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PMG Chapter 1169: Terrifying Thunder Heart

PMG Chapter 1169: Terrifying Thunder Heart
“Who knows what will happen in the future!” said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. Feng Xuan took out a stone which contained vitality strength. Feng Xuan put it in her mouth and chew it. Then, her vitality started flowing throughout her body.
Feng Xuan saw that Lin Feng looked intrigued, so she said, “That’s an abstruse energy vitality tablet that I found in the ancient cities. That kind of tablet is different from abstruse crystals. You can use abstruse crystal to understand abstruse energies and practice cultivation, while tablets can be modified or swallowed directly to enable cultivators to sense abstruse energies.”
Lin Feng’s could guess that those abstruse tablets were probably even more expensive than abstruse crystals. He had seen the powerful young man take the fire stone, so that must have been a tablet. He had broken it though, unlike Feng Xuan who had swallowed it.
“If you reach the top of your intent level, chewing abstruse tablets can be really helpful, it can even help you understand abstruse energies.” said Feng Xuan. She had completely recovered already and her vitality was powerful. Maybe, if Feng Xuan understood abstruse vitality, it’d be impossible to injure her. Then she might be able to increase her own lifespan.”
“When we were outside of the five elemental areas, I saw that there was a source of life in the sky map, maybe that you can go there.” Lin Feng mentioned. Feng Xuan had an ancient phoenix body which meant that she understood fire and vitality energies, maybe even other types too. For Feng Xuan, the source of life was very important.
“I will but the source of life is holy water. It can make people come back to life, but it’s not easy to find. Besides, the map we saw outside was simple to understand, but it’s not really that easy to find those things.” Apart from the source of life, there were other places to mention.
“Sister Xuan!” said someone in the distance. A girl wearing a fire robe ran over to Feng Xuan. She looked easy going and quite young, only 15-16 years old. She was already extremely beautiful, to the extent that she could make fish sink and birds chirp up.
“Ling!” said Feng Xuan, she shook her head and said. “Who let you come!”
“The teachers let me, why wouldn’t I be allowed since you are going?” said Feng Ling giggling. She looked at Lin Feng with her beautiful eyes and said, “Sister, is he your…”
“Stop it.” said Feng Xuan. She glanced at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, that’s my little sister, Feng Ling.”
“I’m sure many people are crazy about you girls.” said Lin Feng honestly. Two years later, her sister would catch up with Feng Xuan.
Besides, Feng Ling was still young and had managed to come to that place on her own. That meant she was already quite strong.
“Lin Feng.” said Feng Ling giggling. Then she said, “You should know that many people want to go out with my sister!”
“Eh…” Lin Feng smiled wryly. She had a completely different personality from her sister.
“Eh?” At that moment, cold lights appeared in Lin Feng’s eyes, but then he laughed and said, “I have something to do. I’m off!” He nodded at the two girls and ran over to the shrine.
“That guy doesn’t seem to have any special feelings for women it seems. He doesn’t even know how to protect flowers.” said Feng Ling when she saw that Lin Feng leaving so suddenly. Feng Xuan rolled her eyes. Why did Lin Feng leave that quickly though?
Lin Feng arrived in the shrine and condensed the thunderbird’s image in his brain. Then he transmitted it to the old man. “Send me to him, but I want to be ten kilometers away from hide and for you to hide my Qi, including the vitality my seeds contain.”
Lin Feng didn’t care about fate seeds that much anymore, he just wanted to become stronger.
“Bzzz!” Lin Feng disappeared and appeared in a thunder area where terrifying thunders were booming everywhere. There were incredible thunder beasts as well.
In front of that beast was a thunder pearl. That thunder pearl was releasing incredible thunders which solely might have been responsible for forming the entire thunder place. Sometimes, thunder tablets even emerged from that pearl.
“What a precious treasure.” thought Lin Feng. He had found that place thanks to the thunder beast. At that moment, his Qi couldn’t be detected thanks to the shrine. He also used his shadow spirit, so he was completely undetectable.
Someone neared the pearl and they were bathing in thunders, as if they didn’t hurt him.
“It’s not a thunder tablet anymore, it is now a pearl that can give birth to thunder tablets.” said someone sighing.
“Thunder beast, what are you waiting for?” asked that person. The thunder beast turned around and coldly glanced at him saying, “I’m waiting for a more thunder tablets and then I’ll swallow that pearl. Anyone who tries to steal it from me will die!”
His eyes were purple.
“Swallow them?” asked that person surprised. The thunder beast nodded and said, “Indeed, that’s Zun level beast’s heart. I’m lucky that I found it first. With it, I’ll swallow it and I’ll break through to the Zun Qi layer. Now, protect the entrance and don’t let anyone come in.” said the beast.
“Don’t worry, after I swallow that pearl, I’ll give you ten thunder tablets each, and even if I don’t break through to the Zun Qi layer, I’ll be at the very top of the Tian Qi layer, so I’ll protect you.” said the beast.
His Qi was dashing to the skies. He had broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer, but since he was a thunderbird, that heart was perfect for him.
“If I protect you now, I think you’ll kill me.” said that person. He wasn’t as strong as the thunderbird, besides the thunderbird probably had other powerful weapons. He couldn’t steal anything so he could just guard the area and accept a few tablets.
“I, the great thunderbird, don’t lie. I don’t care about a few tablets anyways, so will you accept or not?” Thunders were emerging from his body and he looked like a thunder god.
That person narrowed his eyes, remained silent for a few seconds and nodded, “Alright, I’ll guard the area.” then, he left.
“Remember, kill anyone who tries to come in. If someone disturbs me, I’ll kill you all.” said the thunderbird. The other one grinded his teeth but said nothing.
After he left, the thunderbird created a thunder cage and sealed the space around the pearl.
Lin Feng could see everything, though. That guy was extremely strong, but getting the thunder heart wouldn’t be so easy. Lin Feng had seen it the last time with the dragon heart. But the thunderbird wasn’t ordinary.
Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t do anything hastily. If he had been able to defeat the thunderbird easily, he would have attacked already instead of waiting there. There was also the one who was now guarding the area..
The thunderbird shook his hands and a picture scroll appeared. It alone swallowed an incredible quantity of thunder energies.
Very quickly, the picture scroll fell onto the heart and swallowed the heart’s incredible thunder strength. Then, the thunderbird threw himself at the heart.
He sat down and performed hand seals. Now he was bathing in incredible thunders and thunders continuously struck his body.
“Roar…” the thunderbird roared and his purple hair fluttered in the wind. His Qi had started to become even more powerful.
“He’s using a special skill to increase his strength.” thought Lin Feng. The thunderbird was probably increasing his strength before attempting to swallow the heart, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to.

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