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PMG Chapter 1177: Intent, Abstruse Energies and the Zun Qi layer

PMG Chapter 1177: Intent, Abstruse Energies and the Zun Qi layer

Everybody looked nice and happy, but everybody understood that once on those bridges, there would soon be tensions between them and nobody would be merciful.

The five elements were rolling in waves in the sky and were continuously oppressing the cultivators on the bridges. Things looked apocalyptic all around them. The deadly energies made everyone believe even more that this was a battlefield and that everybody was going to have to fight to survive.

From time to time, there was a fire which made people sweat, sometimes there was ice which chilled everyone to the bone, sometimes there were golden winds as sharp as blades, sometimes mud appeared which slowed their movements, and sometimes there was wood.

Apart from those five elements, there were terrifying thunders which were always looming. Many people couldn’t dodge the lightning and had to endure the pain.

Yi Ren Lei lead the way so the pressure was the greatest for her, but she was still smiling. She smiled at Xue Bi Yao and Feng Xuan while saying, “Two sisters, one has an ancient phoenix body and the other one has a celestial body. Both of you use energies related to life and vitality. I’m a bit envious.”

“Yi Ren Lei, you’re one of the ten strongest cultivators of Ba Huang Province, my sister and Xue Bi Yao are the envious ones!” said Xue Ling. She was young but in the future, she’d be extremely beautiful.

“Yi Ren Lei can use four types of abstruse energies, so I have a long way to go before I can catch up with you.” said Xue Bi Yao. Even though she sounded indifferent, everybody knew she didn’t like competitions.

“I only know three. This time, the Diviner created ten bridges and each bridge can help people study abstruse energies. I’m sure that the worst of us will still be able to learn one type of abstruse energy. I’m almost certain that the Diviner is looking for someone who can understand ten different sorts of abstruse energies this time.”

“Do you think such people exist?” asked Feng Xuan.

“No matter what the others think, I am convinced there are some.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling in a resplendent way. The beautiful girls were walking, talking and laughing. People sighed as they watched the scene.

But concerning their topic, not many people believed that someone could understand ten different types of abstruse energies.

“Abstruse energies are related to a person’s body. Some people are considered strong, like you Yi Ren Lei, because they already understand four types of abstruse energies.” said Feng Xuan.

Abstruse strength was close to soul strength in that it was linked to the cultivator’s body. Some very talented cultivators could understand a second or a third type of abstruse energies, but that was already incredible. Feng Xuan knew some people who understood four, five, six or even seven types of abstruse energies, but those people were already astonishingly powerful. She couldn’t believe that anyone could understand ten types.
“Because I know that a thousand years ago, someone could understand ten different types of abstruse energies, so why wouldn’t I believe it?” said Yi Ren Lei smiling, making the girls shiver. A thousand years ago, someone actually understood ten different types of abstruse energies!?


“The demon emperor… the peerless demon emperor!” said Yi Ren Lei indifferently. Everybody shivered when they heard that name. Everybody knew his name, but few people knew about his life. How did Yi Ren Lei know that the demon emperor understood ten different types of abstruse energies? Was it true?

“Not only that, according to legends, there are also cultivators who understood abstruse energies before they even broke through to the Zun Qi layer and had leveled it up to the maximum.” said Yi Ren Lei indifferently. How was that possible?

The Continent of the Nine Clouds was gigantic, were there really such people?

“Maybe.” whispered Feng Xuan. Did such people really exist?

“Not maybe, I know it. I also heard that five thousand years ago, Emperor Wu Tian Jian used a sword technique and knew ten different types of abstruse energies.” said Yi Ren Lei like it wasn’t a big deal.

Lin Feng put a tablet in his mouth and chewed it while the continued moving. When he heard the demon emperor’s name, he shivered.

“Ten types… that almost sounds like me!” Lin Feng had a strange feeling. Could he become such a monstrous cultivator?

Lin Feng was unhappy when he first arrived in the world because he didn’t have a special body or special tools, but when he studied sword cultivation, he easily understood sword intent, when he studied wind, he understood wind wind, then fire, thunder, empty space, vitality, plus his spirit which, in the future, would have something to do with abstruse energies. At that point he would know five-six sorts of abstruse energies.

He had also studied holy marks and alchemy, even though he didn’t know much in those fields, he made quick progress in their fields. He could also learn bestial skills and had even managed to understand desolate Qi!

The demon emperor… Lin Feng couldn’t stop thinking about it, and then he smiled.

Maybe he really was like the demon emperor!

“Chomp chomp!” Lin Feng put another abstruse tablet in his mouth.

“Brother, what are you eating?” asked someone at that moment.

Lin Feng looked at him, that man was very handsome.

“Abstruse tablets!” said Lin Feng indifferently. The young man’s eyes twinkled, he smiled and said, “You’re really incredible.”

Then, he walked forwards as if he wanted to get closer to Yi Ren Lei.

The people behind Lin Feng were speechless when they heard him, abstruse tablets? He was eating such precious treasures like mere chewing gum?

Lin Feng turned around and saw those people were annoyed. Lin Feng had a few abstruse tablets on him, so why not enjoy them? He had to get his intent levels up to level nine.

Lin Feng had taken great efforts to obtain those tablets. He even spent fate seeds to find some while his sword found some others. So, why not use them if he could afford it?

Lin Feng took out another abstruse tablet and threw it into his mouth again.

They were also surprised that he had just eaten tablets of several different types. Did he think he could study all these kinds of strength? Or was he just eating them like candies?!

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