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PMG Chapter 1167: Seventh Assassin!

PMG Chapter 1167: Seventh Assassin!
“Golden crow fire.” whispered Lin Feng. Fire was like a weapon and after reaching a certain level, it could be explosive. Fire was even more important than weapons for fire cultivators. Obtaining a powerful fire could be even better than obtaining a holy weapon.
Last time, Qiong Qi had taken the void fire and grew many levels stronger. That golden crow fire was even more terrifying than the void fire and it suited him even more.
He almost obtained the golden crow fire, but someone stole it from him. Lin Feng wasn’t happy, but it wasn’t as if he had obtained nothing those days. Even his fire intent was level seven, and soon, he would have level eight fire intent.
Lin Feng left the place.
Once everybody made it that far, strong cultivators would start stealing fate seeds again.
When Lin Feng made it out, he found that Meng Qing had already left. With her strength and her Taoist robe made of feathers, Lin Feng wasn’t worried. He was more worried about Huang Fu Long and Qiu Yue Xin. Huang Fu Long wasn’t that strong and the dangers here were high.
Lin Feng hadn’t looked for Qiu Yue Xin for two reasons: the first was Meng Qing and the second was his general concern for her safety.
Lin Feng continued wandering around. Now and then, he came across powerful wild beasts with blue-green fate seeds. Lin Feng even saw a terrifying beast with blue fate seeds, but he didn’t attack them. His goal was to look for the shrine.
Very quickly, Lin Feng arrived at a shrine. He transmitted Fu Hei’s image to the old man and said, “Master, I need a pair of eyes to see where he is and his surroundings.”
The old man looked at Lin Feng and said indifferently, “200,000 gems!”
That was expensive, but for such an incredible power, that was normal. Lin Feng had guessed that it’d be even more expensive.
Lin Feng nodded and condensed three images in his brain, which he transmitted to the old man, “Same thing, I want to see where they are and their surroundings.”
“No problem, 800,000 gems!” said the old man. A pair of eyes appeared in Lin Feng’s third eye and 800,000 gems moved to the old man. Lin Feng wasn’t happy to spend so much, but it would be worth it.
He stepped out of the shrine, now knowing where Fu Hei was. He was alone, but from time to time, he stopped and glanced around looking for people. Lin Feng knew that he had hid his friends in his sleeves again.
He could also see Meng Qing who had found an ice place.
One of the other people he was spying on was the extremely strong young man who could control fire and empty space energies. Lin Feng also practiced fire cultivation and was interested in empty space energy, therefore, he decided to spy on him. If that guy found the empty space area, Lin Feng would go there as well.
The fourth person Lin Feng spied on was the thunderbird. Even though he wasn’t incredibly strong, he could resist Yuan Fei’s assault to a certain degree. Lin Feng had decided to study thunder energies thanks to him, so if he found the thunder area, Lin Feng would go there too.
Everything was possible in Fortune City, but first people had to think about what they really wanted and how they could achieve it. That’s why he was spying on Fu Hei.
Lin Feng didn’t worry. He could spy on those people and if they found something Lin Feng wanted, he could simply teleport to them.
Lin Feng wanted to spend fate seeds to see the whole city clearly, but he knew that it wasn’t possible given the expense. He could have also asked to break through to the next Tian Qi layers or to understand abstruse energies, but the same applied, it would have been incredibly expensive. That’s why he had bought time and a place with thunder to practice cultivation.
“Boom!” at that moment, Lin Feng sensed that the ground was shaking underneath him.
“Some people are fighting.” thought Lin Feng as he ran in that direction. After a short time, he saw some people fighting. Canyons and craters had appeared in the ground and terrifying fire energies were dashing to the skies. Lin Feng recognized the girl, it was the hot girl: Feng Xuan!
Feng Xuan was fighting someone who was wearing black clothes and looked evil. He had a sly way of fighting, sometimes he would feint his attacks, but the attacks were never complex. Feng Xuan looked exhausted.
Then, from Feng Xuan’s back, a phoenix appeared.
“Even though that guy’s attacks are not complex, but he has so many attacks.” thought Lin Feng. That young man in black clothes wasn’t as strong as Feng Xuan, but he understood all kinds of strength.
“The beautiful Feng Xuan, one of the four most beautiful girls in Ba Huang Province. Come and give daddy a hug!” said that guy in a perverted way. Feng Xuan was fighting in an even more ferocious way. She knew he was just provoking her, but it was distracting.
“Lin Feng, help me!” said Feng Xuan. Lin Feng noticed the guy released energies and wanted to attack him. He sensed the energies and understood that Feng Xuan was suffering greatly.
“You want me to fight?” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng thought it would be difficult to fight that guy.
“No need. Just watch out for those hiding in the darkness and prevent them from attacking.” said Feng Xuan. Lin Feng was surprised, there were people hiding in the darkness?
“They’re from the Imperial Assassin Union! He’s one of the seven assassins!” said Feng Xuan. Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. Imperial Assassin Union!

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    Emperor yans disciples! Nani!

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    Thank you again!

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    Too disappointed. Every one just do whatever they want and Lin feng can’t do shit. Every one is just babysitting him.

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    > Lin Feng hadn’t looked for Qiu Yue Xin for two reasons: the first was Meng Qing and the second was his general concern for her safety.
    What is this supposed to mean?

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      My guess is that he means if he were to seek her out, he draws too much attention and he can’t protect her. He is bluffing at the moment, so he can barely protect himself. People would probably try to attack her to get to him and he realizes there isn’t actually a whole lot he could do to stop them

      • Ezura December 4, 2018 at 11:22 pm - Reply

        Yeah, he just had his cauldron and that crow fire stolen from him never mind protect others!

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