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PMG Chapter 1155:  Traveling and Working!

PMG Chapter 1155:  Traveling and Working!

Jin Xing looked furious, he couldn’t believe that he’d die in Fortune City. He thought his life would change after Fortune City. He was one of the most incredible geniuses present at the event. On top of that, he was only dying because he had envied the fate seeds of a cultivator at the fifth Tian Qi layer.

“Roar!” Jin Xing roared, it was the last roar before death. His fire dashed to the skies as well as his golden strength.

“Lin Feng, get back!” shouted Yuan Fei loudly. Lin Feng continued releasing desolate Qi into Jin Xing’s brain. Jin Xing knew that he was dying.

Lin Feng took his halberd out of Jin Xing’s skull and moved back. Rumbling sounds and dazzling lights oppressed Lin Feng, making him cough up blood and pushing him down to his knees. Then, Jin Xing stopped breathing.

Lin Feng could barely breathe as he wiped the blood from his mouth. Jin Xing had surprisingly attacked Lin Feng while he was dying. However, a sixth fate seed appeared in Lin Feng’s third eye, now he had 600,000 fate seeds.

Lin Feng was still not satisfied, that still wasn’t enough.

“Let’s go again. If anyone tries to attack you, we’ll kill them too.” said Yuan Fei aggressively. Surprisingly, Jin Xing had forced Lin Feng to teleport to him. Fine, if people continued to force Lin Feng to teleport to them, they’d continue killing them.

“That guy probably had a lot of treasures. Even if you don’t need them, you can always trade them for fate seeds.” Lin Feng found a ring which wasn’t broken on Jin Xing’s body. He didn’t give it to Yuan Fei, not because he was greedy, but because Yuan Fei was an emperor’s grandson, so he was rich. Yuan Fei could have anything he wanted, including peerless holy weapons. However, it seemed like the Great Ape Emperor didn’t want Yuan Fei to rely on holy weapons. Therefore, Lin Feng thought that because apart from the black wooden stick, he had never seen Yuan Fei use any other holy weapon.

But in any case, that ordinary looking stick was actually a terrifying weapon.

“Jin Xing was from the southern part of Ba Huang Province and was very famous. According to legends, he had inherited the blood of the Golden Crow, a supernatural three-legged, golden bird which lived in the sky. Apart from incredible cultivators at the top of the Tian Qi layer, nobody could defeat him. This time we killed him together, but he had asked for it!” said Yuan Fei to Lin Feng.

The three continued walking, perhaps more people would try to attack Lin Feng.

“So then, who are those most incredible cultivators here?” asked Lin Feng to Yuan Fei. He didn’t know much about Ba Huang Province. He would probably meet those people in Fortune City, but he knew for sure that Yuan Fei was one of them.

Lin Feng now had a different opinion about the Ba Huang Province, he didn’t believe it was that big. When he had just arrived, he met Yang Zi Lan who was already considered a genius, then he met Xuan Yuan who was also considered a genius. Then, he met Yuan Fei who was a real genius.

In the past, Lin Feng admired even ordinary Zun cultivators, but now, he didn’t think that way anymore. Ordinary low-level Zun cultivators could easily be defeated by people like Jin Xing. People Lin Feng admired were also people he wanted to surpass. The event in Fortune City was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Lin Feng.

“No need to talk about them for now. The Continent of the Nine Clouds is gigantic. Strong cultivators aren’t necessarily those who have inherited a strong blood, you probably understand what I am referring to. For geniuses who want to become strong, becoming an imperial cultivation disciple means broader opportunities, better cultivation tools, and more friends of the same level. Then, when emperors attach importance to them, they will receive even more opportunities. Therefore, Ba Huang Province’s most outstanding young cultivators are those who have received emperors’ direct teachings. This time, in Fortune City, you’ll meet them.” said Yuan Fei talking and walking.

“I can’t wait to see them.” thought Lin Feng. But according to Yuan Fei, people like him and the thunderbird weren’t the most outstanding cultivators of Ba Huang, or at least that’s what he figured he meant.

“Maybe they’re strong now, but it won’t be that way in the future. Recently, several incredible cultivators have appeared in Ba Huang Province. Besides, some younger people are also starting to rise up, like you. It’s a constant race, so it’s too early to know who the best ones are. Only time can tell us those things. If you really want to know, become an emperor and defeat those people.” said Yuan Fei.

Lin Feng nodded. Lin Feng came from the small country of Xue Yue, in the small Xue Yu region. He understood those things better than most. In Ba Huang Province, he wasn’t considered a strong cultivator, but in the Xue Yu Region he was one of the strongest.

In different places, people had different views and different perceptions. Lin Feng was on the right path, so if he wanted to become an emperor, he’d end up fighting those people sooner or later.

The three of them soon arrived at the shrine again. This time, the old man didn’t make Lin Feng leave right away, which meant that nobody had asked for Lin Feng to be teleported.

“It seems like nobody asked for me this time.” said Lin Feng shrugging and smiling. He looked at the old man and said, “I need possess an incredibly strong Qi, I need to look like I have the strength of the top of the Tian Qi layer.”

“Eh?” Yuan Fei heard Lin Feng and instantly understood what he meant. How sly was this guy?

The old man nodded, shook his hand and suddenly, Lin Feng’s Qi was at the top of the Tian Qi layer. Even though it was fake, nobody would know.

Lin Feng paid a thousand gems for that.

“Lin Feng, I’m off.” said Yuan Fei leaving. Lin Feng nodded. Lin Feng had asked Yuan Fei for help because some people wanted to kill him. However, Yuan Fei didn’t have time to take care of them both. He had helped him, so now Meng Qing and Lin Feng could protect themselves together. Yuan Fei also needed fate seeds.

The old man teleported Yuan Fei to a place with many people. Lin Feng also asked the old man to teleport him and Meng Qing to a place where there were many people, but not to the same place as Yuan Fei. That way, the three of them could get even more fate seeds.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing appeared somewhere else and Lin Feng’s Tian Ji sword instantly rose up into the sky. Lin Feng and Meng Qing then jumped onto it.

Dazzling golden lights appeared as Lin Feng took out his bow, the Qi from the top of the Tian Qi layer flowed through his body.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Feng changed his face and his Tian Ji Sword rose up in the air, soon appearing above someone who had a few thousand fate seeds. Lin Feng shouted furiously, “Give me your fate seeds or I’ll kill you!”

That person sensed Lin Feng’s Qi and saw his bow. He looked petrified and obeyed. He had no choice but to give his fate seeds if he wanted to live.

Lin Feng took the fate seeds and left. He didn’t stop as he continued to do that with many more people. A cultivator at the top of the Tian Qi layer holding a terrifying bow, riding a holy weapon, and a girl with a celestial Qi. People had choice but to hand over their fate seeds. Many people felt dispirited…

Some people had already seen Lin Feng’s bow before, but now it wasn’t the same guy who had it. With a strength at the top of the Tian Qi layer, he had probably stolen it and now he was stealing their seeds. How cruel. He had broken through to the top of the Tian Qi layer, so why did he need to steal holy weapons too? What infuriated people even more was that he was surfing on a sword which was also holy weapon. What a spoilt brat!

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