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PMG Chapter 1171: Fighting Against The Thunderbird Again

PMG Chapter 1171: Fighting Against The Thunderbird Again
Lin Feng’s sword was like an animal with the heart of a thunder animal.
Lin Feng shivered and closed his eyes again. He calmly sensed the energies from the abstruse tablets he had just taken. If his sword finished condensing its soul, it would have an explosive power! But Lin Feng had to remain stronger than his sword to use it properly. His ultimate goal was, apart from making his sword a peerless and sharp sword, to understand abstruse energies better than anyone else.
On the nineteenth day, dazzling thunders dashed to the skies and purple lights broke through the heavens. His Tian Ji Sword very active with a seemingly  infinite amount of thunders surrounding it. The sword had finished consuming the heart now.
“I wouldn’t have thought that the first abstruse energies I’d study would be thunder abstruse energies!” whispered Lin Feng. He had swallowed three tablets of abstruse energies and now his thunder intent was now level nine. Since his sword had a thunder soul, the first abstruse energy he’d understand would probably be thunder abstruse energy.
His Tian Ji Sword streaked across the skies and landed in Lin Feng’s hand. It was buzzing, like it was trying to communicate with Lin Feng. Even though Lin Feng had several holy weapons, the relationship he had with the Tian Ji Sword was the most intimate. The Tian Ji Sword’s soul was born thanks to Lin Feng’s very own soul. Unless Lin Feng died, nobody could steal his sword.
Lin Feng thought about Gan Yu and Tian Chi. Tian Chi had been so nice to him, someday, Lin Feng would make the sword become a peerless weapon in the world. He would amaze the entire world with it.
His Tian Ji Sword rose up in the air again and Lin Feng wanted to give the sword a second soul. But first, he had to clean the other soul fragments still present in the sword, just as before.
Ten days later, Lin Feng came out of the world, the old man smiled at him and said, “Someone paid to force you out!”
Lin Feng had prepared himself for this already. He had another pair of eyes which allowed him to see the thunderbird at all times. When the old man shook his hand to teleport him, Lin Feng was already condensing forces.
“Bzzz!” Lin Feng landed in another place. The thunderbird was surprised, turned around and saw a terrifying lightning strike move towards him. The atmosphere broke and a black hole had appeared.
“Thunderscape!” The thunderbird released thunderous energies which turned into a thunder shield.
“Kaboom!” The purple energies crashed onto the thunder shield and instantly broke it. A terrifying strength crashed onto the thunderbird and he groaned with pain, blood splashing out of his mouth.
Lin Feng’s attacks were explosive. His shield was broken and even though he had an incredibly powerful physical body, he was still injured.
Lin Feng’s sword had actually injured him, he couldn’t believe it!
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. The thunderbird reacted quickly, he was the descendent of an emperor, so he had many precious treasures and skillsets. Lin Feng initially wanted to prepare an attack to kill him, but the thunderbird wasn’t ready to die easily.
The Tian Ji Sword was swallowing sword energies at that time. The thunderbird opened his wings and flapped, creating great winds to repel Lin Feng. But the sword continued chasing him and attacking him.
“How come? In only one day, his thunder energies became so powerful.” thought the thunderbird. That Tian Ji Sword could release its own incredible thunder energies. The thunderbird couldn’t afford any careless movements. The first time he had fought against Lin Feng, he had only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer and wasn’t that powerful.
How could he know that Lin Feng had been struck by thunder millions of times and had swallowed several thunder abstruse tablets? How could he know that Lin Feng had given his thunder heart to the sword as well?
“Bzzz!” Thunders continued to strike him, suppressing the thunderbird’s movements. An arrow containing fire and thunder energies then streaked across the sky. The thunderbird released an infinite amount of golden and purple energies, at the same time, a thunder drum appeared in his hand. “Kaboom!” the thunderbird hit the drum with his fist and waves of energies assaulted the arrow.
“A thunder holy weapon!” Lin Feng was surprised. The thunderbird was a thunder beast, so when he used a thunder holy weapon, his power was even more explosive than a normal cultivator’s. It was the same as when he used his Tian Ji Sword.
The Tian Ji Sword kept chasing the thunderbird, and at the same time, Lin Feng continued shooting arrows one after the other. Even though the thunderbird was using his drum, his movements were a bit chaotic because he was so furious.
“Roar…” the thunderbird roared again and turned into a golden thunderbird. His claws were now hitting the drum and the drum’s energies were stronger. The space between the thunderbird and Lin Feng seemed like it was going to collapse as dust was splashing everywhere. Even the ground was riddled with gaping wounds.
Their attacks were already as powerful as the attacks of some Zun cultivators, people in the distance were amazed. Their battle drew many people’s attention. Four-five people came and watched the battle, but when they saw Lin Feng, they were dumbfounded. It was the same guy who had several holy weapons, but he didn’t have blue fate seeds anymore, he had probably used them by now.
“Fight in a fair way if you have balls!” the thunderbird was trying to swing the fight into his favor. The Tian Ji Sword and the bow were way too powerful, he felt like the battle wasn’t fair anymore.
“What you mean to say is that you want to restrict your cultivation level to the sixth Tian Qi layer and fight me? I don’t mind at all.” said Lin Feng smiling. Was that what the thunderbird meant by fairness? If the thunderbird was of the same level as him, Lin Feng would be absolutely fearless.
“Celestial Thunder, Destruction Body!” shouted the thunderbird furiously. In a flash, thunders rolled in waves in the sky and gigantic black clouds appeared. The Earth and sky became painstakingly pale.
“That guy isn’t strong enough with so many holy weapons, now he’s going to be killed by the thunderbird. Should we attack and steal his holy weapons?” asked someone greedily while looking at the bow. He was scared to attack alone though, Lin Feng might shoot arrows at him and immediately kill him.
“Right, but if we kill him now, how will we share the weapons?” Nobody was compassionate there, they were all there to benefit from as many things as they could.
“Kaboom!” The thunderbird was absorbing a monstrous quantity of thunders that he wanted to crush Lin Feng with. Lin Feng couldn’t dodge that attack, but of course, he didn’t want to dodge either.
“Die!” At the same time, the others threw themselves at Lin Feng. They wanted to kill him and steal his weapons before the thunderbird got them all.
“Kaboom!” A terrifying amount of thunderous energies crashed onto Lin Feng’s body and singed his hairs.
One of them raised their golden-fist, wanting to grab Lin Feng’s bow.
“Bzzz!” The bow disappeared and Lin Feng’s halberd appeared instead. It shook and moved towards the hand of the one who originally wanted to steal Lin Feng’s bow. He had thought that when Lin Feng was struck with the thunderous energies, even if he didn’t die, he would at least be paralyzed. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng wouldn’t be affected by thunders at all. They were already so close to each other that that cultivators couldn’t dodge Lin Feng’s halberd anymore. Suddenly, the halberd ended up in that cultivator’s throat and they died.
“Curse!” said Lin Feng suddenly turning around. He released cursing energies at his enemies.
“Destroy!” Lin Feng pulled back his halberd and released sharp, blade-like energies at another opponent. A few hundreds of thousands of gems moved to Lin Feng’s third eye.

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