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PMG Chapter 1174: Yi Ren Lei

PMG Chapter 1174: Yi Ren Lei

Even though the landscape was becoming more distinct, that strong wind was still blowing and emitting sharp whistling sounds

That place was filled with deadly energies and in the distance, there was a myriad of silhouettes. There were less than five hundred people left from the Ba Huang province left. Those people were all extraordinarily cultivators with dazzling blue fate seeds in their third eyes.

“I hope Meng Qing and the others are here too.” thought Lin Feng glancing around. He realized that the most central place was the source. Its water was a precious treasure, seemingly capable of giving birth to new life or instantly killing people.

There were four beams of light and everybody could see them: four palaces, four lofty shrines. It was as if the shrine was following them. And that Fortune Shrine followed them no matter where they were.

“Lin Feng!” said someone extremely loudly. It was Yuan Fei.

Yuan Fei’s facial expression was strange, his Qi was ferocious and terrifying. In the beast palace, he had probably obtained incredible treasures.
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“This place looks like the battle from the past.” said Lin Feng. The air was filled with death and many people were walking towards the source in the middle. However, two people were struck by lightning and died instantly, so everyone stopped. That place seemed to be dangerous.

“Indeed, I have the same feeling. The elemental area was the city and this here seems to be the battlefield.We can even hear all the sounds of the war here.” said Yuan Fei glancing around. He was also wondering why the Diviner had sent everybody in there.

“Meng Qing, Huang Fu Long.” Lin Feng saw Meng Qing and Huang Fu Long and called out for them. They also joined the group.

Lin Feng continued looking for people he knew: Qiong Qi, the dragon king, Duan Wu Dao, Qiu Yue Xin, Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba.

“Lin Feng!” shouted a voice. Lin Feng frowned and then he saw someone come towards him. That person was robust and looked quite strong. Lin Feng was beyond happy to see him. That young man also smiled at Lin Feng in a resplendent way.

“Huang Fu Long!” shouted that person running towards them.

Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long both smiled in a resplendent way and both walked towards the young man.

The three young men clapped each others’ fists and tapped their shoulders, they were happy to be together again!

“Mo Xi, how did you survive?”

The young man who had arrived was Jun Mo Xi!

“I ended up in a small world and was teleported out.” replied Jun Mo Xi. Then, he looked at Huang Fu Long and said, “You’re alive too, I’m happy. Where are You You and Yun Fei Yang?”

“I don’t know. I still haven’t seen them.” said Huang Fu Long clenching his fists. He was still worried for his friends. After the events in the Huang Sea, what had happened to Tang You You and Yun Fei Yang?

“They’ll be alright. I’m sure they’re alright. They probably found some small worlds in the Huang Sea like you guys.” said Lin Feng. In fact, he was worried too, but hoped they had found small worlds and teleported out.

“Indeed.” nodded Jun Mo Xi. He turned around and said, “Xiao Die, come here.”

Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long were surprised to see a girl walking over to Jun Mo Xi. She was extremely beautiful and her Qi was extraordinary. Apparently, Jun Mo Xi had some luck since they last met.

“Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long are my friends and they are like my brothers.” said Jun Mo Xi introducing his friends to the girl. Then, Jun Mo Xi looked at his friends and said, “She’s my future wife, my fiancée!”

She looked at Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long and nodded, smiling in a resplendent way.

“You guys are lucky to have such beautiful wives!” said Huang Fu Long smiling fatuously. Jun Mo Xi looked over at Meng Qing and said, “Lin Feng, I’m happy that she’s recovered. Congratulations.”

“I’ll introduce you to a nice girl someday.” said Jun Mo Xi to Huang Fu Long, then everybody laughed.

Xiao Die then looked at Yuan Fei, she looked surprised and curious. Jun Mo Xi’s friends had some high-class friends.

“Oh right, that’s Yuan Fei… Jun Mo Xi.” said Lin Feng. Yuan Fei smiled and said, “Jun Mo Xi, haha, I know who you are. Damn, I wouldn’t have thought I’d meet you so soon, awesome, bro! This must be fate!!!”

Lin Feng was confused, did Yuan Fei hear about Jun Mo Xi before…? He wouldn’t have thought he’d meet him so soon? What did Yuan Fei mean?

“Well, maybe.” said Jun Mo Xi clapping hands with Yuan Fei. Yuan Fei looked very happy. All of Lin Feng’s friends were now acquainted.

“Lin Feng, do you have any alcohol?” asked Jun Mo Xi.

“I do.” said Lin Feng nodding. He still had some hot unit left, so he took out some bottles.

“Hehe, awesome, we’re going to drink.” said Yuan Fei smiling happily. Everybody sat down and cheered, “Cheers!”

“Kacha!” everybody drank.

“Good stuff!” said Yuan Fei. “More!”

Lin Feng said nothing and took out more bottles, then they all continued drinking together. Those strong cultivators were in the middle of an ancient battlefield and drinking alcohol, what a scene!

“Unfortunately, You You and Fei Yang aren’t with us.” said Jun Mo Xi sighing. He hoped all his friends could be with him right then.

Many people from a distance looked at them with surprise. Under such circumstances, some people were getting drunk as if the outside world had nothing to do with them?

Another beautiful girl came up to them.

“Xiao Die, you seem happy! Can I have a drink too?” said that girl.

“Your Excellency has so many fate seeds, can I have a few?” said that girl looking at Lin Feng. That girl even did a puppy-dog face when she asked Lin Feng.

He grinded his teeth and came back to his senses.

“Yi Ren Lei, if you want to have a glass, I don’t mind.” said Xiao Die. She seemed to know that girl. She was also one of the four most-beautiful women of Ba Huang Province.

“My brother has a wife anyways, so don’t flirt with him.” said Yuan Fei at the girl. That girl now seemed scared.

“Yuan Fei, Yi Ren Lei was just joking.” said Xiao Die.

Lin Feng frowned. He had become a lot stronger those days, but when he looked at that girl, he felt strange. It was as if a simple yet meaningful glance could influence him.

“That girl is from the Heaven’s Desires Palace, she can cast illusion spells. She’s also one of the ten strongest cultivators from the Ba Huang Province and she’s the only girl in the top ten. Few men can resist her beauty.” said Yuan Fei. He apparently respected that girl a lot.

One of the ten strongest cultivators from Ba Huang, no wonder. That girl also had five blue fate seeds in her third eye!

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