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PMG Chapter 1179: Celestial Palace of the Immortals’ Descendant

PMG Chapter 1179: Celestial Palace of the Immortals’ Descendant

Lin Feng wasn’t strong because he had only broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer, so he wouldn’t be difficult to deal with, but he had strong friends such as Yuan Fei and the beautiful girl in the white clothes with the ice Qi.

Jun Mo Xi and Xiao Die were also extraordinary. If he wanted to eliminate Lin Feng, he couldn’t do it alone.

“We should start by eliminating weak cultivators indeed. But, relying on other people’s strength is not acceptable.”

“Hehe, indeed.” everybody started talking.

If they killed Lin Feng, they’d get seven blue fate seeds. They would easily withstand the lightning strikes after that. Besides, they’d also have the opportunity to use those fate seeds at some point. Apart from his fate seeds, they wanted his abstruse tablets and holy weapons.

“If you eliminate people who are not related to me, I don’t mind, but you can’t eliminate people who are with me, otherwise, try and you’ll see.” said Yuan Fei ferociously. Many people frowned. In the Ba Huang Province, apart from the ten strongest geniuses, there were also people like Yuan Fei who were extremely strong that they didn’t want to provoke.

“I can take care of Yuan Fei.” said Zong Ren Yu at that moment. Then, sharp lights appeared in the other people’s eyes.

“If you don’t practice cultivation and become stronger, how will you eliminate the other people? You’re the ones who are going to be eliminated if you don’t.” said Xiao Die at that moment. Yi Ren Lei, Xue Bi Yao, Feng Xuan were all practicing cultivation already, sensing the energies and understanding them. Lin Feng was doing the same as well.

“That girl is not bad, even though she’s not as hot as the four most beautiful girls of Ba Huang, I’d go for her. Zong Ren Yu, you want to have some fun with her as well?” said someone smiling evilly. But Zong Ren Yu glanced at him and ignored him. That guy was stupid. That girl rarely came out so not many people knew her.

Jun Mo Xi slowly turned around and looked at that person.

“Boom!” Jun Mo Xi’s fist turned golden as he punched the air in that guy’s direction.

“Die!” he also punched the air in Jun Mo Xi’s direction. He didn’t think that Jun Mo Xi could injure him. That guy completely turned to gold and threw himself at Jun Mo Xi. He understood gold intent so he didn’t fear Jun Mo Xi.

“Slash, slash!” strength pierced through his golden body and reached his vital organs. His face turned deathly pale.


A terrifying strength bombarded Jun Mo Xi’s body.

However, Jun Mo Xi immediately recovered and golden lights appeared around him as well. His opponent continued punching him, but it was useless. Jun Mo Xi’s blood was boiling and he was recovering with insane speed.

“Die!” shouted Jun Mo Xi furiously. In a flash, that guy was violently propelled backwards and his life had almost entirely been taken, he only had one mouthful of air left.

“That’s… vital abstruse energy?”

After that, he closed his eyes. The others were talking.

“No, it’s not. It’s not vital abstruse energy because no Qi appeared…” What was that? There was only one possibility, an immortal body!

“You’re from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals!” said someone suddenly! Immortal blood, immortal abstruse energies!

Finally, they thought about someone. The news was very recent that the emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals had found his descendant and had transmitted his immortal body as well as his immortal skills. He had replaced his descendant’s blood hoping he would become strong very quickly.

At the same time, the emperor had also made his granddaughter, Xiao Die, marry his descendant!

Many people were jealous of that news and now it seemed like he was in front of them!

If that guy was the one, then the girl they had just humiliated was… Xiao Die!

Many people were angry. Yuan Fei was enough, now two more important people had appeared!

Jun Mo Xi looked at them, but wanted to meet his gaze. Another genius! Maybe he would become one of the strongest cultivators in the province and replace the previous ones.

“You…” Huang Fu Long looked at Jun Mo Xi, scratched his head and smiled wryly, “You managed to survive the difficulties of the Huang Sea and it seems like your luck didn’t stop after that.”

Jun Mo Xi shrugged and smiled. In the Huang Sea, not only had he survived, but he had also teleported to a place near the Celestial Palace of the Immortals. Then, he had encountered Xiao Die and he didn’t know who she was back then. They became close to each other quickly and after that, Xiao Die brought him to her house. Jun Mo Xi initially didn’t know what the Celestial Palace of the Immortals was. But then he had met the emperor and what a coincidence, his body was similar to the emperor’s! So, he received the emperor’s teachings, blood and skillset.

“I hope You You and Fei Yang were as lucky as you!” said Huang Fu Long smiling. Being as lucky as Jun Mo Xi would be difficult, the Celestial Palace of the Immortals was an incredible place after all.

The crowd calmed down after they learnt what Jun Mo Xi and Xiao Die’s social status was. Nobody wanted to provoke them now.

The crowd looked around. One person had died so nine more were left.

“No…” whispered someone.

“How come there are only 28 people!” he was in disbelief.

“Twenty eight people!” the crowd hadn’t even counted. They then counted and their facial expressions changed. Twenty eight people?!

Jun Mo Xi had just killed one person which meant that only twenty nine people had made it originally.

“Impossible.” thought the crowd. They looked around, someone was hiding, but nobody could see that person.

“I don’t know if you’re a Watcher or an Assassin, but you should come out now.” said Zong Ren Yu indifferently.

Many people felt like they were in danger suddenly.

“interesting.” whispered Yuan Fei. Surprisingly, someone had come in secret. There were the ten strongest cultivators of Ba Huang Province there, but there were also incredibly strong cultivators, the Watchers and the Assassins. People had heard that the seventh assassin came to Fortune City, maybe that mysterious person was one of the seven assassins too!

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