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PMG Chapter 1178: Church of Desire

PMG Chapter 1178: Church of Desire

“Kaboom!” Terrifying thunders suddenly struck Lin Feng. It was as if karma was paying him back for acting so care-free a moment before. Many people now smiled in a cold way. However, they quickly realized that the thunders flowed throughout his body, and then they saw him put another tablet in his mouth as if nothing had happened.

The five elemental energies continued attacking, but Lin Feng remained unaffected. When he swallowed a fire abstruse tablet, he then studied fire abstruse energies. When he swallowed a wind abstruse tablet, he studied wind abstruse energies, sensing the wind brushing against his body.

“Boom boom boom!” At that moment, more lightning struck down. The crowd looked at that special place in the horizon, it looked apocalyptic. Soon  after that barrage of lightning, many abstruse tablets exploded and fell from the sky.

“Abstruse tablets!” The crowd became overwhelmed with greed!

“Bzzz… bzzz…” many people rose up in the air to take the abstruse tablets, but the energies were too oppressive and prevented them from rising up.

“Ah…” someone gave a horrible shriek as their head exploded in the air. The people behind him had attacked him to prevent him from taking the tablets.

Yi Ren Lei rose up in the air too, she looked as if she were dancing. She continuously moved around and grabbed abstruse tablets.

Feng Xuan and Xue Bi Yao also started gathering abstruse tablets. Lin Feng took out his Tian Ji Sword, which easily rose in the air and attracted abstruse tablets like a magnet. Many people looked at that move enviously.

“Come back!” shouted Lin Feng loudly. His Tian Ji Sword came back and Lin Feng took all the abstruse tablets.

At the same time, the crowd also flew back down to the bridge.

“You’re fast, little boy!” said Yuan Fei. Lin Feng rolled his eyes. Yuan Fei was talking to Lin Feng’s sword and had even called it a little boy. He could be funny sometimes.

Lin Feng smiled and took an abstruse tablet. It was dazzling and contained pure energies. It was blue and it was a vitality abstruse tablet.

“Perfect, I wanted to understand that kind of strength.” thought Lin Feng smiling. His third eye was filled with vitality Qi from his fate seeds, now it was about time for him to start studying it. Would he ever be able to understand ten different types of energies?
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Lin Feng put the tablet in his mouth and closed his eyes. He calmly sensed the energy of life, vitality abstruse energy. It was if he was a newborn discovering what it felt like to live for the first time. He could feel his organs, bones and muscles acutely. No wonder Yi Ren Lei was interested in that kind of strength: the strength of life. What a subtle, mystical and incredible sensation!

“There are too many people. The bridges aren’t large enough and the abstruse tablets are limited. Shouldn’t we clean up a bit?” said the young man who had talked to Lin Feng just before, but now he was talking to Yi Ren Lei.

“You’re right. Let’s clean up some.” said someone else on the next bridge over.

Two silhouettes rose up in the air. Many people were now looking at Lin Feng. After arriving there, Lin Feng’s special power to hide his Qi had stopped working. People could now see that he had only broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer now. Sixth Tian Qi layer, seven blue fate seeds, many abstruse tablets… Lin Feng hadn’t been discreet!

Meng Qing released an ice-cold Qi that instantly chilled the crowd.

At the same time, Jun Mo Xi, Xiao Die and the others arrived next to Lin Feng and released their own energies.

“We definitely need to clean out the trash.” more of the crowd was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. That guy had too many friends.

Lin Feng looked calm though, as if nothing was happening around him. His eyes were closed and he was sensing vitality energies. It was exactly like Yi Ren Lei had said, people who would survive would be the ones who had the potential to understand abstruse energies. However, it depended on how well they could understand them, or how many types they could understand. Lin Feng wanted to benefit from Fortune City’s opportunities to the fullest. After leaving, he wouldn’t have such great opportunities to understand abstruse energies again. And it definitely wouldn’t be easy to find abstruse tablets in the outside world.

Yi Ren Lei ignored what was happening over there and continued walking. She smiled in a resplendent way, then turned around and said to everybody, “You’re right, we need to fix this. Only thirty people can continue to this new area.

“So, I’m going first!” said Yi Ren Lei smiling. Then she turned around and entered the new area.

“Eh?” Everybody was astonished. Indeed, even though they could see Yi Ren Lei, it was like a hallucination for she had already entered another area.

“Let’s go.” Many people started running as fast as they could. Yuan Fei immediately hit a lot of people with his wooden stick and sent them flying backwards.

“Let’s go!” said Yuan Fei. Meng Qing and Jun Mo Xi followed them to the next area.

It was the same for all the bridges. As they got closer to the special areas, the Qi was becoming thicker.

After thirty people reached the next area, the bridges cut themselves and the people who were stuck on the previous levels looked at each other coldly.

In people’s heads, memories suddenly appeared. They understood that the battles were going to start now.

From that moment on, they had one month to practice cultivation and after that month, they would continue on to the next level. Only twenty people would continue to the next level which meant ten people had to be eliminated during that month.

“We’re almost there, we’re getting close to the purest vitality energies.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling in a resplendent way. Then, she sat down and began studying the vitality energies: the energies of life.

Of course, apart from the energy of life, people could also sense all the basic elemental energies too, including thunder and wind energies.

Lin Feng took out a vitality abstruse tablet and put it in his mouth. Lin Feng needed to continue improving himself.

A young man with bestial eyes glanced at the crowd, from time to time at Yi Ren Lei, from time to time at Xue Bi Yao, Feng Xuan, and Meng Qing. From time to time, he also glanced at Lin Feng in a cold way.

“Zong Ren Yu, you practice passion and desire cultivation, but you better behave yourself here!” said Yuan Fei to the young man who was glancing at all the girls. He was from the Church of Desire which was also found in the celestial part of Ba Huang. The Church of Desire and the Heaven’s Desires Palace were two powerful yet unconventional groups. The Heaven’s Desires Palace only accepted beautiful girl and taught them how to use their beauty to attack other people.

The Church of Desire only accepted men and taught them passion and desire skills. People from the Church of Desire liked the women from the Heaven’s Desires Palace, but because Yi Ren Lei was stronger than Zong Ren Yu, he couldn’t do anything.

The Heaven’s Desires Palace and the Church of Desire had many powerful cultivators.

“I was thinking, who are we going to eliminate?” said Zong Ren Yu smiling evilly. He then looked at the other people and said, “I think we should join hands.”

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