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PMG Chapter 1163: Beast Palace

PMG Chapter 1163: Beast Palace

Lin Feng and the others went back to the place where the elemental areas were.

Lin Feng, Meng Qing, Yun Fei Yang, Huang Fu Long, the dragon king and Duan Wu Dao were all there. In the Shrine Palace, Lin Feng had also asked about Yun Fei Yang too, but he wasn’t in Fortune City either. Then, he asked to have Huang Fu Long and Yun Fei Yang teleported to him. Since he had a way to cheat, why not bring them to the elemental areas too?

Lin Ruo Tian initially wanted to take Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba too, but letting them know about his Jade Emperor’s palace was too risky. If anyone else came to know about it, it would end badly for Lin Feng.

“Let’s go now?” asked Lin Feng.

“Wait, fate seeds first!” said Yuan Fei with a strange expression. He jumped far away, into the horizon, his wooden stick streaked across the sky and crashed onto the ground, leaving a great canyon in its place.

“Give me your fate seeds!” shouted Yuan Fei aggressively. Lin Feng rolled his eyes. Yuan Fei did whatever he wanted.

“Yuan Fei, everybody wants to continue, so why do you do that? It’s not fair.” said someone who recognized Yuan Fei. That person was polite, but Yuan Fei’s wooden stick fell down from the sky again, forcing many people to dodge.

“Bzzz…” His gigantic wooden stick stopped just above that person who was suddenly soaked in a cold sweat.

“Give them!” shouted Yuan Fei extremely loudly. People’s mouth twitched. Only the poor guy was left after everyone ran away, so he handed over his few dozens of thousands of fate seeds over to Yuan Fei.

“Alright, calm down now.” said Yuan Fei going back. Lin Feng was speechless, but he then took out his palace and put it on the ground.

“You guys, go in. When we’re in the fire area, I’ll take you out.” said Lin Feng. Yuan Fei was surprised to see that palace, it had an ancient Qi. They all entered the palace and with their strength, there were quite a few things they could benefit from inside.

Lin Feng hid the palace away again and entered the fire area. The first thing he noticed was that the ground looked like an illusion. Lin Feng was fixedly staring at it, when his blue fate seed disappeared. As expected, a blue fate seed was required to go in.

“What we see from the outside is different than what is inside!”

The area looked like a wasteland, the Qi was old and scorching hot. It was a land of fire, indeed, but it was quite different from what people saw from the outside.

Yuan Fei and the others came out and were surprised when they saw the place.

“How come it looks like an ancient town which had suffered a great war?” asked Yuan Fei.

Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, that Qi was ancient. Why did Fortune City send them there?

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng. The four of them walked around to get a better understanding of the area.

“Roar!” at that moment, a roaring sound was heard. Bestial Qi appeared and then they saw a building of an animal.

That animal had the body of a lion, its eyes were red, its Qi was incredible, and its body was gigantic like a building. The beast looked at Lin Feng and his friends, making them feel uncomfortable.

Lin Feng was surprised because that beast had two green-blue seeds in its third eye.

“I have a feeling we went back into the past.” The dragon king and Duan Wu Dao’s eyes were twinkling. They continued, “That beast is the evil fire lion, an ancient beast with a ferocious temper.”

“He looks like Qiong Qi!” Lin Feng was surprised. That beast was a wild beast. Lin Feng thought Fortune City was getting even stranger now.

“The most important thing is that we can still get fate seeds, so let’s do it!” said Yuan Fei. He immediately jumped up in the air and while holding his gigantic wooden stick. The lion roared and a black fire appeared around his body. Then he jumped towards Yuan Fei’s wooden stick with his claws leading the assault.

“Boom…” the lion was injured, but it continued moving towards Yuan Fei.

“I’m a beast too!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. His arms became gigantic like those of a gorilla and collided against the lion. The lion wasn’t stronger than Yuan Fei, so he wanted to escape, but he couldn’t. Rumbling sounds appeared and after the tenth punch, the lion was dead and his fate seeds went to Yuan Fei’s third eye.

“Pfew!” Huang Fu Long gulped down, “That beast would have killed me.”

Huang Fu Long was speechless, Lin Feng was too.

“Two blue-green fate seeds, it seems like the strength of the beasts in here are related to their fate seeds. They also want to steal our fate seeds to become stronger.” thought Lin Feng. That lion was more interested in Lin Feng, seeing how he had stared at him the whole time.

“Indeed, maybe there’s an ocean of fate seeds in here.” said Yuan Fei who was excited now. Where there was danger, there were opportunities.

“Bzzz…” in the distance, a strong cultivator appeared. He went to the center of the wrecked city. People who could go there were strong cultivators who already possessed a million gems.

“We need to hurry, people who go there have blue seeds so there are sure to be many more opportunities.” said Lin Feng. They all continued moving ahead. In the distance, now and then, they would notice bestial Qi rising up.

“Fortune Shrine!” At that moment, a dazzling palace appeared. There was fortune energy dashing to the skies above it. That must be Fortune Shrine. Few people could see it and even fewer people went to it.

“What’s that there?” there was a palace not far from the Fortune Shrine. That palace looked scary and bestial Qi emanated from it.

“Let’s go and see.” said Yuan Fei as if he had sensed something. The building was surrounded by black clouds so people couldn’t really see it.

Yuan Fei immediately entered the building, leaving Lin Feng speechless. Yuan Fei was a man of action, he didn’t think too much when he wanted to do something. That place could be dangerous!”

“Boom!” A silhouette flew out and crashed onto the ground. It was Yuan Fei and he was shaking.

“Damn it! That bestial Qi is terrifying!” Yuan Fei was now swearing. He got up using his stick and released his own bestial Qi. He moved towards the palace, step by step. The ground kept shaking, but Yuan Fei was furious.

“You guys should leave, this palace is not suitable for you. Go and seize other opportunities. This place is like Fortune City, it can change your destiny!” said Yuan Fei entering the building again. Everybody sighed and Lin Feng smiled wryly.

“Boom, boom, boom!” collision sounded again as bestial Qi dashed to the skies. After a long time, the atmosphere became calm again.

“A beast palace!” “Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled as he said, “Let’s go, this palace is his.”

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