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PMG Chapter 1156: Insane Demon

PMG Chapter 1156: Insane Demon

Lin Feng continued riding his Tian Ji Sword around and stealing fate seeds. People had no choice but to give their fate seeds to him because he was at the top of the Tian Qi layer and he had holy weapons, both a sword and a bow. In Fortune City was filled with endless opportunities, so nobody wanted to die there. Losing fate seeds was annoying, but they could still find seeds again.
If Lin Feng he stole from a hundred people who had a hundred gems, that was 10,000. Lin Feng had chosen a place where there were many people on purpose. In half a day, Lin Feng already had eight blue-green fate seeds and his vitality was changing to become even stronger.

Eight blue-green fate seeds, that was 800,000 gems. Two more fate seeds and Lin Feng would have one million gems and his fate seeds would turn blue. Most people didn’t realize they could exchange fate seeds for high-level holy weapons.

Even if people thought about it though, how many were capable of obtaining a million gems? That was a terrifying number.

Even if Lin Feng had broken through to the top of the ninth Tian Qi layer and had holy weapons, that was still a terrifying number. On his way, Lin Feng encountered other strong cultivators, but they stayed away from him. They could easily get gems from weaker people so fighting against a cultivator who had 800,000 gems wasn’t worth it.

Lin Feng didn’t care about what people thought, all he concerned himself with was getting more fate seeds. He needed to have more than a million gems and then he could go kill some people.

There was a girl called Qi Jiao Jiao flying over Fortune City. She was looking for more people to steal fate seeds from, but after she glanced around, she saw nobody.

Qi Jiao Jiao was wearing a blue robe, and her fate seeds were a blue-green color with two fate seeds. This meant she had 200,000 gems. She had her own way of getting fate seeds: she only stole fate seeds from people who had at least 10,000 gems, that way, she didn’t have to work too hard.

Finally, she had found her next prey.

“Bzzz!” In the distance, whistling sound was heard. She suddenly turned around and saw two people riding a sword in the air.

“How scary, what a terrifying Qi!” thought Qi Jiao Jiao. She looked at the boy’s third eye and saw that he already had eight blue-green seeds, and he was coming towards her.

“Slash!” A terrifying arrow which was on fire was pointing at her.

“Hand over your fate seeds!” said Lin Feng. The girl was beautiful and cute. She was as beautiful as Xue Bi Yao and those other girls. However, Lin Feng didn’t care about that right now, he only cared about her 200,000 gems. If he obtained her fate seeds, his fate seeds would turn blue and he would have a million gems.

“You dare steal from me?” said Qi Jiao Jiao. His Qi was at the top of the Tian Qi layer and he had holy weapons, his bow was at least a medium-level holy weapon, the sword he was using to surf on was a holy weapon too.

“You have three seconds.” said Lin Feng, trying to scare her. Qi Jiao Jiao’s beautiful eyes were twinkling. She had taken such efforts to steal fate seeds, and it was the first time someone thought to steal from her.

“I will give them to you if you want, but you will definitely regret it!” said Qi Jiao Jiao handing over her fate seeds.

“Bzzz!” A terrifying strength suddenly dashed to the skies. Lin Feng now had a million gems, so his fate seeds turned into one blue seed.

The last time he was in the shrine, he hadn’t really sensed it because he hadn’t taken the time to. Now, he could sense how his body was changing. Most people, if they had a blue seed, would go and exchange it in the shrine.

After obtaining Qi Jiao Jiao’s fate seeds, Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword streaked across the sky. He left without even glancing at her.

“You will regret it!” said Qi Jiao Jiao looking at the back of Lin Feng’s head. Qi Jiao Jiao was one of the four most beautiful girls in the Ba Huang Province. She was from a rich family and many men courted her. She also had a big brother who was incredible strong. Given her talent and position in Ba Huang Province, nobody had ever offended her before.

Lin Feng didn’t think about Qi Jiao Jiao at all. He thought she was beautiful of course, but he didn’t know that she was one of the four most beautiful girls in Ba Huang Province. He also didn’t know that she was from one of the most powerful families in the province. They were different from other rich families, the Qi Clan was from the Eastern part of Ba Huang Province and they had an emperor.

Lin Feng continued moving around and stealing fate seeds until he had 1,5 million gems. Finally, he stopped and went to the shrine with Meng Qing.

Once in the shrine, Lin Feng took out his Tian Ji Sword and looked at the old man, “Master, I need a hundred days in a mystical space with thunders, the thunder must be exactly as powerful as this sword can handle. How many fate gems?”

“Show me the place.” said the old man calmly. Lin Feng transferred memories to the old man.

“550,000 gems.” said the old man.

“For two people?” asked Lin Feng again. For the price he was going to pay, Lin Feng hoped Meng Qing could benefit from it too.

“Add 100,000.” said the old man. Lin Feng nodded, he could afford that.

“I’ll exchange this high-level holy weapon first.” said Lin Feng handing over the bow. The old man took it and a second blue seed appeared in Lin Feng’s third eye.

“Master, what I asked you just now, let’s start.” said Lin Feng. The old man shook his hand and in a flash, Lin Feng and Meng Qing were teleported somewhere else. It was the same calm place as the one Lin Feng had requested last time: the moon was shining, there were stars, the strength of the Earth and sky were full of vitality, but this time, there was also an area with terrifying thunders.

Lin Feng looked at those thunders and his eyes started twinkling. He was going to raise his sword in those thunders.

Lin Feng had thought about exactly this after fighting against the thunderbird. Thunder had an explosive force and was extremely fast. With his incredible understanding abilities, Lin Feng would understand fire abstruse energy someday and his ultimate goal was thunder-fire.

“Meng Qing, I need to practice cultivation and study a special power. It’ll be extremely painful for me, so I wanted to warn you before so that you don’t worry when you see me. I won’t die with the blue fate seed I have.” said Lin Feng smiling. Lin Feng was strong and didn’t say anything even when he was in pain, but now he was telling her it was going to be very painful, so that meant it was going to be REALLY painful.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the thunders roaring in the distance. From just his facial expression, all one could see at that moment was an indomitable will. Mu Chen had said it before, if a cultivator wants to become an emperor, he had to be insane sometimes. Lin Feng had to be insane if he wanted to become a beast like Yuan Fei!

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