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PMG Chapter 1175: The Ten Strongest Cultivators

PMG Chapter 1175: The Ten Strongest Cultivators

Five fate seeds, that meant 500,000 gems! Lin Feng didn’t know what kind of special powers she had, but only one meaningful glance was enough to make him lose control. With such powers, she might just need to look at men to make them hand over their fate seeds.

“The Heaven’s Desires Palace has a special skill called Kamadhatu – the Six Heavens of Desire and Passion, it’s a very powerful skill. She’s the holy girl of the Heaven’s Desires Palace and her social status is similar to Xue Bi Yao’s status, but she’s a lot stronger. Many men are in love with Xue Bi Yao, but even more are in love with Yi Ren Lei and her illusion magic. She’s interested in vitality energies and she practices four different types of abstruse energies.” explained Yuan Fei. Yuan Fei was strong, but even he had to admit that Yi Ren Lei was strong.

“Who are the others in the top ten?” asked Lin Feng.

“They’re all here. Ba Huang Province is divided into eight areas (translator’s note: ba means eight, huang means desolate), east, west, south, north, south east, north east, south west and north west, but because it is difficult to differentiate the areas, many people say: eastern part of Ba Huang, southern part of Ba Huang, western part of Ba Huang, northern part of Ba Huang, central part of Ba Huang, brutal part of Ba Huang, celestial part of Ba Huang, and sanguinary part of Ba Huang. Each part is vast and has its own groups of influence. If we have to classify the areas in terms of strength, the central part of Ba Huang is the strongest and the northern part of Ba Huang, where Tiantai is, is the weakest.”

“The central part of Ba Huang has the four cities outside of Fortune City and each city has imperial clans or powerful groups of influence, Jiange is included in this. The central part of Ba Huang has three geniuses: Si Kong Xiao from the Si Kong Clan, Wen Tian Ge from the Wen Clan and Mu Fan Chen from the Magic World Heavenly Palace. Then, in the eastern part of Ba Huang, there’s Qi Tian Sheng from the Qi Clan, there’s Fu Hei from Fire Mountain in the southern part of Ba Huang. in the western part of Ba Huang, there is Bai Qiu Luo from the Sunset Pavilion. From the brutal part of Ba Huang, there’s Mo Peng from the Bestial Imperial Palace. In the celestial part of Ba Huang there is the Buddhist monk Kong Ming Xiao from the Celestial Thunder Temple and Yi Ren Lei from the Heaven’s Desires Palace. And finally, in the sanguinary part of Ba Huang there is Wu Tian from the Abyss of Sufferings.” explained Yuan Fei.

Lin Feng now better understood how Ba Huang Province worked, but he didn’t know the details from them all still.

“Fu Hei from the Fire Mountain in the southern part of Ba Huang, Wu Tian from the Abyss of Sufferings in the sanguinary part of Ba Huang.” whispered Lin Feng. He was interested in the both of them. Fu Hei was one of the ten strongest people in Ba Huang, that bastard had cheated him. He had even hidden people inside his sleeves.

And Wu Tian reminded Lin Feng of Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s.

“Fu Hei is a bastard, he possess a fire-body and is quite strong. He can roast and eat tigers.” said Yuan Fei. Lin Feng wasn’t surprised, other people also knew how sly Fu Hei was apparently.

“And Wu Tian.. Wu Tian comes from the Abyss of Sufferings who are imperial assassins. They hope that he will be as glorious as Emperor Wu Tian Jian, so he ended up with that name.”
“Yuan Fei, you come from the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, that must be in the brutal part of Ba Huang right? Can you not contend against Mo Peng from the Bestial Imperial Palace?” asked Lin Feng. Yuan Fei was a frank and an honest person, he wouldn’t mind a direct question. Those people from the Bestial Imperial Palace had chosen an aggressive name.

“Do you know what Mo Peng’s body consists of?” asked Yuan Fei. Lin Feng shook his head.

“A great oriental greenfinch roc, a godly bird. Mo Peng is the third strongest cultivator on the list. In Ba Huang, he’s considered as a peerless cultivator in terms of speed and physical strength.” said Yuan Fei.

“But even though they’re considered the ten strongest cultivators of Ba Huang Province, we’re in Fortune City now and many more incredibly strong cultivators have come here. After all we went through in Fortune City, maybe some people are going to rise up and those people will fall down the rankings.”

“In Ba Huang Province, people like to classify things, so that’s why they like having a top ten. From generation to generation, geniuses of the Tian Qi layer are classified and everybody is amazed by those people. In the end, if they don’t die, they usually become terrifying cultivators. For example, the ten strongest cultivators of the last generation have already become all-powerful Zun cultivators, your fellow disciple Hou Qing Lin is just an example. Lin Feng, you’ll have such opportunities too.” said Yuan Fei smiling.

Lin Feng was captivated and continued nodding that he understood. People liked to classify geniuses everywhere, not only in Ba Huang Province. Back then, Xue Yue also had a ranking system, but now that was a thing of the past.

“You too.” said Lin Feng smiling in a friendly way. Lin Feng was feeling determined, he’d have to defeat those people if he wanted to replace them someday.

“Hehe, and all our brothers and sisters. We will all have such opportunities.” said Yuan Fei looking at Meng Qing, Jun Mo Xi… He had seen Meng Qing fight only once, but he was impressed. He heard about Jun Mo Xi too, he had heard that he had come back to life from certain extreme circumstances.

“Everybody will.” said Lin Feng. He couldn’t wait to be a peerless cultivator. He recalled back when he was a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, and now he’s trying to understand abstruse energies. What would he be doing ten years from now?

“The power gap is also related to its geographical position, In the other provinces, there are many places suitable for cultivation, so many emperors chose to settle there before. Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu are new emperors so they were left to settle in the northern part of Ba Huang. The northern part of Ba Huang is near the sea and has the Huang Sea to deal with. There aren’t so many precious treasures in that land.”

“Maybe.” said Lin Feng smiling. At that moment, some lights started dazzling and illuminating the space above them. Ten bridges appeared and at the same time, a hologram appeared. It was a person with a star robe, his hair was long and white, he looked like a god or a wizard, not like a normal human being.

Everybody was staring at the old man, one name came to their mind: the Diviner!

Was that old man the Diviner?

The old man looked at the crowd. It was as if he knew everybody. Unconsciously, people feared him.

If that old man was the Diviner, who was he exactly? What was his cultivation level?

To create a city like Fortune City to which even great emperors didn’t dare go, he must have been incredible. Lin Feng couldn’t even imagine.

“The reincarnation wheel is going to roll. Those ten bridges connect the areas of this place. You all will divide into ten groups and choose from the bridges that have appeared. The number of people who can make it onto the bridges is limited. Of course, if you choose to go to the same bridge as some weaker people, you might just be killed by the environment!” said the old man with a resplendent smile.

This time, the strongest cultivators were going to stand out. Their lives were in the hands of destiny!

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