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PMG Chapter 1180: Occupy, Invade and Kill

PMG Chapter 1180: Occupy, Invade and Kill

Yuan Fei hit the ground with his wooden stick and made the ground shake. Then he sat down and practiced cultivation as well. Who would dare attack him?

The crowd calmed down. Not many people could sit down and practice cultivation calmly, some people were scared for their safety. Maybe they would be attacked after closing their eyes? Some other people were scared because there was someone that nobody could see. The three beautiful girls of Ba Huang were practicing cultivation calmly and worriless.

The people who could become emperors were different from other people.

More than twenty days passed and the girls practicing cultivation at the front were surrounded by vitality. They had managed to understand vitality intent was good for Xue Bi Yao and Feng Xuan, but Yi Ren Lei didn’t know what was good for her, just that vitality energies were not bad to have.

The crowd was surprised that Lin Feng and his wife had also managed to study vitality intent. Was vitality intent of any use to him and his wife? The crowd didn’t understand.

Some people couldn’t help but fight there. Some people were killed by surprise, some others because they kept staring at the beautiful girls and forgot to watch themselves. Some were too weak, and in the end, they were eliminated and died. A month had almost passed so some people were getting ready to fight to move on to the next step.

Those who had been practicing cultivation since the start, now opened their eyes. Lin Feng smiled and swallowed another vitality abstruse tablet, how pleasant! Then, he closed his eyes again and studied vitality intent again.

“He should die.” said someone talking about Lin Feng. Lin Feng was the weakest one left and he was practicing cultivation safely in front of everyone else only because so many people were protecting him. The young master from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals, the young master from the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, the celestial girl… and on top of that he ate abstruse tablets like they were cheap candies.

But nobody had attacked him since the first day.

Finally, a full month passed. Lin Feng stopped practicing cultivation and he was smiling was resplendently. He stood up, looked at his friends, and said, “Yuan Fei, some people want to be the first ones to go to the next level, let’s see who will make it?”

“Eh… How cruel!” thought the crowd.

“Hehe, let’s see!” said Yuan Fei laughing. He raised his gigantic wooden stick and remaining no-names took a few steps back. Then he hit the ground and a gigantic canyon appeared.

“Cross that hole and I’ll hit you with my stick!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously.

“Haha, are you just sitting and waiting for death?” asked Zong Ren Yu. Someone came to him and said, “We have so many people, so why do we fear him?”

“Hwee!” a sound spread in the air. That person lowered his head as a black flame appeared on his heart and he died. He didn’t even know how he had died.

“People with evil intentions should die.” said Lin Feng indifferently and mockingly. He looked at Zong Ren Yu and said, “Some people better shut the hell up.”

Even though what Lin Feng said wasn’t pleasant to hear, it wasn’t groundless. The one who had just died didn’t even know who or what had killed him.

“Those who have managed to make it this far are all tough, just think about it.” said Lin Feng laughing.

“Boom boom boom!” The ground seemed like it was going to collapse and a strong wind buffeted the cultivators’ bodies.

“Kaboom!” Lightning struck the crowd and many people didn’t have time to react, so died instantly. In that brief moment, twenty people moved to the next step and the others failed.

“What a powerful strength.” thought Lin Feng. They arrived in the next area and the energies were even thicker there. They were nearing the special places where gold, wood, fire, earth, water and thunder energies were even more intense. And now, some pure abstruse energies were also present in the air.

“Kaboom!” Thunders continued striking the ground. Then, many abstruse tablets appeared. Lin Feng shouted and unsheathed his sword to grab some.

Everybody moved at the same time and with extreme speed. Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword made its way back to him and had brought back a few dozen abstruse tablets. Lin Feng was satisfied. He instantly swallowed another vitality abstruse tablet. His vitality and empty space intent were the only ones which weren’t level nine now. All his other types of intent were one step away from becoming abstruse energies.

“Give me some abstruse tablets!” shouted someone furiously. Bestial Qi dashed to the skies and moved towards Lin Feng.

“The thunderbird!” the crowd turned around and saw the thunderbird attacking. The different bridges were now getting closer to each other so the thunderbird could see Lin Feng.

“You again!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. His wooden stick blotted out the sky and crashed on the thunderbird violently. Explosions sounded and Yuan Fei was propelled backwards.

