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PMG Chapter 1159: Strangeness in the Sky

PMG Chapter 1159: Strangeness in the Sky

Gu Xiao raised his head and instantly turned pale. That sword was terrifying, it even had its own soul.

“Bestial Shadow!” shouted Gu Xiao furiously as he moved backwards like Long Teng the other day. Tian Long Divine Castle’s dragon skills were nothing short of incredible.

“Piss off!” gigantic claws streaked across the sky.

“Kaboom!” Gu Xiao wanted to grab Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword, however, lightning struck his hand and electrocuted him. Then, he started shaking violently again. He couldn’t stop Lin Feng’s halberd this time, so sent flying.

“Die!” Lin Feng attacked Gu Xiao with his Tian Ji Sword again and at the same time, he rose up in the air and took out his bow. Gu Xiao was panicking. He was surprised by Lin Feng’s battling style, what a terrifying combo!

“Boom!” his golden bell moved towards the arrows. He could block the arrows, but Lin Feng was also attacking him with the halberd. A light appeared and moved straight towards Gu Xiao, instantly breaking his dragon armor.

Gu Xiao groaned. He had tried using almost everything now.

“Die!” Lin Feng was determined to kill Gu Xiao.

“Bzzz!” Gu Xiao stopped fighting, turned around and ran towards Long Teng. He was hoping that Long Teng would protect him, however, Long Teng was fighting Meng Qing and was struggling. At that moment, he was almost completely frozen and could barely move. There was no way he could help Gu Xiao.

“slash!” Lin Feng punched the air in Gu Xiao’s direction, his hands contained both fire and thunder energies. He was also holding his halberd in his other hand.

“Roar!” Gu Xiao’s Qi became chaotic. He turned around, he wanted to grab the halberd with his dragon armor, but in the end, he couldn’t block the halberd. The strength of the halberd penetrated his chest and he groaned coldly. Blood began to spill out of his abdomen.

Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique and ran towards him again. Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword fell down from the sky and into his hand. Gu Xiao’s heart started pounding violently and he looked terrified.

“Destroy!” shouted Lin Feng attacking with his sword. Thunder-fire streaked across the sky, ripping apart some of the space.

Then everything suddenly became calm, Gu Xiao was petrified as a mark appeared on his forehead and blood started spilling out from that mark.

“No!” That was Gu Xiao’s last word. Then, his body, cut clean into two. His fate seeds moved towards Lin Feng’s third eye, over 200,000 gems.

“Die!” Long Teng punched the air, breaking the ice around him. His eyes were bloodshot. Gu Xiao was dead and Lin Feng had killed him!

“Go!” Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword streaked across the sky towards Long Teng. Thunder and fire energies rolled in waves behind it.

At the same time, Lin Feng shot three arrows at Long Teng.

“Dragon body!” Long Teng’s dragon armor appeared. He quickly turned into a ferocious dragon, his eyes looked even more bestial.

“Tian Long’s dragon body!” Lin Feng looked at him coldly. Long Teng was a lot stronger than Gu Xiao. And with his armor, he was even stronger.

“Lin Feng, I’ll use my special holy celestial attack on him, get ready to kill him.” said Meng Qing using telepathy.

“Alright.” said Lin Feng using telepathy as well. Long Teng was in a frenzy, blocking him with ice was impossible now.

At that moment, Meng Qing rose up in the air and released holy, celestial energies. Multicolored clouds appeared and she looked like a goddess.

Meng Qing performed some hand seals and suddenly, she disappeared in the snow clouds. A dot then appeared which was pointing at Long Teng.

“Die!” shouted Long Teng chasing Meng Qing. However, as soon as he reached Meng Qing, she had her finger pointing at him. When he touched that finger, he was frozen completely-solid.

“Snow Seal!” said Meng Qing. Snowflakes were now pouring heavily and they quickly surrounded Long Teng.

At the same time, Lin Feng attacked with his halberd and his Tian Ji Sword simultaneously.

His halberd was aimed at Long Teng’s heart. However, something blocked him. Long Teng’s dragon armor was tougher than he thought, his halberd couldn’t pierce it.

Meng Qing attacked too and punched him, but the same thing happened. Then, Lin Feng attacked with his Tian Ji Sword which contained fire and thunder energies. Lin Feng wanted to cut Long Teng’s head off, but it only slightly cut Long Teng as blood appeared inside the ice.

“Roar, roar…” the ice broke. A terrifying strength attacked Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Meng Qing moved back as Long Teng appeared again. He could barely move because the ice was still restricting him. He was bleeding, but if he hadn’t been for his dragon armor, he would already be dead.

He looked at Lin Feng and Meng Qing, then he rose up in the air and attacked the flag sealing the space around them, breaking it. Then, he rose up in the clouds and escaped.

Lin Feng didn’t chase him. Instead, he just watched. Long Teng had managed to break the flag’s seal with a single attack. Lin Feng had managed to injure Long Teng, but killing him proved to be more difficult, especially considering his dragon armor.

“He’s so strong, but there are people stronger than him in the Ba Huang Province. Even with the strength of the sixth Tian Qi layer, I am too weak!” whispered Lin Feng.

“Step by step. The first time we met, you were so weak. Now, look at yourself. Almost nobody can compete with you at the same cultivation level. And as you level up, you’ll become even stronger.” said Meng Qing smiling.

Lin Feng nodded, agreeing.

“Bzzz!” “At that time, a strange strength appeared around them. Lin Feng and Meng Qing raised their heads and saw some portraits appear.

“Diviner, is the cycle of reincarnation going to start!” whispered Lin Feng. It was as if Lin Feng had seen life.

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