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PMG Chapter 1182: Purple fate seeds

PMG Chapter 1182: Purple fate seeds

“One strike!” the crowd was astonished. Lin Feng had killed his opponent in one strike.

“That bastard hid his strength!”

“That sword contains empty space strength as well as thunderous energies.”

The crowd was outraged. Lin Feng had those powers during the battle before, but instead of using them, he had only relied on his halberd and bow.

The crowd hadn’t expected Lin Feng to be that strong without using any holy weapons.

Qi Jiao Jiao was just as surprised as everyone else. She had underestimated him.
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Lin Feng had killed a few people and he had killed an extremely strong cultivator, so now he now had nine blue fate seeds in his third eye. Soon, he would have purple fate seeds, which meant he’d have 10 million fate seeds!
“If I kill him, I’ll have purple fate seeds myself! Maybe then I’ll be able to go to the very central special area and change my destiny forever.” thought several people greedily.

Once in the central area, there was a special kind of thunder that created many abstruse tablets with each strike. However, if they wanted to stand in the middle, they needed to have an incredibly strong physical body.

“You wanted to take my vitality bridge, now, give me your fate seeds and I won’t kill you.” said Lin Feng who was now rising in the air slowly. He was holding his Tian Ji Sword and facing the few strong cultivators left.

The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng was threatening them?

How arrogant. Even if his sword contained terrifying thunder energies, so what? This was a six on one fight. Did Lin Feng think he could defy the laws of physics with the strength of the sixth Tian Qi layer?

“Kill him.”

“One shot, crush him and take his fate seeds.”

Terrifying energies quickly emerged. Lin Feng was insane to threaten them altogether.

“Dimensional Blade, die!” said someone raising a blade which contained empty space energies. That blade could cut open the air and empty space energies enhanced its speed. With abstruse energies, that blade could teleport itself.

“Die, empty space constriction!” shouted someone else. Lin Feng was quickly surrounded by these energies.

Lin Feng jumped forwards while releasing the force from the Earth and sky.

“Million sword fusion!” Suddenly, a millions swords appeared in the air, but in a flash, they condensed into one. Lin Feng’s sword energies destroyed the cage of energies around him and released dazzling purple thunder energies outwards.

“Ah…” someone gave a horrible shriek. His head exploded and his body disintegrated.

Threatening energies emerged from behind Lin Feng. He used his Xiao Yao agility technique as well as his level nine wind intent to evade. The attack from behind was making the ground shake, but Lin Feng’s sword suddenly shot at that person.

“Back!” that person’s face turned deathly pale. That sword was terrifying, it seemed alive and could even swallow thunder energies.

“Kaboom!” dazzling thunder energies emitted explosive sounds. The Tian Ji Sword was whistling as it approached his head and pierced through it. Another strong cultivator was dead.

“Slash, slash…” whistling blade sounds were approaching Lin Feng. Another strong cultivator had appeared in front of Lin Feng holding an empty space crystal ball in his hand.

Lin Feng’s hair was fluttering as he took out his halberd and jumped forwards, condensing all the physical strength in his body. It was as if a mountain was falling from the sky.

His halberd and the empty space crystal ball collided, however, a lightning-ball crashed onto the chest of Lin Feng’s opponent, making him shriek horribly. After which, the halberd continued moving and lacerated his body.

“Die!” An infinite amount of energies surrounded Lin Feng. someone was behind Lin Feng and was smiling evilly. After all, Lin Feng didn’t have three heads and six arms, he couldn’t do ten things at the same time.

Lin Feng was now bleeding, but he took out his armor. The enemy looked distraught because that armor was surrounded by purple energies. The enemy had no way to kill Lin Feng now.

“Die!” shouted the enemy furiously. Terrifying lightning crashed into Lin Feng’s enemy. At the same time, Lin Feng turned around quickly and condensed thunderous energies in his fist. Then, he punched the opponent in front of him.

At that same time, someone was being attacked by the Tian Ji Sword which seemed alive and could attack people by releasing its own thunderous energies.

In a flash, out of six strong cultivators, only one was left. Five people had been killed in such a short time. The crowd was astonished, they even felt dizzy. How could a cultivator of the sixth Tian Qi layer be so terrifying?

“How many kinds of intent does he know how to use?” the crowd was astonished: explosive thunderous energies, atmosphere-lacerating empty space energies, scorching hot fire energies, extremely quick wind energies.

“He knows four types of energies already?”

Besides, Lin Feng had gone to the vitality bridge, so did he understand vitality energies too?

Impossible. In any case, that was only intent, so it didn’t count. For it to count, he would have to turn those into abstruse energies in the future.

Many geniuses who understood five-six types of intent only managed to turn three into abstruse energies. Four types of abstruse energies was astonishing. No matter what, they didn’t think that Lin Feng could become one of the ten strongest cultivators of the province anyways.
The last one remaining was looking at Lin Feng evilly. He had an uneasy feeling right then because Lin Feng was smiling back at him.

“Die!” Lin Feng said only one word. His Tian Ji Sword emitted furious whistling sounds and thunderous energies emitted blasting sounds. The strong cultivator’s face turned deathly pale. He performed some hand seals and suddenly turned into an illusion, subtle sounds were heard as he became transparent. The Tian Ji Sword pierced through him, but it didn’t kill him, almost as if it had gone through a hologram. He shouted furiously and threw himself at Lin Feng. This was his last chance.

Lin Feng jumped forwards, condensing the natural force of the Earth and sky. He raised his fist and used his Gigantic Holy Spell, which made his fist as heavy as a mountain.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng’s enemy furiously.

“You won’t have any chance.” said Lin Feng condensing three different types of energies in his fist, as well as natural forces.

“Die!” Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword came back like a boomerang and pierced through his opponent’s head.

The enemy exploded and his fate seeds went to Lin Feng’s third eye.

Lin Feng grabbed his Tian Ji Sword and slowly turned around. His forehead was dazzling, it seemed like he was bathing in an explosive strength. Lin Feng now had a purple fate seed in his third eye!

Lin Feng could sense his vitality increasing, he felt stronger than ever.

“Purple, ten million gems!” the crowd was astonished. Were they hallucinating? Even the ten strongest cultivators of the province didn’t have that many. Lin Feng, a cultivator of the sixth Tian Qi layer, now had a purple fate seed.

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