“Abstruse strength!” The thunderbird’s thunders had already reached the strength of abstruse energies.

“I’ll teach you what abstruse energies are!” shouted the thunderbird furiously. Thunders rolled in the air and then condensed. Then, he released more energies at Lin Feng and his friends.

“I’ll teach you!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. He released a terrifying Qi which dashed to the skies as well. He raised his wooden stick and struck it down. At the same time, mountains appeared in the sky and fell down.

“Boom boom boom…” the terrifying thunders broke the mountains, but Yuan Fei jumped forwards and roared. An ape appeared from his back. Yuan Fei was furious, the thunderbird had learnt how to use abstruse energy so now he was acting too arrogantly.

“Only ten people can go to the next area. If you think you have no chances here, go to their bridge and try to move to their next area.” said Qi Tian Sheng laughing and pointing at Lin Feng. Qi Tian Sheng was on the empty space bridge to improve his deployment spells. Even if they were going to be eliminated on that bridge. They could still steal other people’s areas.

“It’s an opportunity, Yuan Fei is distracted. Only ten people can go to the next area, if you count the girls and them, you all won’t make the cut. It’s your last chance.” said Zong Ren Yu in a serious way.

The crowd suddenly released terrifying energies. They had to join hands to eliminate Lin Feng and the others.

“It’s your chance now, you should join hands and invade their bridge. You all can still win!” said Qi Jiao Jiao pointing at them again. Many people looked at that bridge and thought they might have a chance against them!

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  1. Belkar April 6, 2018 at 6:10 pm - Reply

    Thank you!

  2. Giongi April 6, 2018 at 6:23 pm - Reply

    ‘They had managed to understand vitality intent was good for Xue Bi Yao and Feng Xuan, but Yi Ren Lei didn’t know what was good for her, just that vitality energies were not bad to have.’
    This sentence doesn’t really flow easily.

  3. hangtimewolt April 7, 2018 at 9:27 am - Reply

    Lin feng- 6th tian level
    Lvl max sword
    Lvl max fire (Void fire)
    Lvl max wind
    lvl max thunder
    lvl ? vitality
    lvl ? empty space
    3 face Buddha/human/demon
    Dragon blood (dragon egg inside him)
    Xuan Shi stone
    Jade emperor palace
    Demon seal stones
    Blood sword
    Face change masks
    2 boats/life boats
    Evil spirit
    Ice tower- no animals currently contained (meng qing)
    abtruse tablets- variety.
    Holy weapons:
    Emperor Wu Tian Jian sword (x3)
    tian Ji sword
    Curse staff (?)
    Godly awareness bells
    Godly awareness jade palace (think should have picked a dif name)
    Beastial awareness
    Ling long’s Celestial Qi
    desolate Qi
    Demon qi
    Empty space beastial illusion technique
    strength of the Herukas
    xiao yao agility technique
    Fire flag
    Spatial world flag
    9 headed dragon spirit
    Voodoo Sharman head
    Shadow spirit
    Silver wings
    Book spirit pages
    1: world of darkness
    2: sword
    3: fire
    4: landscape with sealing strength
    (Bonus- believe he put the word of the palace into his spirit book?)

    • Felipe Esgalha January 26, 2019 at 3:10 am - Reply

      He has only one life saving boat the other is with the guy of the dragon axe I forgot his name

  4. Jon April 7, 2018 at 6:23 pm - Reply

    “Sheng was on the empty space bridge to improve “her” deployment spells”
    He is now a she?

  5. Ezura December 5, 2018 at 12:49 am - Reply

    Yet again the people in this novel are so strange. They’re cultivators who should be of strong mind and will, especially to get to where they are here yet they’re unable to control their lust whatsoever. So pathetic.

    And also as cultivators who basically can do godly things like fly in the air, go without food and drink, wield elemental powers, have immortal bodies, basically do some pretty unbelievably strange yet powerful things but yet are so fixated on levels. He’s only rank 6 therefore he’s trash and an easy kill. Yes he’s got powerful friends but have they ever wondered why such powerful people are willing to befriend him? Plus it’s only a level or two below most people, it’s not like he’s rank 3! There must be people among them who could fight outside their level so why is it that hard to believe someone else could? Especially in a place like this?

    It’s so mind blowing and sad.

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