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PMG Chapter 1183: Celestial Thunders – The Path of Enlightenment

PMG Chapter 1183: Celestial Thunders – The Path of Enlightenment

“Vitality is the source of life, without vitality, nothing would exist. And with these purple seeds, you feel more alive, like your body is being cleansed from impurities. It feels as if I was reborn.”

The world around him became much clearer and even more distinct. He felt much stronger too. Those purple fate seeds could make an ordinary cultivator become as strong as a dragon.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Zong Ren Yu and purple lights appeared. Zong Ren Yu smiled and said, “I helped you get a purple fate seed, let’s see how you intend to thank me.”

“With your fate seeds.” said Lin Feng. His Tian Ji Sword rose up in the air and thunders flashed.

Zong Ren Yu slightly trampled on the ground and rose up in the air, then he jumped backwards and landed a thousand meters away.

“Brother Lin, don’t exhaust yourself and keep some strength. Many people will want your purple seed.” said Zong Ren Yu smiling indifferently. He then left for another bridge.

“Useless cultivator, you can’t even manage to seduce women so all you can do now is escape. The first abstruse energy you studied must have been wind energy so you could escape.” said Yuan Fei disdainfully. Zong Ren Yu’s speed was incredible, so he probably used wind abstruse energy.

Lin Feng nodded. He had noticed how fast Zong Ren Yu was too. His Tian Ji Sword came back to him and appeared above his head. He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes, sensing the empty space abstruse energy.

“Those who dare attack me will die!” yelled Lin Feng coldly.

What an incredibly arrogant guy. He dares practice cultivation on another bridge and threatens everyone else.

“I can practice cultivation anywhere.” said Yuan Fei smiling. Then, he sat down next to Lin Feng, further surprising the crowd.

Qi Jiao Jiao’s mouth was twitching. She was fixedly staring at Lin Feng, but to Lin Feng, she didn’t exist. She was one of the four most beautiful girls of the province, so everybody found her extremely attractive. Lin Feng was different though, the only thing he did since the first time he saw her was steal her fate seeds.

Qi Jiao Jiao looked at her brother, Qi Tian Sheng who was sitting at the front of the crowd. Nobody wanted to sit next to him. He was trying to practice cultivation as much as he could, benefiting from the advantages of Fortune City, step by step. The bridges were a gift from Fortune City, how could he let such an opportunity slip?

“Practice cultivation as much as you can.” said someone to Qi Jiao Jiao. Her eyes twinkled and her mouth twitched. She walked towards Qi Tian Sheng and started practicing cultivation next to him. Her brother’s empty space intent was at level one, soon, it’d be level two.

The others also started practicing cultivation. Lin Feng had told them that he wouldn’t stay there long, so he wasn’t going to steal their open spots.

The celestial thunders struck down now and then, which caused abstruse tablets to fall from the sky. Lin Feng had managed to obtain plenty of empty space abstruse tablets during that time. With the empty space energies being so thick and rich, coupled with the tablets, his empty space intent was level nine after twenty days.

He opened his eyes and smiled. Yuan Fei and Lin Feng then went back to the other bridge and continued studying vitality energies. Vitality intent was the only one he hadn’t understood up to level nine.

He didn’t waste time, he immediately continued studying it until the end of the allocated time.

At the end of the thirty days, there were only ten people left: Lin Feng, Meng Qing, Yuan Fei, Jun Mo Xi, Xiao Die, Huang Fu Long, Yi Ren Lei, Xue Bi Yao, Feng Xuan and Feng Ling. Well, everyone could see ten people, but with the invisible one, there was one more person!

Therefore, everybody had a strange facial expression. Lin Feng was annoyed because the ten of them got along quite well. However, the extra one could be a Watcher. If that was the case, Lin Feng hoped he’d continue on as well.

On the bridge next to them, people were fighting already. Qi Tian Sheng had stopped practicing cultivation and had killed a few people and stole their fate seeds. Qi Tian Sheng didn’t choose his opponents according to their strength, he chose them according to the number of fate seeds they had and he didn’t give them any chances.

That kind of strong cultivators was merciless, they used corpses as stepping stones to become stronger.

Qi Tian Sheng wasn’t the only one. The great oriental greenfinch roc was the same on his bridge. However, he only killed human beings and was merciful towards other beasts.

“Everybody, I’m not like the others, I don’t want to fight. However, we have eleven people so we should solve that problem.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling in a seducing way.

“Don’t worry sister, I won’t continue.” said Feng Ling smiling. She then said, “I just came to see my sister, the next level won’t be as fun anymore, so I won’t be going.”

After that, she walked back.

“Since you want to give up, the problem is solved.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling in a resplendent way. She then looked at Lin Feng in a seducing way. Lin Feng shook his head, a meaningful glance from Yi Ren Lei was enough to make any man collapse. If she managed to learn abstruse energies, then she’d be even more terrifying. People who weren’t as determined could easily lose to her.

The bridge illusions started shaking: it was time. Yi Ren Lei and the others continued to the next level as the bridge behind them collapsed.

Now, the ten bridges were linked and had turned into a gigantic, ancient battlefield. Terrifying energies dashed to the skies and lightning struck the ground.

Vertical bridges led to the special areas and each bridge could lead to a special area. For example, Lin Feng’s bridge led to the source of life.

A hundred people were left in total and they all had the opportunity to go to those special areas.

However, not everybody continued on. The energies were so brutal there that some people immediately died.

“Be careful, I’ll go and try first.” said Lin Feng to his friends. Everybody nodded. Lin Feng jumped and suddenly, an incredible rain of energies assaulted his body.

“Kaboom!” Lightning struck Lin Feng’s head. However, his purple seed protected him as he bathed in those purple lights. The purple thunders continued flowing throughout his body, as if he was taking a shower.

“Bzzz…” two whistling sounds were heard overhead as Mo Peng rose in the air. His body was made of gold and he looked like a divine bird: the great oriental greenfinch roc!

The thunderbird also jumped forwards and the ensuing lightning flowed through his body. He loved that feeling.

Three people had now made it to the center of the battlefield. But those special areas were above the battlefield.

“It seems like I can stand being here.” thought Lin Feng. Only those who could stand it had an incredibly powerful physical strength.

Lin Feng walked step by step. It seemed like he was reaching heaven. He didn’t stop, despite the terrifying energies, and he soon made it to the central area.

Lin Feng then stopped and raised his head. That was the very center of the area where the celestial thunders were roaring. Each time they struck, it was at this central area.

Purple lights were continuously assaulting his body. He looked like he was fighting the sky.

“Lin Feng!” Yuan Fei was staring at Lin Feng like he was insane.

Everybody else was staring at Lin Feng. Was he insane? Even though he had a purple seed, it surely wasn’t enough.

“Boom boom boom…” purple lightning continued crashing into his body. Rumbling and explosions sounded each time.

“Boom!” He knelt down and coughed up blood. His head was sore and he could barely breathe.

He sat down cross-legged and raised his head to look up at a black hole. He smiled, looking like a madman and said, “Celestial thunders, show me the path of enlightenment!”

Thunders continued crashing onto his body. If he didn’t have those ten million gems, he would have died and vanished without leaving a trace!

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