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PMG Chapter 1185: The Evil Black Mage

PMG Chapter 1185: The Evil Black Mage

“Abstruse thunder energy and a powerful empty space intent!” the crowd was incredulous.

“Some people are going up and you don’t need a purple seed to go up there, but you can only go up via the bridge.” said someone.

“You go, I don’t need anyone to protect me.” said Lin Feng to Yuan Fei and the others.

They nodded, “Alright.”

“You be careful!” everybody said that before rising up via the vitality bridge.

“Kaboom!” A terrifying energy crashed onto Lin Feng’s body and shook his soul violently. However, he grinded his teeth, blood splashed out of his mouth, and raised his head.

“Empty space area, the source of life, the fire area of desolation, the deadly wind area, I want all those abstruse energies!” said Lin Feng jumping. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as Lin Feng rose up towards the black hole.

Terrifying lightning striking him and the energies were incredibly oppressive.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He was bathing in those terrifying thunderous energies and moving towards the sky with an indomitable will.

“Kaboom!” lightning struck Lin Feng again and pushed him down.

“Boom!” Lin Feng jumped and rose again. Lightning kept striking him, but it didn’t affect his determination.

Lin Feng tried a few times before finally he rising up in the air. Those who kept falling down looked at him enviously. Lin Feng was the first one to go up from the center.

On his left and right were some special areas: on his left was an icy world, and on his right was a world of fire.

Above him was a windy world with hurricanes and tornadoes. Farther above that was the empty space world. And above that were rivers of deadly energies, and finally, above those was the source of life.

“Boom boom boom!” The clouds in the air looked apocalyptic. A few steps more and he directly entered the empty space world.

Lin Feng’s flesh and soul felt were hurting so much, as if his body were going to explode. Normal people couldn’t stand that level of pain.

He was now studying empty space abstruse energies. They were piercing through his skin, through his pores, like a million needles.

Thunderous energies were explosive and destructive, while empty space energies could create its own spaces, it could also lacerate the atmosphere, it could also influence speed and distances. It was one sort of abstruse energy which included several other types of strength. Cultivators had to study it intensively to understand it at higher levels.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and examined the empty space energies flowing throughout his body. Even though it was painful, Lin Feng ignored the pain because it would help him in the future.

Apart from Lin Feng, other people came to the empty space area and studied the potent empty space energies.

From outside, the empty space area looked small, but from inside, it was gigantic. One couldn’t see the end of it if they tried.

The other areas were probably like this too.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and meditated. He sensed the empty space energies cleansing his soul and body. He started understanding that energy, especially its lacerating properties.

Lin Feng thought about Qi Tian Sheng, back when he had killed the golden crow using empty space strength. The difference between people who understood its lacerating properties and those who didn’t was enormous.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged for three days like this. In his hand, he condensed a golden strength which could lacerate space itself. If someone looked at it, they would find that it kept changing every second.

“Abstruse empty space energy!” Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He was getting ready to leave for the other areas, however, a terrifying energy emerged. He turned around and saw someone in a dazzling robe in the distance.

“What a terrifying holy weapon. It contains authentic abstruse empty space energies.” Lin Feng shivered. At the same time, the others also noticed that robe. Many people’s silhouettes flickered towards that robe.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng changed his face and clothes, as well as his Qi. Now he was surrounded by evil cursing energies and looked like a black mage.

He started running with the scepter in his hand.

When the crowd sensed those evil energies, some people turned around and threw themselves at Lin Feng.

“Who’s that guy?” asked someone. He was surrounded by cursing energies and his Qi was incredibly evil.

“Curse!” Lin Feng stretched out his hand and energies appeared which dashed to the skies and crashed onto that dazzling robe. Someone stretched his hand out and put his hand on the robe, but suddenly, he gave a horrible shriek. The cursing energies had enveloped his hand.

“Cursing energies, who are you?” asked that person turning around and looking at Lin Feng coldly. Had that black-cloaked character been hiding there the whole time.

“That robe is mine!” said Lin Feng in a deep and evil voice. He continued moving towards the robe. No one could see Lin Feng’s real cultivation level because he was surrounded by those cursing energies.

“Die!” shouted someone in who then released lacerating energies.

“Destroy!” Lin Feng pointed at that person with his scepter and his enemy’s lacerating energies disappeared. Lin Feng looked at him coldly and said, “Those who try to confront me will die!”

“Curse!” cursing energies descended from the sky and that person’s pure Qi dashed to the skies, but the cursing energies were too powerful.

Lin Feng pointed his scepter at the enemy and cursing energies surrounded him again. Then he slowly lied down and died!

Everybody was shaking. That scepter was even better than a high level holy weapon, it was a peerless holy weapon. Those who tried to block its owner had to die!

“Who are you?” asked someone staring at Lin Feng in a cold way. It was one of the ten strongest cultivators of the province, Qi Tian Sheng!

“That’s not important, those who confront me will die!” Lin Feng was still releasing cursing energies with his scepter!

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