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PMG Chapter 1154: If You Want to Kill Me, I’ll Kill You!

PMG Chapter 1154: If You Want to Kill Me, I’ll Kill You!

In the distance, the crowd looked at Lin Feng raising his bow and their facial muscles twitched. Did he want to steal their fate seeds after all of that?

Yuan Fei looked surprised and then smiled. He struck the ground with his wooden stick and jumped forwards. Kacha sounds spread resonated in the distance as a gigantic canyon appeared. The crowd in the distance sensed that strength moving towards them.

“You’re all worthless insects, I’ll give you ten seconds to hand over your fate seeds, and if you don’t, don’t blame me for acting violently.” shouted Yuan Fei. His voice echoed in the distance and made the crowd shake.

They only had ten seconds.

“Bzzz…” some people’s silhouettes flickered as they tried to escape. Dazzling swords moved towards them and explosion sounded. They weren’t like the thunderbird or Long Teng, they couldn’t resist Lin Feng’s sunset bow. One person already died.

“Seven seconds.” said Lin Feng. The fate seeds of the person who had just died appeared in Lin Feng’s third eye. He was merciless, but that was the law of the jungle. Some people had decided to teleport themselves to Lin Feng, so now, they were going to pay the price for it with their fate seeds.

Some people’s faces turned deathly pale. Lin Feng raised his bow again and Yuan Fei was slowly rising up in the air. Some people decided to give their fate seeds to Lin Feng without resisting.

“Three more seconds.” said Lin Feng. Their hearts started racing as they took out their fate seeds as well. Then, their fate seeds quickly began to gather in Lin Feng’s third eye. Lin Feng now had 550,000 gems. All those people who had come to take his fate seeds already had a lot, all those people together held more than 200,000 gems.

Five green-blue lights appeared in Lin Feng’s third eye. Lin Feng sensed those energies which began to strengthen his physical body.

“The animal was right, if I manage to get blue seeds, my physical body will start changing. If I manage to get purple seeds, I might even be able to resist against those thunderbird’s energies.” thought Lin Feng. He suddenly had many ideas. But in any case, he needed fate seeds.

“Piss off!” said Lin Feng to all those people who had handed over their fate seeds. Then he put his flag away and the crowd looked at him coldly before leaving.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance. He wanted to see if he could find the Watcher, but there was nobody there.

“Thank you!” said Lin Feng smiling at Yuan Fei. One would know who their true friends were in two kinds of circumstances: when in trouble, and when in need of something. Fate seeds were important to everyone in Fortune City but Yuan Fei didn’t ask Lin Feng for any of them. He gave them all to Lin Feng.

“Why the hell did you thank me. You need fate seeds more than I do, take mine too!” said Yuan Fei. He had 70,000 gems himself.

“No need.” said Lin Feng shaking his head. Even though Yuan Fei was the Great Ape Emperor’s grandson and had access to many incredible treasures, there were things which were priceless in Fortune City. He couldn’t give up his fate seeds.

“I need to kill some people, can you help me?” said Lin Feng. Yuan Fei thought for a few seconds and said, “Let’s go to the shrine.”

“Meng Qing!” Lin Feng didn’t need to say much to Meng Qing, he just had to look at her or smile at her and she understood what he intended. The three of them left, they had no time to look for the Watcher. Who knew when the Diviner would interrupt them? Lin Feng guessed that Fortune City was a small world, a terrifying one at that. Maybe terrifyingly strong cultivators controlled Fortune City, according to Qiong Qi’s hypothesis, nobody could imagine how terrifying that place truly was.

Those three flew quickly and soon arrived at the shrine, then entering it. When the old man saw Lin Feng, he immediately said, “Someone is looking for you.”

He shook his hand and Lin Feng disappeared.

When Lin Feng reappeared, he saw someone he knew. His body was dazzling and that person was smiling coldly.

“You’re fast.” said Lin Feng. Since Long Teng had made him teleport once, he knew that other people would do the same to him.

Because of those people, Lin Feng wouldn’t have any opportunities to use the shrine.

“If I weren’t quick, how would I be able to take your fate seeds.” said his interlocutor smiling in a cold and detached way.

“I said it earlier, I’ll kill anyone who dares attack me. Apart from the thunderbird, you’re the only one who had attacked me before.” said Lin Feng. That person was the golden crow, the thunderbird who had asked him to join hands to fight Lin Feng.

“You’re not a bad fighter, but your cultivation level is too low!” said Jin Xing releasing dazzling golden flames.

Two beams of light appeared, making Jin Xing frown. Those people were Yuan Fei and a beautiful girl who had arrived at the same time.

“You were prepared.” said Jin Xing staring to Lin Feng coldly. Then, he threw himself at Lin Feng and turned into a golden crow.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng moved back and took out his halberd. This time, he didn’t use his sunset bow because he was too close to Jin Xing.

Snowflakes appeared as Meng Qing disappeared and a piercingly-cold energy invaded the space.

At the same time, Yuan Fei released his own terrifying energies. Jin Xing frowned, he knew he was in trouble now.

“I’m off!” said Jin Xing. He turned around, rose up in the air and started to run away. Lin Feng smiled in an cold way, he was definitely going to kill him.

“Seal!” said Meng Qing. At that moment, a holy, celestial Qi surrounded Jin Xing’s body. Meng Qing appeared in front of him and sealed the space around him with ice.

“Boom boom!” Jin Xing wanted to break the ice, but the ice layer was too thick. His body had also started to freeze.

“Brother, sister, move aside!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. His wooden stick fell down from the sky leaving a black trail behind it as it moved towards Jin Xing.

“Godly Crow Flames!” shouted Jin Xing furiously. Golden flames appeared as he turned into a crow god, bathing in flames. His flames sufficed to make the ice melt. However, the gigantic wooden stick struck him and broke several of his bones.

“I told you not to bully my brother and sister, Jin Xing. In Fortune City, nobody will care about your death. Let’s have some roasted crow for dinner!”

“Roar!” Yuan Fei roared and a gigantic ape appeared from his back. The ape was holding a wooden stick which was a hundred meters long.

“Die!” shouted Jin Xing furiously. Golden and fire energies flooded the sky as a real golden crow was about to appear. He wanted to block the wooden stick, but the golden crow knelt down and blood splashed everywhere. At the same time, Meng Qing got close again so Jin Xing had no time to react. She released ice and canceled Jin Xing’s fire.

“You asked for it.” said Lin Feng. He jumped forwards with his halberd which now contained demon, fire and desolate strength. He struck Jin Xing’s head with his halberd. Something stopped the halberd as it crashed onto Jin Xing’s head.

However, Yuan Fei and Meng Qing attacked again and with that, Lin Feng’s halberd pierced through Jin Xing’s skull. They were definitely going to kill him!

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