after all.” thought Lin Feng. He continued condensing pure Qi into his arrows and shooting them at his enemy.

“Thunderblast, die!” shouted Lin Feng’s enemy furiously. His thunders condensed into an incredibly destructive thunderbolt which shot straight towards Lin Feng. His purple clothes fluttered in the wind, seemingly charged with electricity.

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. He shook his hand and cast his Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique spell. This battle was too difficult.

“Kacha, kaboom…” Lin Feng crossed avoided the attack, leaving the young man in purple clothes shocked. Surprisingly, Lin Feng could cast illusion spells which his lightning couldn’t destroy it.

“You can’t escape!” said the young man coldly. Immediately, golden lights appeared in his purple thunderbolts. They turned into an electric fog swept the sky, far and wide.

“Boom boom!” The sky continued to emit crackling sounds and it even trembled under those terrifying energies which were chasing Lin Feng.

“Piss off!” Lin Feng took hold of his halberd and attacked his enemy’s energies. A terrifying energy quickly surrounded Lin Feng, and at the same time, the purple lightning assaulted the halberd and Lin Feng’s body. It was only the tail-end of the lightning, so it couldn’t hurt Lin Feng.

“A golden strength!” thought Lin Feng as he sensed the energies within. Those lights contained five different sorts of energies: lead, ice, thunder, gold energies, and gold intent. That was a terrifying attack. Even Lin Feng’s illusion spell had been broken from it. That cultivator could probably compete with Zun cultivators with that strength.

Ba Huang Province was gigantic and thus, there were many geniuses. Some of the young cultivators were beasts who were brutally strong, apparently.

“Bzzz… bzzz…” more people surrounded Lin Feng now. While he was fighting, some more people had teleported to him. They all had greed in their eyes for Lin Feng had three blue-green fate seeds and several holy weapons: a halberd, a bow and a sword.

The thunder cultivator looked at those people and said, “He’s mine. Nobody else can attack him.”

“Thunder beast, if you manage to capture him, please do so.” said someone in an indifferent tone, they were wearing white clothes.
“Blue-green fate seeds, and three of them! I wouldn’t have thought that someone could be so strong.” sad someone who was wearing fine clothes. His Qi radiated celestial energies. There was a golden eagle pattern on his clothes surrounded by a sun. At that moment, golden lights surrounded that person and it seemed like he was absorbing the strength of sun.

Lin Feng glanced at those people. He had seen the young man in white clothes before when Jian Wu Bei had invited them to Jiange. In his third eye, there was a green fate seed with eight marks, that meant that he hadn’t used any of his gems yet.

The one in fine clothes had a green fate seed in his third eye, but he had nine marks.

Concerning the one who practiced thunder cultivation, he also had a green fate seed but with only one mark, which meant that he had more than 100,000 gems. All those people were incredibly strong..

Lin Feng had obtained so many gems because he had exchanged them with holy weapons. He had only managed to steal 50-60,000 gems relying on his own abilities.

Those people weren’t afraid of Lin Feng, but they were scared of each other. They were convinced that, very soon, someone would obtain Lin Feng’s treasures and then an even larger fight would break out. The ultimate winner would end up with more than a million gems, then he would be able to go back to the shrine and obtain whatever he wanted.

Lin Feng didn’t do anything. He knew that he was serious danger. If he tried anything fishy, those strong cultivators could kill him in the blink of an eye.

Luckily, while those people were thinking of what to do, even more people arrived. Xue Bi Yao had 60,000 gems, not because she wasn’t as strong as those people, but because everybody had their own methods of getting fate seeds. Some people were incredibly efficient though, for example Qiong Qi, but where was he though? He had even more gems than Lin Feng!

When Xue Bi Yao saw that Lin Feng was surrounded by those strong cultivators, a strange expression appeared on her face. Lin Feng had 300,000 gems and several holy weapons. But in the end, it had nothing to do with her after all. She just didn’t want Lin Feng to die so soon. On the inside, she hoped he’d become stronger and that they would have another opportunity to exchange views on cultivation!

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