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PMG Chapter 1186: Stealing The Robe

PMG Chapter 1186: Stealing The Robe

“He’s surrounded by cursing energies, so we can only see his face!” the crowd was staring at Lin Feng and trying to figure him out.

The Watchers, the Assassins, the Black Mages, had all those incredible people come out for real? Had they been hiding in the darkness the whole time, to the extent that people didn’t even know that they were there or who they were?

The crowd was furious. That robe was probably a peerless holy weapon and had something to do with empty space energies, it was perfect for people who practiced empty space cultivation.

Qi Tian Sheng was holding a golden tower which suddenly became gigantic. Qi Tian Sheng was from the Qi Clan in the eastern part of Ba Huang.

“Die!” the tower suddenly released terrifying empty space energies and moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his hand with the scepter in it and an ancient tree appeared with red marks on it. It suddenly grew with incredible speed. Nobody knew what kind of skill that was, it was probably an ancient spell.

Dazzling cursing energies appeared from the tree, thsose must be holy marks from the antiquity.

“Boom!” The tree rose up in the air and crashed into the tower. Dazzling golden lights shined bright, but they didn’t break the tree at all.

“Soul Cursing!” said Lin Feng releasing cursing energies which dashed to the skies.

Qi Tian Sheng was surprised. Lin Feng’s peerless holy weapon was too terrifying. He recalled his tower and at the same time, he released golden lights and disappeared. Lin Feng suddenly sensed energies surrounding him.

“Die!” Dazzling beams of light appeared and moved towards his head, but Lin Feng had anticipated that move. He shook his hand and released his own empty space abstruse energies, weakening those lights.

“Curse!” said Lin Feng. At the same time, he condensed cursing energies in his fist and punched the air. Then a silhouette appeared.

Qi Tian Sheng still looked calm. He performed some hand seals and a cross filled with empty space strength appeared in front of him. At the same time, Lin Feng’s fist was stopped by that empty space energy.

Even so, the cursing energies were too terrifying and crashed onto Qi Tian Sheng’s body, making him shake. Then, he disappeared.

“You’re mine!” shouted Qi Tian Sheng furiously, and at the same time, he used his tower to oppress the dazzling robe. However, the robe blocked it and he couldn’t take it.

“As expected!” thought Qi Tian Sheng. The tower couldn’t take the robe because the level of the robe was too high. Instead, he now released fire energies to attack the cursing energies.

“That scepter must be a peerless holy weapon since it actually enveloped the robe.” thought Qi Tian Sheng. He needed to destroy the cursing energies to take the robe, it was suicidal to try otherwise.

Lin Feng continued moving forwards, not fast, but with each step he took, he pronounced a word like he was chanting incantations.

“Nobody can compete with the cursing scepter, if they try, they’ll died!” Lin Feng was still chanting incantations and was destroying the crowd’s intent, bit by bit.

“You’re insane!” shouted Qi Tian Sheng furiously. He released his soul, but it was useless, his face started turning black as if he was dying.

“Are you not afraid of a backlash?” asked Qi Tian Sheng while releasing more scorching hot flames. He wanted to burn the cursing energies away. Qi Tian Sheng understood cursing energy: it was a mysterious energy which had millions of forms, of which it could be used to destroy people’s souls. However, if the target’s soul was strong enough, it could cause backlash and curse the caster.

Cursing strength was even scarier than demonic and Buddhist energies. Lin Feng could only use a small part of the peerless scepter’s power, otherwise, he would even have been able to kill powerful Zun cultivators with it!

“There’s no concern because I know that my soul is stronger than yours.” said Lin Feng in a deep and scary voice. Qi Tian Sheng pulled a long face, he had to destroy those cursing energies, otherwise, the consequences would be tragic.

“I will find out who you are!” said Qi Tian Sheng in a cold way. Then, he disappeared. The others looked furious as well.

Lin Feng glanced at them in a cold way and then their silhouettes flickered and left. Even if the robe was extremely powerful, it wasn’t worth risking their lives for.

“Cough, cough…” after the crowd left, Lin Feng coughed up blood. The cursing strength had an impact on him. Luckily, he had a strong soul, otherwise, he would have been even worse off. His face was deathly pale at that moment.

His cursing strength disappeared and then he put his hand on the robe.

However, a terrifying strength appeared above his head.

“Die!” Lin Feng punched the air with his hand filled with empty space energies.

“Slash…” Lin Feng’s hand was cut and blood gushed. His face became even whiter. If he didn’t have such a powerful physical strength, his hand would have been cut off right there.

“Piss off!”

Lin Feng released cursing energies again and attacked the strength above his head. However, a dazzling empty space blade moved towards his head. He had to block the attack with his scepter. The enemy still hadn’t showed himself.

“How shameless.” thought Lin Feng. If he had been too slow, the enemy would have stolen the robe from him. Qi Tian Sheng’s abstruse strength was already level two.

Lin Feng took his hand back, with the robe. After putting away the robe he  released vitality energies to heal himself.

Then, he sat down cross-legged and sensed the painful empty space energies attacking his soul. He was lucky that his will and intent were now as solid as iron.

But with Qi Tian Sheng already back, he couldn’t do much. He especially couldn’t risk unveiling who he was. For his scepter, the strongest cultivators would attack him to steal it. Alone against Qi Tian Sheng was already dangerous, but if someone as strong as Qi Tian Sheng joined hands with him, Lin Feng would be doomed.

“Eh?” at that moment, a beautiful silhouette appeared and made Lin Feng smile.

It was Qi Jiao Jiao, she was looking at Lin Feng in a strange way: scared.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered. He threw himself at Qi Jiao Jiao and released cursing energies to surround her.

“You dare attack her!” shouted Qi Tian Sheng furiously, stepping in front of Qi Jiao Jiao and releasing energies to block the cursing energies.
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“Die!” said Lin Feng. His cursing energies gushed forward. However, Qi Tian Sheng was as fast as lightning. He grabbed Qi Jiao Jiao and they both moved backward at full speed. But even then, the cursing energies were still heading in their direction.

Lin Feng smiled and rose up in the air as fast as he could.

He put his scepter away and immediately moved towards the source of life. As Qi Tian Sheng threw himself at the cursing energies to block them, he watched as a silhouette went into the area with the source of life.

Qi Tian Sheng had a bad feeling and went to the area with the source of life too. Vitality energy was omnipresent in that area, it was pure and felt like a waterfall of pure energies.

The scepter and the cursing energies had completely disappeared and there was a dozen people there. He knew that the scepter wielding cultivator was now in the crowd or maybe that person had already left the area.

Qi Tian Sheng sat down cross-legged and cleansed the cursing energies which were still sticking to his body.

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