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PMG Chapter 1165: Golden Crow

PMG Chapter 1165: Golden Crow

As Lin Feng fell into the flame-filled abyssal hole. He used pure fire Qi to surround his body and protect him. Sometimes, purple thunderous energies attacked him too. Lin Feng had a strong physical strength and also practiced fire cultivation, so he was confident in his fire resistance.

“That city on fire is big!” thought Lin Feng. He jumped forwards where fire Qi was thicker and found that this place was good to practice fire cultivation.

Last time, he had bathed in thunders and it was very beneficial, but painful.

Lin Feng slowly observed the fire. Pure fire Qi was flowing around him as he was absorbing fire.

Lin Feng turned around and saw a cultivator who was faster than him at absorbing fire Qi. He was inhaling and exhaling very quickly. He was absorbing fire Qi and spitting out flames.

“That guy’s fire skills must be incredible.” thought Lin Feng. That guy glanced at him and continued running. Lin Feng had the strength at top of the Tian Qi layer and a blue seed, nobody wanted to challenge him still.

Lin Feng studied the flames, he inhaled and exhaled the scorching air. He began using his cosmos-burning sun technique and he closed his eyes. A sun pattern appeared on his body as he attracted in sunlight.

“Bzzz…” at that moment, Lin Feng’s sun pattern became dazzling. Lin Feng opened his eyes and found that his fire energies had suddenly become a lot stronger

“Fire strength!” Lin Feng realized that his cultivation speed was incredible here. Even if he attacked other fire cultivators, he would probably be able to hurt them with his new fire.

It wasn’t long before Lin Feng started sweating and his pure Qi which had surrounded his body wasn’t enough. It was starting to become painful. On that road, Lin Feng later saw 4-5 people who were all fire cultivators that possessed incredible fire Qi. They were primarily cultivators of the eighth Tian Qi layer, but there were also a few cultivators of the ninth Tian Qi layer.

Lin Feng found it strange that nobody attacked anyone else. They were all walking on the same path, the path of fire cultivation, so perhaps they thought of each other as fellow cultivators.

Lin Feng decided to move and walked for a long time. Even though he had an incredible physical body, he was still suffering. Sometimes, Lin Feng stopped using defensive strength and just based in the flames.

He wasn’t the only one who did that, many other people did the same.

“Almost there.” Lin Feng could sense the heat was increasing.

In the distance, he saw huge flames emanating out: he had made it.

“Golden crow?” Lin Feng gazed into the distance saw a three-legged golden crow swallowing flames and spitting out ocean of flames in return. Just behind that golden crow was a sun.

The three-legged golden crow lived on the sun according to legends. He was the god of the sun. That was according to legends, but still, the golden crow was a symbol of the sun.

“That’s why I was attracted here?” Lin Feng’s cosmos-burning sun technique was an authentic sun technique which created its own sun.

The golden crow in the distance was going in and out of looking real and becoming an illusion. It mustn’t have been a real golden crow, otherwise, he would have attacked by now.

Lin Feng saw the young man again, he was walking forwards and looking at the golden crow in a relaxed way. There were three people next to him who were all looking at the golden crow as well.

Lin Feng remained motionless and also looked at the golden crow.

The place was remained calm for a long time and more people arrived. The very strong young man walked towards the golden crow very slowly.

When he got closer, the others released terrifying energies and their target was the golden crow.

“Bzzz!” The strong young man also released energies in the form of white stars which quickly surrounded the golden crow. However, Lin Feng saw through the illusional fire energy. The white stars disappeared at the same time.

“It’s not a golden crow, it’s not an animal at all. It’s a flame.” thought Lin Feng. The fire Qi was so incredible that it had taken the form of a golden crow.

No wonder those people attacked at the same time!

Lin Feng suddenly thought about the void fire in Asoka. That fire in front of him now was much more powerful than the void fire from before.

“That fire can take the form of a golden crow and it’s similar to my technique.” thought Lin Feng. However, at that moment, the young man was getting even closer without using any strength. The fire surrounded him and he didn’t use any special powers to stop it. If the golden crow attacked him, it would be dangerous.

Purple thunderous energies appeared around Lin Feng. He also put on his armor and walked towards the golden crow. He got near, but stopped, he didn’t feel safe moving any closer.

He stretched out his hand and the fire burnt his hand. However, the blue seal healed the wound immediately.

“If only Qiong Qi were here, he would use a skill to take that fire!” thought Lin Feng. He had a treasure in front of him, but couldn’t take it. Qiong Qi had taken the void fire last time, if he had been there this time, he would have taken the golden crow fire too.

The young man began releasing little stars again.

“What is he doing?” thought the crowd looking at him. He was creating small star circles which were surrounding the space.

“Does he want to take away a piece of the space?!” thought the crowd. Besides, Lin Feng had seen how strong that guy was. As far as everyone here was concerned, he had the best chance to succeed!

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