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PMG Chapter 1164: Beasts!

PMG Chapter 1164: Beasts!

Lin Feng heard more buzzing sounds as he turned around and found that a mysterious strength was emanating from the palace: sealing strength.

“The beast palace is closing?” whispered Duan Wu Dao. Yuan Fei had gone into the palace and now it was closing itself. Only one person could enter the palace at a time?

“Do you want to walk around and find more suitable things for you?” asked Lin Feng to the dragon king and Duan Wu Dao. The dragon king was extremely strong, if he managed to control his body entirely, he would become even stronger. Duan Wu Dao was weaker though.

“Alright, we’ll transmit a memory to you so that you can find us.” said Duan Wu Dao, he knew that Lin Feng was worried about them. However, that guy now had Duan Wu Dao’s body and could use some of Duan Wu Dao’s abilities along with his own. Besides, without fate seeds, few people would chase him.

Those two people left and Lin Feng took out his animal tower, releasing all the animals. “It’s an ancient town, you guys may have some opportunities here. You can go now, but be careful.”

They all said goodbye to Lin Feng and left.

“Lin Feng, my mother made that animal tower herself. It can have an explosive power if I use it, so you should give it to me.” said Meng Qing. That animal tower was a holy weapon which could oppress animals. In that ancient city, there would be terrifyingly strong beasts, so maybe Meng Qing would be able to capture some more beasts with it.

When Meng Qing wanted something, Lin Feng could only please her. He then looked at Huang Fu Long, and Huang Fu Long understood what Lin Feng meant because he had the same idea. He smiled and said, “I’m off.”

“Alright, be careful.” said Lin Feng tapping Huang Fu Long’s shoulder. He took out his holy weapons and asked Huang Fu Long, “Do you want anything?”

“My dragon axe already has an explosive power, but I’ll take the ancient shield.” said Huang Fu Long taking the black shield. Then, he left. He couldn’t rely on Lin Feng to protect him and he wanted to become stronger too.

“No.” said Meng Qing shaking her head. Lin Feng hadn’t even talked yet, but she knew what he was going to say. Instead, he took her hand and they walked together.

That place was a gigantic, ancient city. Lin Feng saw a few fire animals who all had blue-green fate seeds. They looked ferocious and were difficult to fight, so Lin Feng didn’t try to fight them.

“Lin Feng, over there.” said Meng Qing pointing in a direction with billowing towers of red flames.

“What a scary fire. Let’s go and see!” said Lin Feng, who was interested because he practiced fire cultivation. When they arrived near those flames, they found that two beasts were fighting.

“It looks like a three-legged golden crow.” thought Lin Feng looking at one of the beasts. It had terrifying flames which were burning the ground under its feet. The beast fighting it was a fire beast as well, but it looked like a turtle with wings. Lin Feng had never seen such a beasts before. Maybe those ancient beasts were now extinct.

“That ocean of flames is its own fire city!”

“The golden crow seems like it’s trying to claim a fire stone!” said Meng Qing looking at that winged turtle’s claws: it was holding a fire stone.

“Caw!” the golden crow spat out flames. The turtle also released its own fire energies which gave birth to a hurricane made of fire. Lin Feng and Meng Qing were not so near, but they could still sense those scorching hot energies.

Those flames were almost to the abstruse fire level.

However, the turtle opened its mouth and swallowed the sun, leaving Lin Feng and Meng Qing aghast. Fighting against a beast of the same type wasn’t easy. Unless one of them had a much, much stronger fire Qi than the other one, it was almost impossible to kill the other beast.

“Bzzz!” Then, the atmosphere started shaking. Lin Feng saw a young man walking towards those beasts slowly. Soon he had walked into the middle of them, as if the flames didn’t affect him.

“A strong cultivator.” thought Lin Feng fixedly staring at him. That guy did a knife-hand strike onto the turtle and a star appeared. The turtle was suddenly caged inside it.

“Die!” said the young man. His hand was dazzling as it contained star energies. Blood and fire mixed as the turtle was killed. The young man grabbed some of the remaining fire.

He turned around and walked towards the golden crow, still looking calm.

“Caw!” The crow cawed, turned around and took off. It wanted to escape.

The young man opened his hand, jumped up and disappeared. His terrifying stars appeared again and surrounded the golden crow. The golden crow was struggling to break free by flapping its wings, but the young man performed another knife-hand strike to it. The crow cried and then its body was cut in two. Its fate seeds also went to the young man’s third eye.

“He’s terrifying strong!” thought Lin Feng shivering. That guy’s knife-hand strike was astonishingly powerful!

That guy was breathtakingly strong. Even if they joined hands, Meng Qing and Lin Feng wouldn’t necessarily be able to kill those fire beasts.

“What a beast!” thought Lin Feng. They didn’t know him. Was he one of the strong cultivators Yuan Fei had told him about? He used star skills and techniques which could break space itself. Perhaps that young man understood abstruse energies, including an incredible type of abstruse energy: empty space abstruse energy!

The young man looked at Lin Feng, but didn’t attack. He took the fire stone and jumped into the fire. Lin Feng understood that the guy probably understood empty space abstruse energy as well as fire abstruse energy, otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken that fire stone and jumped into an ocean of flames.

“Meng Qing, I want to go and see.” said Lin Feng. Meng Qing nodded and smiled, “Go, I’ll wait for you here, if I’m left waiting too long, I’ll leave and find a more suitable place for myself.”

“Be careful.” said Lin Feng in a gentle voice, caressing her head and smiling. Then he jumped into the ocean of flames. Apart from him, some other people went there. They were probably all fire cultivators as well.

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