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PMG Chapter 1184: Lin Feng’s Explosive Strength

PMG Chapter 1184: Lin Feng’s Explosive Strength

Even if he could stand those strikes, Lin Feng would lose half his life each time they hit him. However, the purple fate seed instantly regenerated his vitality each time.
“Enlightenment, what a madman. He’s really determined though.” thought the crowd.

“Kaboom!” Another lightning struck Lin Feng’s body and made him shake violently. Lin Feng’s muscles twitched.  He coughed up blood, but he raised his head again, looked up at the sky and screamed, “Again!”

A thunderous energy had appeared in Lin Feng’s hand. He slowly closed his eyes and sensed the explosive and destructive thunderous energies. Each type of abstruse energy was suitable for a certain kind of personality. Thunderous energies were suitable for impulsive, explosive, and arrogant people.

“If I came to master thunderous energies, I’d make my opponents burst like bubbles.” whispered Lin Feng. Explosive lightning was still striking him and the electricity flowed throughout his body. However, this time, Lin Feng just shook and didn’t spit out blood. He slowly stood up, and between his hands was a lightning-ball.

At that moment, the thunderbird wasn’t very far away as he was staring at Lin Feng. His eyes were bloodshot: he should be the one with the purple fate seed and the one sensing the thunderous energies so close their source.

“Die!” The thunderbird’s silhouette flickered just after a lighting struck Lin Feng. His hand was filled with thunderous energies and he was aiming for Lin Feng’s head.

However, at that same moment, Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and two dazzling purple lights emerged.

“Real abstruse energy!” The thunderbird was astonished. He could see the abstruse energy in Lin Feng’s eyes. However, he falter.
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“Little bird, try if you dare!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. But Meng Qing quickly said, “Lin Feng is alright!”

Yuan Fei was surprised, but then he looked at Lin Feng and saw, from his eyes, that he was fine.

“When someone disturbs me while I’m practicing cultivation, I will kill them.” said Lin Feng coldly. He raised his fist, around which were millions of bolts of electricity. Everybody had to look away since his energies were too bright.


Lin Feng said one word and punched the air in the thunderbird’s direction. The ancient battlefield was shaking violently under this one attack. The thunderbird roared violently as he sensed a terrifying and painful energy crawl up his arm. Cracking sounds spread could be heard and his fist started bleeding profusely. He flapped his wings and flew back. He then screamed at Lin Feng, “How come your physical body is… stronger than mine!”

He couldn’t believe his eyes. He was a beast whose physical body had always been strong. He was a golden thunderbird and possessed dark-gold strength. Humans shouldn’t be able to compete with him in terms of physical strength. However, a moment before, he had sensed how terrifying Lin Feng’s physical strength was. Lin Feng’s fist contained destructive abstruse energies even though it was soaked in blood.

“You were stronger than me before, but from now on, you’ll only be weaker than me.” said Lin Feng indifferently. That simple sentence had a terrible impact on the thunderbird’s cultivation.

The thunderbird went insane when he saw how confident Lin Feng looked.

“Boom…!” More lightning struck Lin Feng’s body. He raised his head and looked at the sky in a despising way. He opened his mouth and directly swallowed the strength of the lightning. His body was now becoming thunder itself.

Physical strength was humans’ weakness, or at least, it should be.

The remaining people on the bridge didn’t know Lin Feng, but from that moment on, they would remember him.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, there were other people like Lin Feng who had purple fate seeds, but they weren’t as determined. Those powerful thunders filled their hearts with hesitation.

“Thunderbird, if you can’t even manage to kill a futile cultivator of the sixth Tian Qi layer, who on top of that influences your intent on the path of cultivation, you don’t deserve to become a bestial emperor.” said Mo Peng who was now next to the thunderbird. Mo Peng’s fate seed had a dazzling purple color.

The thunderbird shivered under this sentence. Mo Peng was telling him to come back to his senses and remember that he had to devote his life to cultivation.

“Brother Feng.” said someone who looked rather ordinary. His skin was black and he was smiling indifferently, exuding an almost friendly appaerance.

“Fu Hei, I trust you have been well since we last met.” said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. Even though Fu Hei had only broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer, Lin Feng still didn’t trust him.

“I’m alright. I’ve always known that you were an extraordinary person.” said Fu Hei as if they had always been friends.

“I think the same about you, brother. By the way, I lent you my heavenly nine dragon cauldron as well as the golden crow fire, when do you intend to give them back?” said Lin Feng smiling. Then he added, “I trust that they are still in your sleeve!”

Fu Hei’s mouth twitched. Lin Feng was talking loudly, so everybody could hear him.

“Brother Feng, I like your sense of humor. I’ll continue to practice cultivation now. Wit that, I’m off.” said Fu Hei. He then rose up in the air, he wanted to go to the special fire area.

Lin Feng smiled in a resplendent way. He had talked loudly enough so that Qiong Qi could hear him. Qiong Qi needed such fire to become stronger, so now he could go and have fun with Fu Hei.

Lin Feng then sat down cross-legged. His Tian Ji Sword was floating around and was struck by the lightning as well.

An infinite amount of energies surrounded Lin Feng, they were attempting to break his soul. He had used his soul to raise his sword and used certain strengths to clean it.

His Tian Ji Sword flew into the black hole in the sky, but it seemed like it was going to break.

“That sword’s soul exists thanks to abstruse energies. After cleaning my sword, the soul I gave it became its very own soul. The first soul I gave to my sword is a thunder soul, but now I need to give my sword soul created from empty-space energies.”

Lin Feng was soaked in a cold sweat. His soul felt extremely sore, but he was determined. The lightning that struck him were his ingredients to make his physical body stronger and to make his sword stronger too.

“Slash…” at that moment, a dazzling sword light moved towards Lin Feng, specifically towards his third eye. Someone was attempting to attack Lin Feng by surprise.

“Be careful!” shouted Meng Qing.

Lin Feng was motionless, nobody could disturb him now.

“Die!” Lin Feng was surrounded by abstruse thunder energy and empty space strength. He released the energies and suddenly the surprise attacker’s head exploded. Thunder and empty space energies together created an overwhelming strength.

Many people noticed Lin Feng, and after they saw his attacks, they didn’t dare get close. Another beast had appeared! He was on the path of enlightenment. He was seated, practicing cultivation, defying the laws of heaven, and if anyone dared attack him, he’d destroy them!

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