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PMG Chapter 1170: Sword’s New Soul!

PMG Chapter 1170: Sword’s New Soul!
The thunderbird cut his hand with his other hand and blood dripped down onto the thunder heart.
“Can you sense that? My blood is the same as yours, it’s thunder-based blood.” said the thunderbird.
The thunderbird was slowly establishing his own connections to the heart, and the heart didn’t look that scary anymore. At least it wasn’t releasing explosive thunder anymore. It even started to rise up slowly and began moving towards the thunderbird’s mouth.
“Who’s that!” At that moment, the thunderbird turned around as dazzling thunders emerged from his eyes.
“Roar…” a dragon roared. The thunderbird only saw seven dragon heads move towards him and opened their mouths in an attempt to eat him.
“Thunderscape!” shouted the thunderbird furiously. The thunderbird’s hands turned into claws and attempted to grab the heart. He didn’t understand that someone was secretly spying on him.
“Roar!” the dragon roared again and another dragon head appeared. It moved towards the heart and immediately swallowed it. The thunderbird who had attempted to grab it ended up grabbing air instead.
Where did that dragon come from?
“Lacerate!” the thunderbird released bestial Qi in a fury. His bestial Qi turned into a thunder blade and he lacerated the air in front of him.
“Come back!” shouted the thunderbird furiously, but the dragon had disappeared. Mountain-like illusions appeared in the sky which seemed extremely heavy and were falling down.
“Die!” the thunderbird was going insane. He instantly broke all those mountains and rose up in the air. He saw the silhouette of someone running away. It must have been the one who had stolen his heart.
“You’ll die!” The thunderbird instantly recognized Lin Feng. He opened his purple wings and chased Lin Feng. However, a dazzling sword appeared under Lin Feng’s feet and he quickly disappeared into the distance.
“Stop him!” shouted the thunderbird furiously. Lin Feng was still flying away, however, the cultivator who was guarding the place looked at Lin Feng in a strange way. Someone had actually stolen the heart from the thunderbird, he had to be extremely strong.
“Die!” said that person furiously while releasing thunderous energies in Lin Feng’s direction. However, Lin Feng didn’t dodge. Instead, his Tian Ji Sword spat out its own thunders and crushed the oncoming thunders.
“Curse!” shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. Black cursing energies appeared and crashed onto that guy.
“Soul Cursing!” said Lin Feng. He was standing next to that person when he released those cursing energies. That person’s body and soul started shaking, his face also turned deathly pale.
He moved away, he didn’t feel like blocking Lin Feng anymore.
“Die!” But the curse had been cast and Lin Feng wouldn’t let him off. He took out his halberd and cut that person’s body. Blood splashed everywhere as Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword then continued streaking across the sky. By the time the thunderbird arrived, the guard was already dead. The thunderbird sensed some black energies, but he didn’t know what they were. They made him feel cold.
“I’ll kill you! I’ll find a way!” shouted the thunderbird furiously. He flapped his wings again. He was tired right then. He had used a special power to get the heart because he wanted to do it as fast as possible, but he had failed.
That was the second time that Lin Feng had escaped from him!
The thunderbird moved in the direction of the shrine with his fastest speed. He wanted to kill Lin Feng no matter what.
Lin Feng wasn’t afraid. If he had been afraid, he wouldn’t have taken the risk to go and steal the thunderbird’s heart in the first place. Even though the thunderbird was at the same level as the guy Lin Feng had just killed, he was a lot stronger.
Lin Feng couldn’t kill him yet, so after taking the heart, he also went to the shrine. He didn’t know if he could modify it or not and needed some time.
In the shrine, Lin Feng asked for another hundred days in a calm place.
Now in the air, Lin Feng’s dragon appeared and the head which had swallowed the heart spat it out. It was calm because the thunderbird had absorbed most of its energy. If the thunderbird hadn’t done that, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to take it away like that.
Lin Feng released dazzling purple thunders and assaulted the heart.
“Kacha, boom boom boom!” dazzling thunders struck the heart with an explosive power. The sky was shaking and the calm area suddenly turned into a thunder area.
Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and observed the energies. At the same time, his Tian Ji Sword was whistling and had turned into a gigantic sword which rose up in the air and swallowed those terrifying thunders.
Lin Feng practiced cultivation diligently with this time he had purchased. Lin Feng now had level eight thunder intent and his Tian Ji Sword was becoming stronger. These days, the heart had even given birth to some thunder tablets.
Lin Feng swallowed the tablets immediately. Lin Feng had the Nine headed dragon spirit, so after breaking through to the Zun Qi layer, he would use his spirit and create blood strength. It was only a matter of time. Lin Feng already had a special power and he could swallow strength, therefore he swallowed those tablets without hesitation.
As expected, after swallowing the tablets, Lin Feng realized that the sensation was completely different from when he had used abstruse crystals. He could sense abstruse energies as if they were part of him.
His abstruse strength and intent continued changing. His thunder intent was explosive and quite terrifying.
With acceleration intent he would appear to move faster, and deceleration intent could seemingly slow down his opponents. But with abstruse energies, it was real, he could actually speed up and slow down things.
Lin Feng had seen his fellow disciple use decay energies and could actually age people. Abstruse energies could kill people almost instantly if used properly.
“Bzzz…” At that moment, Lin Feng’s soul shook. His Tian Ji Sword also shook violently as it emitted sharp whistling sounds. In just nine days, the sword had swallowed all the thunderous energies.
“Is it going to have its very own soul?” whispered Lin Feng. Suddenly, the Tian Ji Sword dazzled and the heart was absorbed by the sword. The sword soul condensed it and then that heart gave a new life to the sword!

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